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Chiropractor uses power of prayer

READ MORE: Chiropractor uses power of prayer
WILMINGTON -- The power of prayer and holistic healing has recently been in the national spotlight, with the TV show Grey's Anatomy setting a plot around a woman using alternative healing methods and doctors doubting her practice. But it's not just happening on TV. One local doctor takes time to pray with her patients in hopes of helping them heal. While some people may not believe there's enough evidence to prove that praying helps, chiropractor Christina Gray says she and many of her patients have seen the benefits of prayer first-hand. For years Karri Compton suffered from migraines and other more personal pains. But after seeing Gray life has improved for her. Compton said, "There have been several things in our lives that have changed because of prayer. I won't go into specifics, just some things that Dr. Gray has prayed to me and my husband about." A session with Gray is about more than getting your back adjusted. "Yes, we align the spine," Gray said. "But there's another aspect of it and that's life, and life has a spiritual aspect of it." Every appointment includes a prayer. "Prayer can heal you. And God heals you, and sometimes we're in the quiet of an office room where they end up crying," Gray said. "There's no doubt in my mind that he's looking down and is right here with us. It's so powerful, so powerful I can feel it," Compton said. She's not alone in her feelings. Jeremy Strickland and his family also believe there is healing power in prayer. Strickland said, "It adds so much more to our lives so much more depth that wasn't there before that it a world of difference for everything and because that's there it does filter down to the physical aspect." Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School conducted a study and discovered that prayers had no effect on the recovery of surgery patients, but for Christina Gray some of her patients, they say facts and figures don't matter. They've seen what the power of prayer can do. For more info visit

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This will not work for an atheist. I suppose I would have to go to a real doctor and heal myself with a positive outlook instead..... I always wondered why they are called doctors but cannot prescribe medications. I have never prayed but I suppose that if you really believe that your are talking to a ghost in the sky then it might work but, wouldn't that also work if you talk to your spouse or a friend? The power of suggestion works on some types of people, not all.

to the cwackopractor, i

to the cwackopractor, i think that your views are a bit flawed, have you ever been to a chiropractor? and most atheists are not really atheists, they just are against organized religion. and i know right now that how can you NOT believe in a greater power than you? you developed from two tiny tiny tiny cells and grew in your mothers womb, that in itself is a really big miracle! life is a miracle, and i suggest that you go and see a CHIROPRACTOR not for pain but so that your brain can communicate with your body by being free of any interferance in the nerves that get pinched when out of place. not only will that adjustment save your life, but once you experience a true, scientific, specific chiropractic adjustment you will be connected with the power that made you and once you realize that power your entire life can be transformed in nothing but a positive way. ps- i know plenty of doctors of english,history,science that DONT prescribe medicine..and if you look at the facts and figures we are one of the richest nations in the world yet we are 43rd in the world for healthcare righ next to slovakia and czech republic...drugs are not intentened to get you well just take one look at the state of health in many people in our country..a lot of them on medication who are dying because of the very pills they are popping to act as a bandaid to whats really going on in their body. symptoms are not bad- they are an indicator that something has gone wrong. when you have your check engine light go on in your car, take it to a mechanic, and put black tape over the light and tell you to leave...the problem is still there!!

get off drugs

chiros never did, do not, and never will need or do drugs, and continue to remain "real doctors". especially now that the medicine man (MD) is the third largest cause of death in the U.S.go to a chiro. go for "correction care" of your spine and nervous system. see for yourself how your body responds. continue at a reduced pace (1-3x/month) for "wellness care" chiropractic is amazing!dr. seth gross

Too bad chiropractors can't

Too bad chiropractors can't "cure" mental illness, right? Or too bad they can't "cure" family members of their sexual deviancy.

Prayer Works

I personally worked in a Christian Chiropractic office and Greatly expercienced the power of God healing through Chiropractic. I am sure Dr. Gray gives God all the credit for healing, she is just a willing vessel for Him to work through. It's sad that people always want to focus on negative things rather than things that have positive or good results in people's lives. The Bible says in Matthew 19:26 "With men this is impossible;but with God all things are possible"

I Prayed...

I prayed, and my bill never got reduced. But at least I felt a whole lot better about it.

This is just further proof

This is just further proof that Chiro's are a fraud.

