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Child seriously injured in Wilmington accident

A two-year-old child was flown to Chapel Hill Wednesday after the car she was in was hit by a pick-up truck. The accident happened at 12th and Queen streets in downtown Wilmington. Police said that a full size pick up truck collided with a PT Cruiser that was carrying the child. Two-year-old Taneya Harrison was rushed to New Hanover Regional, and then Chapel Hill. Taneya's mother Latrice said Thursday morning her daughter was in stable condition. Latrice Harrison was driving the PT Cruiser when the truck crashed into it. The little girl was thrown forward, and hit her head on the dashboard. Harrison says her daughter was not in a carseat, but was strapped into a seat belt. "I had just picked her up right here on Castle," Harrison said. "I was going around the corner to drop her off, because I was in the process of moving. There was me and three other people in the car and I didn't think nothing of it, that it would happen right so close to the house." Harrison went on to say that she will always put Taneya in a child car seat in the future. The driver of the truck was not injured. No charges have been filed in the accident.

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The details of the accident,

The details of the accident, as reported in this story, don't add up. No matter if the toddler was sitting in the front or back seat, I doubt that she was even using a seat belt. A child that uses a seat belt instead of a child seat is more likely to suffer internal injuries (because of the pressure of the locked seat belt against his/her abdomen). OK now I'm finished playing detective. When a child is critically injured because of bad decision making, it is understandable that the public lashes out at the adult who is responsible. But punishing the mother with an arrest and/or revoking parental rights will not help this little girl recover. This mother made a bad choice, but I doubt she would ever choose to deliberately injure her baby. Perfect parenting is a myth. The fact is that parents take calculated risks all the time, counting on the odds that nothing bad will happen. The rest of us get to point our fingers at the mother, and then hug our children a little tighter than usual and secretly vow to be more vigilant in our own parenting.

Your comment...

Your comment is so true...there are no "perfect parents" out there, and if you think that you are, I beg to differ. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the books...however, a two year old not in a car seat? That's just plain ignorance.


action against the erring parent will in fact cause other parents to understand Responsible Parneting is something to be taken seriously in the city of Wilmington and surrounding counties. Having said that, do you honestly think this is the first time that little girl was in that or another car in the absence of a child safety seat? We're talking a 2 year old little girl. At the very least, steps should be taken to ensure that little girl is not placed in a similar situation again.

the baby was not thrown out

the baby was not thrown out of the car, it wasnt the mom car it was her relatives car, and it just so happen that on this day the man in the truck wants to run a stop sign so before anybody goes criticizing someone u need to talk to that person face to face about how there life is and where it stands now because nobody is perfect and you can believe that... u might make good choices everyday but it might be one time u dont something might happen u never know....


is no excuse for a parent not being a responsible parent. Bill Cosby gave a speech a few years ago. He noted with all of the educational opportunities available, he could not understand why people used terms like "you is" or "he be". He noted that was a primary reason one ethnic group had itself to blame for is perception in society. Guess he was referring to the likes of you. But the primary point is a young child was so severely injured she had to be transported from NHMC to a shock trauma hospital. That child would not have been injured if the Parent had practiced responsible parenting. Don't try to blame the driver of the other vehicle. He or she may have been at fault for the accident; I don't know as I have not read the police report. But one thing is for sure and certain. There is NO WAY the other driver can be held accountable for the parent not being a responsible parent and placing the little girl in a car safety seat. So, why don't you stay in touch with the child. Every time the child is in pain or every time the child asks Mommy how did she get hurt, you can lay some of that low life know nothing trash talk on her. I am confident the child will be even less impressed than all of the readers have been.

I watched the interview and

I watched the interview and she made it sound like she didn't bother to put the car seat in because she was just going around the corner, and she had other people in the car, like maybe there wasn't room. Statistics proove that a large number of car accidents happen within a very short distance of your home. A lady in the subdivision across from us was just driving out to the main road to pick up an older child. She put her two year old loose in the back seat and the child opened the door, fell out, and the car ran over her. Next thing we knew the helicopter was landing out here in a field to pick her up. The law is there for a reason, and if she couldn't afford a car seat, which she never said she couldn't, there are all sorts of agencies that can help you get one.

Who said ANYTHING about this

Who said ANYTHING about this mother not being able to afford a car seat? The real issue here is that people in Wilmington are terrible drivers. The absolute worst.

There is help out there

I understand people become parents without the all the necessities one needs for their children. Not having a car seat for their child is not one of them. The New Hanover and Brunswick health department both have programs to help you get a new car seat at a discounted price. Everyone should read this story and realize that this could have been their child. If you do not have a car seat for your child please call the health department and they will help you. They helped me.


