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Children abandoned in car outside Motel 6

Two young children left in a freezing car last night are safe today, thanks to a motel security guard. Greg West was making his normal rounds after 10:00 Wednesday night at the Motel 6 on Market Street, when he heard a crying child. West said he approached a mini-van in the motel's parking lot and found two kids alone inside. A four-year-old boy and a three-month-old girl were shivering, sitting in the van's back seat. Temperatures last night were below freezing. The mini-van had a hole in one of its windows, and the doors were unlocked. West got the kids out, brought them inside the motel's office to warm up and called 9-1-1. “They were wearing were basic pajamas. Not much more than you would wear inside a house. They were not wearing cold weather gear or anything. He had one glove; he had lost the other one.” The mother, Amy Smith, was found walking on the hotel property. She was arrested and charged with misdemeanor child abuse. Smith is in the New Hanover County Jail under a $1,200 bond. The children were taken to the hospital, and released to the Department of Social Services.

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this is horrible

this is horrible

The problem

What i see as the problem with these comments is that everyone here is "assuming" that this lady is there for drugs or to prostitute herself out. My question to you, at what point was it decided that every homeless person was a drug addict or prostitute? If you too found yourself homeless can we then call you a drug addict? I'm sure you would be upset if I did. So don't go around calling people such things when you have no way of knowing. For all you know, she was there trying to sneak in one of the hotel rooms so that her children could have a bed to sleep on. Did you ever consider that? In the times we are right now, everyone needs to work together and help each other, not disown everyone out there because you are 'better' than them. I think schools need to start teach humanity as a required subject so that people quit growing up and turning into snobs that like to show their disgust at 'lesser being'.

I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the bulk of the comments. I guess I grew up in a different era. Or it might just be the attitudes have changed. If the extended family of these people could not see the mess this woman was in, then I guess it is the state's responsibility to take care of these children. Shame on the whole family.


Where is Wyatt Earp when you need him?

What if something worse

had happened? Those poor babies could have died because she has to run around a hotel looking for her next "JOB" What a piece of trash. She should never have those babies back. If it wasnt for that guard they may not be alive today. He is a great man and should be rewarded....meanwhile.....that skank needs to be sent to prison for attempted murder and should never see those babies again, without her, they have a chance!

How disgusting!

Those poor little babies....I can't imagine any "mother" (and I use that term loosely) could leave these young babies in a freezing car for any reason!! She needs to lose her children...give them to a human mother because this woman is an animal.

What a shame!

Leaving her kids so she can get drugs or prostitute. What a crying shame. The kids so deserve a better life. Thank God the officer found them.

Wow, what a world this has

Wow, what a world this has come to. This poor lady obviously has not the means to take care of her children and all people can do is arrest her and charge her with neglect and throw the kids in social services. You would at least think they would try to find out a way to help them out, but nope, that is what the system is all about, tearing families apart and ruining lives. And, the people who commented, you are just as bad, if not worse. Rather than look at why they are in the situation you are bashing on the mother. I hope that one day you two find yourself in a similar situation, you definitely are the ones that deserve it.

The 'similar' situation I

The 'similar' situation I was referring to was homeless. You all are making assumptions based on someone being homeless. As you recall, I said similar, not exact. In other words, part of it, not all of it. I would never wish problems on children. They can't defend for themselves and deserve to be sheltered from the mistakes of others. Do we have proof this lady did not seek help? Cause trust me, the system is screwed. Trying to get help almost never grants it. If anything it will get you ignored in the future. In my experiences, no one actually gets help until someone other than the parents complain about whats going on. I guess the DSS and police also consider it the parents own problem and don't care until some criminal act has been preformed. I also posted a new comment you can read as well, if, of course, it gets approved. And that is perfectly ok with me if someone wants to send this person my way and I will see if I can find her help. As obvious the person who posted that comment thinks that no one should help her, otherwise that comment would make no sense.

You're right

She probably does need a lot of help, and people really should try to make sure she gets the help she needs, but the kids need to be in a safe place until he gets that help. You should give us your address so when she gets out, we can send her to your house so you can help her out and set her straight.

The only people that have

The only people that have any responsibility to get this girl some help is her own family. Not a penny of my hard earned income should go to help her out

Always can be more to the story

I'm bad about judging something just by what I read, but there always can be more to the story than what is presented. Don't feel sorry for her, just hope the children are placed in a safe and loving home.

Bill R., this woman had

Bill R., this woman had options that didn't include leaving her two small children in danger. Did you read the article? Temperatures were BELOW FREEZING. Her babies didn't even have proper outdoor clothing on, they were shivering and crying. The doors to the van were unlocked for crying out loud. I'm no fan of the social service system a lot of the time, but if this woman couldn't do any better than that by them, then they need to be placed elsewhere until she gets her act together.

