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Christmas snow in Asheville could cost Perry's Emporium $400,000+


By Paul Clark
Asheville Citizen Times

If Asheville gets the 3 inches of Christmas snow the National Weather Service said is possible, a jewelry store in Wilmington may be out more than $400,000.

Alan Perry of Perry's Emporium will refund the cost of all jewelry purchased in his Wilmington store between Nov. 26 and Dec. 11 if at least 3 inches of snow falls in Asheville on Christmas Day.

“If it happens, I'm driving to Asheville to shoot some commercials in the snow,” Perry said. “It looks like there's a dang good chance of it snowing.”


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I don't know him and have

I don't know him and have never been to his store but it sounds like a great advertising gimmick that paid off. Of course there is insurance for these deals. That is common business practice. I am wondering if the complainers on this site failed to take advantage of the deal and maybe that is why all the negative comments.

As far as investment jewelry is concerned, the problem may be with the fact that you are trying to sell this piece back to a retail outlet. The original seller will rarely buy back the investment piece sold. You need to advertise elsewhere, perhaps a jeweler in a major metropolitan area who will take the piece on consignment. It may be that the piece was at this shop on consignment when you bought it and therefore he only earned a cut of the $8000 and simply may not be in the market for purchasing that grade of jewelry in a depressed market with no immediate chance of resale.

Investment jewelry is like dealing in antiquities. Depending on the metal markets, the value of the jewelry will rise and fall over the years. Investment pieces are meant to be bought and kept long term in order to grow the value. many times the future potential value of the piece is built into the price. Antiques are the same. Often the fickle whims of the investors determine the worth and price of pieces. What is hot today may drop dramatically in value in the coming months as new finds emerge and compete for attention. In a way this can be compared to a car. A new car loses value the minute you drive it off the lot. There will be years that you may be able to sell it as used only for hundreds when it of course cost thousands when new. Then eventually if it is taken care of, it reaches that age when it becomes a classic and then an antique and can sale for many times its original value, but of course only those who collect those cars will pay the asking price. The same can be said of any "investment" items out there.

Why do you people think that

Why do you people think that you can buy something for 8000.00 from a business and go back several years later and sell it back for mare than you paid for it? You apparently don't run a business. Do you drive your cars for three years and sell it back to the dealer for more than you paid for it? No people like you still owe more on a car than it is worth after three years. Grow up and be big boys and girls!!

Very poor comparison on your part.

Jewelry doesn't wear out and go out of warranty like cheap automobiles that are designed to wear, fail and lose value. Investment jewelry doesn't lose value, investment grade automobiles don't either. You'll easily pay 100 times the original cost of a '67 Mustang GT500, even in bad shape. Use your gourd if you want to attempt comparison. Remember, apples and apples? It's elementary...

Sorry, but 30 cents on the dollar, especially with gold prices quadrupling doesn't sound like good business anyway you look at it, unless perhaps you're a crook taking advantage of someone's misfortune. Or maybe what was sold was mis-represented in the first place. Perhaps that's the way you "grew up" and the way you do business.

snow in Asheville

People need to lighten up. Some of you sound like you got coal in your stockings. We are in Asheville to visit children and there is a good 4" on the street as of 3:45 pm Christmas Day. Regardless of what you think of the man or the business, you have to give him credit for generating a buzz about this event. He's going to lose the bet but of course he is insured, and he even got mentioned on NPR yesterday morning. It's a fun gimmick and it has been fun to follow it. Just enjoy the fun, and Merry Christmas. Jerry and Judy Sloan

I find it hard to beleive

I find it hard to beleive that WWAY has nothing better to write about.If you think that Alan Perry isn't smart enough to cover his butt with insurance then you probably also beleive that the jewerly that he advertises as coming from an estate didn't come from a pawn shop.

Just try this...

...go buy an expensive piece of "investment" jewelry from Alan Perry, then try to sell it back to him. You'll be lucky to get 30 cents on the dollar.

