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Chris Phillips returns to WWAY NewsChannel 3

READ MORE: Chris Phillips returns to WWAY NewsChannel 3

By Scott Pickey
WWAY NewsChannel 3 News Director

It's not very often that we as News Directors get to announce happy news about homecomings. But today I do. Chris Phillips, former Chief Meteorologist here at WWAY, is rejoining our team!

But you won't see him in the weather center this go-round. No, this time, Chris will be up to his eyeballs in actual "News" reporting on important stories around the area, asking tough questions, getting to the bottom of things and looking for answers to the issues you want solved. As a former scientist moving into the sometimes scary realm of journalism, this will be a huge challenge for Chris. It's a conversation we had many times as he and I talked with about coming back in this new role. But Chris guaranteed me he's up for it and I guaranteed him I would always support him as he makes the transition.

As we continue to improve, grow and re-tool WWAY NewsChannel 3 to meet the needs of our viewers and users, I feel Chris is the perfect addition to the team at this time, and predict he will make a huge impact on the future of this television station.

And now, as they say, a few words... from Mr. Phillips:

I'm back but not at the same old job. Did you ever think you would have a chance to re-invent yourself? And how would you do it? Well this unusual opportunity has recently come to me.

I am back at WWAY TV where I served as Chief Meteorologist for the past five and a half years. If you are a regular viewer, a very studious regular viewer you know that I started anchoring the news exactly one year ago. Just a little, some fill in here, a show there. Well, I like anchoring. It is something new and exciting for me.

Weather is great and working on air here at the coast through storms, hurricanes and all sorts of weather has been the highlight of my career. I wouldn't trade it for the world. But after a total of twenty years of doing the weather a little change looks like a refreshing thing. I am currently in the WWAY news room polishing up old skills and learning new ones, getting ready for my new career.

I have been in talks with management here since I left and THANK YOU, your letters and support have been felt by all of us. Now I am ready for the next phase in my career, I will be bringing you the news here at WWAY and of course continuing to do live broadcasts and public appearances to see many of you.

Keep watching and let me know what you think. And again, thank you so much for your support.


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I'm very glad to see that Chris is returning to WWAY! I got so disgusted with the changes that were made there that I switched to the competition, but it just wasn't the same. It will be a pleasure to return to WWAY for the news and weather. Now, if you could just get Ann back, it would be perfect.
In my opinion, Gregg will NOT be missed. The man just couldn't read or talk. He's the main reason I switched channels for the news.

News at WWAY & Chris Phillips

Very glad to see Chris back ! He was an excellent weather man with a very commanding voice and "persona". I think that he will do well as an anchor and I hope that the public and the station give him adjustment time so that we don't lose him again.

chris is back

Welcome back, Chris.
Your science background is just what is needed in objective journalism. We are enjoying your professionalism as well your comfort with the camera.


Welcome back... you were missed!

Glad to have you back. I

Glad to have you back. I think you are going to be just fine. Your fans love you no matter what. Good luck and best wishes in your new position.

Your favorite viewer
kay moore

PLEASE don't bring Rondinaro

PLEASE don't bring Rondinaro back!!! He was awful! Meghan T. carried him.

That is great news! Welcome

That is great news! Welcome back Chris!


I prefer Jerry as a meteorologist, but I like Chris and think he will make an excellent reporter.

great to have chris in the forfront

yes I must say,I like Jerry reporting the weather also,,in my book,,he's the best out there. I am glad to see Chris come back in a new and exciting way,,will be looking forward to watching him,,,welcome back Chris!!!

Chris Phillips

I just heard the good news that Chris Phillips is going to be back on WWAY. He will bring his charm, wit, knowledge, and great personality back to WWAY, therefore, I will once again be watching the news again on WWAY! Can't wait to see his own personal touch again on tv!!

Start Immediately

Please actually do fair and unbiased investigations and then the public can respond to your facts and make comments. WECT with Weller concentrates on Black Issues. After WWAY stopped doing news on w/e's I stop watching in protest and watched your competition. Someone has been making some bad decisions at WWAY and it has affected what TV news is watched. Just stick to the facts, that is all I want. Welcome back

bad move

This is degrading for Chris. After he got fired from there...why would he want to come back?

You are really that Stupid

to think he came back after being fired? Maybe he came back because he didn't get fired in the first place. Maybe his contract expired and he wanted to test the waters. Maybe he tested the waters and found out he had a pretty good situation where he was. Maybe the station thought enough of him to offer him a place back on the team. Not sure who is correct here but my explanation certainly makes a lot more sense than yours does.


Congratulations!!! This might sound ugly but I am glad that WWAY came to their senses (at least half). Would love for Steve to come back too. I don't think I will have a bit of trouble "weaning" myself off of the "other" TV Station. Never liked that one much anyway.

This is the best local news

This is the best local news I've heard all week. YAY! Welcome back Chris!!