I agree with every comment

I agree with every comment posted as of this point... EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Wow, what a world this has Submitted by Bill R. (not verified) on 22 January 2009 - 10:23pm. Wow, what a world this has come to. This poor lady obviously has not the means to take care of her children and all people can do is arrest her and charge her with neglect and throw the kids in social services. You would at least think they would try to find out a way to help them out, but nope, that is what the system is all about, tearing families apart and ruining lives. And, the people who commented, you are just as bad, if not worse. Rather than look at why they are in the situation you are bashing on the mother. I hope that one day you two find yourself in a similar situation, you definitely are the ones that deserve it." *HE MUST BE ONE OF HER (the mother) REGULARS!! Leaving babies/kids out ALONE in a car on a freezing cold night is CRAZINESS!! It is obvious she was up to NO GOOD!!! I hope those babies end up in a WARM loving/caring home..SHE does not deserve those children!!

A mother's love

There is one thing stronger than a mother's love and that's DRUG ADDICTION! Which is a choice. There is no reason for a child be out at that time of night. No reason for them to be without coats.. She had carseats, which means she has moments of clearity. The children need to be with their mother, if she is not going to take care of them, the children need to be in a loving home. I hope this is a wake up call for the mother and she tries to get her life together so she can keep her children.

Bill R. are you nuts too ?

Bill R. are you nuts too ? What about going to the police if she felt she couldn't take care of her children. Or going to DSS. NOT leaving them in a parked car.. She shouldn't have her children, she's not in her right mind. DSS should take the kids away before something happens and everybody blames DSS for not doing anything in the first palce.

sorry for you Bill

"I hope that one day you two find yourself in a similar situation, you definitely are the ones that deserve it." You wish this horrible child abuse situation upon others and their babies? I think you are the one that is "worse" and majorly blind.

You can't be serious!!! LEO

You can't be serious!!! LEO did what they should have done, arrested this woman and called social services. She doesn't deserve to be a mother to these two kids. I think that if at all possible you should try to keep families together, but not at all costs. This is a perfect example of when children should be taken from their homes. This woman should be ashamed of herself and you should be ashamed of yourself for defending her and attacking LEO


I cant believe you would even say such a thing...lets hope you dont have children. I dont care what the reason, if she was out makin money being a whore she could afford a baby sitter. If I was poor and couldnt feed my children I would ask for help, not everyone is heartless and im sure that someone would feed my babies. I would NOT put their life at risk and leave them in a freezing vehicle so I could sell my body to some peice of scum!!!! You belong right there with that peice of trash for even taking up for her.

Most be a man who wrote this

Most be a man who wrote this comment, because no women would ever be this DUMB!!!!! As long as those kids are with that women they do not have a chance. Poor Babies.

Uh yeah, his name is listed

Uh yeah, his name is listed as Bill R. Haven't met many women named Bill. So if you are a woman, then yes, you are obviously that dumb.

Why a man!!

I am a mother and I would never do this to my own child, that is a shame on that mother, but the last comment was right. This woman needs help. Why not look at the root of the problem and help her become a better mother instead of just bashing her. What a shame on our society to act like this. This woman clearly needs some guidance......

What she did was criminal.

What she did was criminal. She needs help, yes, but she also needs to be held accountable for her actions. Those children could have died.

$1,200 bond

I guess $600 a child is about what the justice system allows for a "fair bond". Law enforcement bust their butts to arrest criminals and the "system" turns them out on the street before the ink is dry. This woman is as bad as a loaded weapon for her children. Below freezing, under clothed, with a gaping hole in the glass of her vehicle, and we see a $1,200 bond? May God find these children a loving family and keep them safe.

If Pat Hingle

were still with us, he might call on Clint to Hang Her; Hang Her High. What a travesty. For shame on a Magistrate for setting such a pitifully low Bail. Let's hope Social Services places those youngsters with good families who understand the meaning of Good Parenting. There is something wrong with the system if she is allowed to have these youngsters back prior to counseling; drug use evaluation. Even then, no way she should be allowed unsupervised custody.

as long as New Hanover Co

as long as New Hanover Co DSS has custody of the kids you dont have to worry about mom getting them anytime hatch'em, they snatch'em...............

misdemeanor child abuse??

What a joke. This woman should be charged with attempted murder. What a trash bag, loser, scag. She should lose custody permanently and let these poor kids find a decent home and loving family to raise them so they wont end up the next generation trash that she is.

Child abuse

I was stunned when I saw the story about those poor children left in the car, what was she thinking? Or was she capibably of thinking? and what was she doing just walking around the parking lot? Misdemeanor you have to be kidding me!! Where is the protection for these children?

child abuse / neglect

I have read all of the previous comments and what is sad is seeing that many are unaware of these situations that happen every day and every minute. The laws that protect the children today are a joke!! I cannot imagine what this little 4 year old boy has seen in his little time of life. I cannot believe that a judge placed such a low bond on this animal. Yes, she may have many problems; however, before, a mother or father is given back their children they should have to go through extensive treatment programs and evaluations. We are the only ones that can protect these children and yet we harm and hurt them by placing them back into these horrible situations. I only hope that they find someone that will love them both and I pray that the mother is kept as far away as possible. To think that a parent is the best thing for a child if this is what the parent is like and this is the life that a child is living is absolutely ignorant!

Um hello... you have to read

Um hello... you have to read between the lines here A drug addicted prostitute who was looking for cash to get her next fix... sex for money-money for drugs no room for parenting in this equation pray for the children - pray for the mother that she finally avails herself of the help that has been offered to her over and over and which she has arrogantly walked away from time and time again