Oh yeah, he's a great guy and sells the best of the best...until you need to sell it and find it isn't nearly as vauable as you were told when you bought it. Yes..."sour grapes" from a sour vendor. Sorry, but facts are facts and the almighty dollar in his pocket is all that really counts.


It sound more like you paid a dollar for some thing worth only thirty cents. Don't blame Perry or the rest of the jewelery stores out there. The customers are the ones who foolishly believe jewelery is some how associated with importance and love. They are just providing what you desire.

Alan Perry

Yes, by all means tear the man apart. After all, he's a merchant who expects to make a profit on his deals. God forbid! All this uncharitable blah-dee-blah about a jewelry merchant! I am appalled! Where are these soldiers of (self) righteous indignation when faced with the rapine practiced daily upon us by respectable businessmen (Bank of America, for instance)? People complain about a jeweler making money, but pay no attention to the wholesale robbery being performed by bankers and mortgage companies, who drive families into the street and shuttle our national wealth to their Middle Eastern bank accounts. Bathe in your hypocrisy while you shout epithets at jewelers-who actually bring a little sparkle and delight to a generally miserable human existence! Listen to the news you want to hear and ignore anything that truly threatens your existence-say for instance our bought-and-paid-for Congress and Senate. Tear down the walls over a few hundred dollars while billions are wasted by your heroes! Onward, comrades, onward!
And since we're in the time of celebrating the most compassionate man who ever lived, be sure that you extend some to yourselves - and get the board out of your own eye before worrying at the speck in anothers'.

Welcome to America. "The

Welcome to America.

"The almighty dollar in his pocket is all that really counts", sounds like you wanted some of his dollars. I'm the same way. Why should he "give" money away? Want better prices? Shop at a pawn shop. Seriously. You go to his store you're paying for his suits, watches, nice store front, ambiance. Educate yourself on jewelry, go to a pawn shop, score. If you need to sell it you know what you're basically going to get for it.

Want the fancy box and experience? Go for it, nothings free. Just don't come off here like a sour puss who deserves something for nothing. You'll get your money back for the item, minus "restocking" fees. You can't get back what he puts into his business. Its foolish to expect that.

I cannot understand the

I cannot understand the hatred towards Alan Perry. He is one of the kindest, most generous, accepting individuals I have ever known. Yes, he has bad commercials, but they work for his business. It seems to me that there are a lot of jealous people who are quick to judge.

Wow - ya'll are pretty tough

Wow - ya'll are pretty tough on this guy during the CHRISTMAS season.

No bling for you! Ho Ho Ho Ho !!!!

Geez, what a bunch of miserable people these posters are

I can't believe all the nasty comments about Alan Perry or Perry's Emporium. I've sold them sold gold and silver, had a few rings fixed there and received a wonderful Faberge egg pendant from them as a gift. I don't go to any other jewelry store. Their customer service is fabulous. I don't think Mr. Perry's hair is either greasy or a mullet, FGS.

His commercials are among the few local ones I don't mute. He is better than Davy and Peanut and Pat Kabala (sp?) and he's ONE MILLION times better than the Stevenson man WHO SHOUTS. I will never, ever, ever, ever shop at any dealership in the Stevenson auto group.

Now, as to the WHINY LIBERAL IDIOT who won't shop there because of a Tea PARTY ornament: you are an intolerant FREAK and good riddance to your business. Libs are the most hateful, vitriol-spewing people in the country.

I am a conservative and a tea partier: DEAL WITH IT!


Don't ya just love these greater then thou do as I say not what I do conservatives.

alan perry

I agree with Guest1118 on all points.

I have known and dealt with Mr. Perry since 1993. Most of my jewelry has been purchased there and are one of a kind, wonderful pieces. I have had repairs and have sold gold there in the last year. I find him to be honest. Due to the economy, I decided to sell a diamond and sapphire bracelet set in gold. While he knew that I would take whatever he offered because of my situation, he told me that he would not purchase it due to the depressed gem market. He said he couldn't pay me what was paid for it and I should keep it ( My husband bought it from him seven years ago during better times. He also gave me a fair price on the gold that I did sell.