God isn't a fraud, and neither is Christina Gray

Well, you think Chiropractors are frauds? Have you been to one? I had the blessing of growing up with Christina, watching her grow from an 8th grade girl to a college student, watched her and her husband as they struggled through her being in school and him supporting her, to the two of them becoming great parents and being leaders in their community and church. I've watched as she turned skeptics into believers-both of her touch as a Chiropractor and as a believer in God. I hope someone in your life has enough ability to reach you- I know all this because we are best friends and sisters-in-law. She's an amazing healer, friend and believer. You go see her and you'll be a changed person.

Have you ever had pizza you

Have you ever had pizza you didn't like?... So pizza is bad, right? Another thing you might like to know, in a recent study, it was found that 106,000+ People die inside hospitals every year in America from CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS. All drugs are viewed as poisons by the body whether you agree or not. And if you think our FDA is there to safeguard and approve "safe" drugs, you have a lot to learn about the truth and the FDA and our government in-general. Where do you think most lawmakers have their money invested? Drug compant stocks. A bit of a conflict of interest there? Do you know that there are over 600 full-time lobbyists for drug companies living in Washington, DC? Why do you think that is? T o make sure our healthcare is "safe"? Get a clue. Look-around, people are walking blobs because they eat our "safe" foods that are really "Frankenfoods" that barely resemble anything natural. So this DC uses prayer as an adjunct? So what if it puts her patients in a positive state of mind? In my 25+ years in healthcare, the power of a positive state of mind for health is more powerful than exercise and eating right. Think before you make blanket statements. Better yet, get educated. Nothing is worse in public opinion formation than when someone in a forum or mass media blurts and knows so little of what they speak...

Prayer and Healing

What the Harvard Medical School study and a similar study, the MANTRA study, done by Duke University Medical Center tested was the effect of prayer done on behalf of the patient by others. The patient was not the one praying for their own recovery. The patients selected were not required to have any particular faith or confidence in the benefit of prayer or any absence of faith or belief for that matter. The controls normally in place in a clinical trial were therefore non-existent. For example, Duke University sits at the center of the “Bible belt”. As such, many of the participants, while not being actively prayed for by the “official” study prayers, may have strong personal faith and they and their families may have been actively praying on their behalf. The possible result being many who may have received the benefit of faith and prayer being counted among the “non-prayed for” group. Conversely, those without faith who were among the study participants may have had an impact on the outcome as many religions emphasize the need for a willingness to accept in order to receive. In this case, those counted in the “prayed for” group may have not expected or even rejected the idea of prayer having any effect. The idea that prayer and faith can somehow be administered from the outside in by disinterested third parties as if it were a drug seems misguided. The type of control mechanisms required in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial (the gold standard in drug research) are often difficult and sometimes impossible to apply when looking at health holistically. Holistically, by definition, the person is being considered as a whole person, not the sum of his/her parts. To drill down and measure one aspect, without consideration of all other factors is the very failing of the mechanistic approach to health that has created our current health care crisis.

Lump to Laughter Christian Breast Cancer Support Ministry

My name is Connie Hill and I am Presiden of Lump to Laughter, a Christian Breast Cancer Support Ministry. As an overcomer of Breast Cancer, I can attest to the power of prayer and its healing properties. I truly believe God sends us doctors and am thankful for the medicine that is provided, BUT Prayer is what will get you through to the other side of sickness and disease. Whether I am healed on earth or in Heaven, that is up to God. Since He chose to heal me on earth, I have dedicated my life to serving others and Prayer is the thread that holds us all together. If you know of someone who is journeying through breast cancer, is a caregiver, or an "overcomer" (as survivor sounds like you are still walking through it), please have them join up for our Tuesday Support Meetings. We call it Tuesdays with Grace and we meet for Brunch, Dinner, Prayer Hours, Support meetings and Workshops ever Tuesday of the month. Various locations and times so please check out website at or email or call 910-617-4455.


I imagine there are many people who will read or hear this story and not believe in the healing power of prayer. I visited a chiropractor back in the mid '90's and he told me that I needed to pray but he never prayed for me or with me. Had he done for me what Dr. Gray is doing for her patients, I might have come to know God and His power long before I did. I applaud her for practicing her faith as much as her trade in times when persecution of those who stand up for what they believe in is so great. Prayer aligns us with God and moves Him to work in and through our lives and there is no greater power than that!

Power of Prayer!

Yes, for those of us who are The Lord's children, prayer is always answered, always heard! Jesus Saves!!!

prayer and healing

I see no reason why prayer and healing can't help..I always have my doctor and pastor pray over me when I have to go in surgery and so far it has helped me tremendously... Thank God someone has the courage to do this God bless you hon