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Chief Evangelous discusses Foy and Rothen case

A double-murder case in Wilmington has become quite contentious as of late. The remains of two Wilmington women, Allison Jackson Foy and Angela Rothen, were found just over a year ago off Carolina Beach Road. No arrests have been made, and some have questioned the department's timing, when it came to sending out pieces of the victim's clothing for DNA testing. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous was in studio for WWAY’s Ask the Chief, and wanted to set the record straight. “We never worked on the assumption that there would be a DNA test. In fact there's little likelihood that there will be any match in this DNA testing. As for the unnecessary delay, it is important to point out that the state lab would not have accepted any evidence until we had a positive id on the victims. Please remember that every murder case is important. Not just these two. In between October and January of ’08, we solved and closed six other murder investigations. Six other ones; these same detectives including other violent crimes and armed robberies. In addition, these investigators worked on numerous other cases. It's not just like we can focus all our resources on this one case. We have multiple other cases we have to balance at the same time. And lastly, despite what we see on CSI on TV, physical evidence is just one small part of a very intense in depth investigation. Collecting the facts and the evidence in this case never stopped and we will keep collecting facts, the investigation is ongoing. And the second we have enough evidence to arrest someone and charge him, they will be arrested.” A man named Tim Iannone has been on the radar as a possible suspect. The chief says no one has been ruled out.

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Cheif discusses Foy and Rothen case

As a friend of the family and of Allison I find the comments made above infuriating. The family knows and understands that the are other murder cases that are equally as important, and other crimes taking place that need law enforcements time and attention, and have never said otherwise! The family has never asked for anything other than an investigation, which by the way in my opinion they had to pay for when they hired a P.I. This case was never treated seriously from the beginning with everyone at the PD telling the family that Allison would turn up, and that she was running away from her life. If law enforcement had listened to Allison's family perhaps we would not be where we are today! This family has worked incredibly hard to get answers for two young daughters and bring home a missing loved one. Wilmington PD and police departments all over the country need to understand what families of the missing go through. Thank God for Monica Caison and CUE and for the dedication of this family and the media attention, because without all of that Allison would have never been brought home. This family just seeks justice not just for Allison and Angela, but all!

Incompetent police work

From what I've read and seen on TV, the police were incredibly stupid in their so called "investigation" from the start.

How do you "investigate" a double murder scene without finding every detail there is to find on top of the earth and under the earth.

The bonehead cops collected what was easy to collect in the way of bones and clothing scraps and called it a day so they could go home and watch TV or some other lazy activity. Were it not for the family member who went to the crime scene after the so called "investigation," the remaining evidence (bones) probably would have gone undiscovered.

I am so tired of the stupid cops who flash their badges and demand huge pay when the truth of the matter is most are really lazy and not that smart.

HOW DO YOU MISS BONES AT A DOUBLE MURDER SCENE AND CLAIM YOU DID YOUR JOB? You stupid cops should be fired. Go drive a truck or some other job where you cannot hurt the community through your lazy work ethic.