Wow.. You all are some cold hearted human beings hiding behind an anon. forum. The mother while wrong is probally suffering enough without your cruel and heartless comments.... Besides the moral of proper restraint I think it is important for us all to remember than no one... not even you nor I is promised tomorrow.. The only thing we are promised, is change and this accident will surely change a family forever in a nagative manner without your cold hearted comments.. You all have no soul and if you do, it surely is a negative one.... Bunch of Simon Cowell wannabees... Wonder how much she will get from the frivilous lawsuit by the way....


How can it be cold to expect a parent to display responsible behavior? How can it be cold to expect the driver of the vehicle to obey the law? If the Mother was the vehicle owner, why was there no car seat in the vehicle for the child? Is she going to state that was the first time ever the child had been in the vehicle? Frivilous lawsuit -- hardly -- the only limits on the amounts which will be awarded will be the limit of liability coverage on each vehicle. If Mom feels bad now, wait until the child turns 18 and files a lawsuit against her. That is the child's right. Wonder who's pying for all the hospital care and the transport to the other hospital?

Child safety

I hate that this little girl has to suffer at the parents expense. With GOD on her side she is in good care. It is HIS WILL whatever happens is will be. I just hope the parent has learned a good lesson in child safety. Never depend on it will never happen to me at so close to home.

Child injured in car accident

I will pray for this child's speedy recovery & thank God that the child wasn't killed. My younger sister stopped putting both her sons in car seats by the time they turned 2yrs old because she said they would fight her constantly & she got tired of it so they sit in booster seats & says that's good enough for her (even on long distance trips) & their father doesn't care one way or the other. She doesn't listen to me or anyone else for that matter. All I can do is pray for their safety & hope it doesn't take a serious accident to change the parents mind. I just wish the police would start ticketing parents when they see this & make it as serious as a DWI.


parenting skills she has! The kids squirm and whine so she gives in even in the face of keeping them out of danger... Parenting skills EXACTLY like the above are what has created this generation I like to call the ME GENERATION...they cannot think for themselves, they don't know how to loose, they just want want want without caring what the repercussions are. WAKE UP AMERICA!


Statistics have shown that a large majority of auto accidents happen within a mile from home. My heart breaks for this innocent child..her mother SHOULD be cited for child is the law to keep a child restrained in an age/weight appropriate carseat. They were blessed that the baby did not go THROUGH the windshield. As a former EMT, I have seen this...3yr old boy went right through the windshield and was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident sighht was horrific, as it was rush hour and the child was thrown into oncoming traffic. The parents were inconsolably takes a moment to ensure a child's safety...we should pray for this family, and that their lesson, learned by this child's pain and suffering, will set an example for all. Every time I see an unrestrained child in a moving vehicle I wish I had a badge to cite them right then and there. This is something that should be crackecd down on. Do not be so complacent the next time you pull out of your driveway...even if you are "just going up the street...".


the vehicle operator is the one subject to a citation. Whether the parent is subject to action probably falls within the perview of the Social Services Administration. Having said that, the news release does not indicate which vehicle was at fault. Regardless, the injured child has 2 years from the day they achieve maturity (18 + 2 = 20) during which he or she can bring an action for injuries. Best guess, assuming the owner and driver of the vehicle have insurance, is the child's actions will be served here. After all, had the driver been responsible and put the child in a car seat, the child would have never been thrown from the vehicle. If the driver of the other vehcile is held to be responsible, that opens a second vault of insurance money for the child. Of course that assumes all parties have liability insurance.


read the story before making such a lengthy comment. The mother and vehicle operator WERE the same person!!!!


I did read the whole story. Perhaps you should have as well before opening your mouth. WHY was there no car seat in the vehicle for the child to ride in? The driver has an obligation to the passenger. The Parent has an obligation to their child. When the driver and the Parent are one and the same; then you really have 1 person abusing 2 obligations. Want to keep going? You just help dig a deeper hole for her. Personally, I hope Social Services and the City Police look long and hard at this case and if necessary place the child in a safe environment where the child's safety takes precedence over a Parent's inconvenience.


A TWO YEAR OLD in a shoulder restraint ONLY....SHAME SHAME SHAME on the their child has to pay for THEIR stupidity!


