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Children's immune systems may make them susceptible to staph infections

According to the Centers for Disease Control, tens of thousands of Americans will contract drug-resistant staph infections this year. He is only two, but for the second time in his young life, Talan Williamson is battling a staph infection. Not just any infection, but the kind most parents dread: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA. “I’m scared. I’m scared and frustrated,” said Talan’s mom, Trisha Williamson. Emergency room physician Martin Belson said young children are especially susceptible to MRSA because of their under-developed immune systems. “It's a type of staph infection that's resistant or immune to our typical antibiotics that we use in kids,” he said. Belson said that means more children, like Talan, are ending up in hospital emergency rooms with repeat infections. “It's extremely painful, it's like a deep red color and it sticks out like there's something inside of him, like an egg,” described Trisha. To prevent the spread of staph, doctors recommend parents help kids practice good hygiene by: -washing hands -covering cuts and scraps with a bandage -and not sharing towels, sports equipment or other personal items. Talan's mom said she has tried everything. “I'm really at wits end. Nothing has worked.” She is hoping her little boy will soon be healthy and smiling again.

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We had MRSA

my daughter got MRSA twice at 6months old and 9 months old she is now 4 years old and is MRSA free.we used basatracion in our nose 3 times A DAY FOR 2 MONTHS AND THEN FOR 1 YEAR AT THE BEGININING OF EACH MONTH FOR A WEEK AND AT THE END OF EACH MONTH FOR A WEEK.WE WASH ALL CLOTHES AND TOWEL AND BEDDING AND WASHCLOTHES IN HOT WATER WITH VINGAR.WE WASHED WITH TEATREE OIL FOR 6MONTHS AND OUR NOSE WAS SWAP AGAIN.WE WERE MRSA daughter is 4 years old and has not got it again.the key is vingar,tea tree oil and hot water.we have no staph anymore.hope this helps and good luck

Been there done that

My son had it about three years ago. After leg surgery. He went on meds and we had to change his dressing twice a day. and keep it dry. You have to wash everything in hot water and wash seprate from everything else. It will drive you crazy cleanning.


I can understand their frustration with the MRSA my daughter which is 2 has had a few outbreaks from that. After all the reading on the internet and talking to doctor after doctor I still don't know if it is curable or not. Depends on who you ask. Some say yes some say no.Like the article says good hygene is an important key to help prevent outbreaks. Once a week I bathe my daughter in hibiclense, I believe that is how its spelled. That seems to help some. Other than that not sure what else to do. Have scrubbed my house from top to bottom.If there is anyone with some advice please feel free to let us know I will try anything that might help.

look-it can be cured!!! but

look-it can be cured!!! but the regiment is awful my kids had it 6 years ago (when they were 4 and 3) and we managed to get rid of it and it not ever come back even when we have been in contact w/ other people that had it now granted the routine i had to endure was extreme but everything else had been exhausted. after going through the lyvox linsode solution and nothing being accomplished and the routine of decontamination- iwork closely w/ a lady at the board of health here and w/ a infectious diesease dr.- we all had to go on sulfa and ripfantham which had to be made for them at that age they did not even make it in a dose for kids that young .i was told to re- wash everything i owned- i had to go through room by room and once cleaned do not let anyone in until the whole house was complete so not to have cross contamination.i washed w/ bleach or color safe bleach,that included curtains ,shampoo carpets ,furniture and mattress-even the clean clothes hanging the closet because they could have been washed with contaminated clothes. walls and every what not knot trinket was to be cleaned and packed as though i was moving and sealed in trash bags..( i will explain why in a minute. and everyone in the house me my husband and both my kids had to go on the antibiotic all at the same time while when use peroxide swabs the batriban in the nose 3 times a day,and gargle w/ peroxide water 2 times a day also every other day we had to shower w/ hibiclens hair everything(which if you have died hair like me invest in a good cond) but once all that was done all you have the whole house clean and nothing decorative is left out not all the kids 50 thousand toy just pick like 10 or so that can be cleaned easy for them to play with wrap mattress in plastic and pillow cases and couches then throw sheets over them so that way they can easier washed- on a daily routine everything else is in plastic right either w/ lysol brand 3 that kill mrsa or there is a hospital cleanser by the maker of lysol or bleach water - everything on a daily basis for 3 month- the washing the hand good hygiene thing doesn't work or it would not have spread like it has across this country at the rate or would go away easier !!!- i was at wit's end and when it got to the point where they said my children could die - i found the energy and motivation to do for 90days- yes i got tired and did nnot think i could do it or survive but i did and i am glad i did.... to have to hear my kids cry from the sores and being lanced and the aching pain they had the fever of 104 and 105 from the antibiotics and infection ..i would have done anything .i am very cautious now w/ my children and what and where they go and there hygiene and what they touch in public no i do not have them in a bubble but i should buy stock in baby wipes and hand santizer .... that is something i would not wish on anyone or would repeat - i hope this helps--- most dr says in hind site that was extreme but when everything else failed me and my kids that did work


stop allowing the abuse of antibiotic therapy. "Bugs" have the same will to live that you do. So guess what if you throw all our old and new generation of antibiotics at these bugs. They will become resistant! Handing out antibiotic prescriptions is just as careless as handing out narcotics. If you are constantly sick and taking multiple doses of antibiotics. YOU GOT PROBLEMS! You are sick and just mananging your sickness. Other things obviously needs to be address and stop making the problem worse. Remember people in this economic crisis, Sick care is real expensive. Thats right the govt. is getting ready to take over sick care, never mind????