I hope charges are brought against this obviously dumb parent who chose not to put her two year old in a car seat let alone in the back of the car. It does note in the car that children under 12 and under 80lbs should not ride in the front seat of any vehicle because of the air bags. Either way this child was extremely lucky, since if the air bags had deployed this child would most certainly be dead. I don't care how far or how close I travel in a car, my children are ALWAYS strapped in a car seat!!! I am so disgusted

child abuse

The most common form of child abuse is not making your children buckle up. The news broadcast from last night said that the toddler was not in a car seat. The parents should be charge for murder.


Those are harsh words. The actual report said not in a car seat, but had seat belt on. Read all the facts. Also know that a child is hurt, family is already suffering. I guess not everyone can be the perfect human as yourself.

Ignorance or Laziness?

NC law requires that any child under the age of 8 years old or 80 pounds MUST BE RESTRAINED IN THE APPROPRIATE CHILD SAFETY SEAT. For a 2 year old, that does not include the lap/shoulder belt system of a vehicle. These laws are not new to NC, they have been around for quite a long time now. Every parent or caregiver is aware of this law, they are notified when the child is discharged from the hospital after delivery. Numerous organizations in the community promote car seat education campaigns,car seat checks to ensure proper installation and car seat distribution programs to assist those who cannot afford them. Once again... EVERYONE IS AWARE OF THIS LAW! So you can't cry "I didn't know" when your child goes flying threw the windshield. What it boils down to... laziness. You are too lazy to take the 3 minutes to properly secure your child, even if it is 15 feet from your destination. This parent should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and her child removed from her custody. Her rights to being a parent went flying out the window (or windshield).

First off Yes she was wrong

First off Yes she was wrong for not having her in car seat, but how do you kno she was able to afford a car seat ? You dont know, and you are one heartless individual who knows nothing about her our her family. I HATE igronant people like your self who quickly judge someone they dont know. So do us all a favor AND GET A LIFE. Oh yeah and by the way you shouldnt speak on something you know nothing about,she was never thrown out the window or the windshield. Most parents neglect thier children she does not shes take very good care of hers, so do my family and everyone else a favor and mind yours!!!!!!!!!

If she couldn't afford a car

If she couldn't afford a car seat then she shouldn't have gotten pregnant....and if that means not having sex so be it. If she is responsible enough to have sex, then she needs to be responsible enough to take care of that child....which she obviously did not do. Who cares at this point if she feels bad? She screwed up big time and needs to deal with the consiquences.

re: i hate people

first off , if you can't feed em, don't breed em. secondly, she has a car, she has a child how irresponsible can she possibly be third, how retarded are you that you can defend this this is the , it's not my fault thinking and way of life who is going to pay for the medical needs? if she can't afford a car seat how will this child survive? this is not a matter of she can't afford a car seat, it's a matter of she had better things to spend her money on rather that her childs wellbeing


you must be the driver in the vehicle mentioned. She can afford a new PT Cruiser but not a car seat? And you have the nerve to call someone ignorant? It does not take a child being thrown out of the car or into the windshield to be severely injured. As mentioned in the story she was transferred to a specialty hospital which indicates that a severe injury was present. If she can't afford a car seat she needs to shed the car payments and buy a used car in order to protect her child in the future. Oh and you have a lot of anger issues you need to deal with....

why don't

you check the law? The Vehicle Operator -- as in the driver -- is the one accountable. They are the party held responsible to ensure children are in properly installed car seats. The follow up article also noted they were just going around the corner. If the vehicle had no car seat, they should have walked. As I always say, responsible parenting is where it all has to start. Who cares if the parents are "hurting"? A child was severely injured; and it did not have to happen. Any bets on whether the parents have health insurance which will pick up the tab for the hospital stay?

apparently not

Apparently the child was not in a car seat and properly restrained if it was ejected out of the vehicle. These Parents should be charged with child endangerment for not properly securing the child. I see too many children on these roadways that are standing on the front and rear seats as the Parents are driving down the road. Put these parents in jail.

Highly Unlikely

the child was in an approved car seat. Had the child been in an approved seat, it would have been necessary for the entire seat to be ejected. The Insurance Industry has a crash test facility in Central Virginia. Tests show, if properly installed and the child is properly seated, there will be no ejection. Look at the pictures. Neither vehicle was severely damaged to the point to indicate an impact severe enough to test the integrity of a properly installed car seat. Is this another case of irresponsible parents or vehicle operator? After all it is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to ensure underage children are properly seated in a car seat.


Why do people think that carseats are an option? I get so upset everytime I read something like this. A small child cannot make this decision for themselves. I have three kids and been in two car accidents, not one of my children even came close to flying out the window. Thank God they were alright and that He gave me the sense to follow the law and keep them safe. Too bad this parent or caregiver's lack of responsibility has turn into pain for one little toddler