His merchandise has always been high quality. He is willing to do trades. And, you won't find copycat jewelry like the Mall stores seem to sell.

Alan is a good guy. I hope the best for him, his family and his staff for the holiday season and for a prosperous New Year!

Alan Perry

Alan Perry is a dishonest man, and people that have met him know that their first impression was somewhat questionable. What an uncomfortable pillow he must sleep on. Snow in Asheville, NC will not cause him harm, and I hope it snows 3 feet.

There is a difference between....

...dishonesty and greed.

why call Perry dishonest?

He obviously has purchased an insurance policy to cover this promotion. Thus, he paid a premium for this endeavor. The insurance company took the risk based on their weather statistics for Asheville.
So, why say this is dishonest? Sounds like sour grapes to me.

100 %

I agree with Guest 1118 100% . well said..
and Merry Christmas (oops was that a bad thing to say? )LOL


You can't believe others have had a bad experience there? Yet you will not shop at a dealership/drugstore because their commercials annoy you? What flawless logic you have. Maybe they should buy you a $20 pendant so you'll be loyal and defend them. Perry's commercials actually come across like a used car dealership with all of the gimmicks. But hey, whatever gets the money from people like you, ..right?

Even if it does snow...

and even if he doesn't have an insurance policy for this promotion, good luck getting that money from him. I know one of his former vendors.

You can bet the money won't come out of his pocket!!!

Alan Perry is so tight, he squeaks when he walks. He will not lose money on this bet. He has the so called, "high end" and "custom" jewelry that he gives "such great deals on...". He stuck me with an $8000.00 "investment" ring that he'll only pay $2500.00 for now even though in perfect shape and the price of gold has quadrupled since.
I'll jewelry shop at the mall before I go back into his store. Oh yeah....he used to be at the mall.

"I'll seeya when ya gitt here!", with a greasy mullet won't happen on my dime again, snow or not!

So youre upset with the man

So youre upset with the man for running a business for... WHA??? PROFIT?? HOW DARE HE!

It amazes me of all of the

It amazes me of all of the rude comments I am hearing about Alan Perry. Do any of you know that he found out about some families who couldn't provide Christmas for their children, so he gave cash out of his pocket ( didn't make a tax deduction for it) but gave the way God tells you to give. He has done this every year since I have worked for him.
He always gives to anyone who is raising money for a good cause (I could give you hundreds of local charity's he supports. He is a board member for First Fruits, which is a ministry to feed the people who can't feed their families.
And about the comments on calling him a crook because he didn't offer you what you paid for an item purchased from him. Do you think you could get anywhere close to what you paid for your car, clothes at the mall when you take them to a consignment shop etc. It is evident that the very few people who are speaking bad about him are mad at him for some reason, but who in this world can live without pissing someone off. He isn't perfect! None of us are. He came up with a great Holiday promotion and he wanted it to snow. He wanted the people to get their money back. I am happy to work for such a giving man and very happy it snowed it Ashville. Shelby Peck.......

great...maybe that will come out of those rancid teabags

hopefully it is going to cost him some out of those tea bags of derision that he is selling. I know I will never shop there he will be selling the confederate flag and calling it "state's rights" jewelry. I am sure as close to keep-our-Money Junction that he is, he will make a fortune.

If he were to start selling

If he were to start selling anything Confederate I would be more likely to shop in his store.

And it may well be

Mr. Perry purchased an insurance policy that will actually fund the repayments. Sort of like those hole in one prizes at golf outings. You purchase insurance; pay the premium; and the insurance company pays if the incident takes place.

But it is a great advertising approach.


At least this businessman is showing the holiday spirit by purchasing an insurance policy to cover this amount except for the deductible....all in the spirit of Christmas...and some fun!! Get a grip...too many dumb comercials out there.


You're right. I've worked promotions like this before. Perry has likely already paid what he's going to pay through an insurance policy. He wouldn't be near this happy for it to snow, or near this stupid to risk a quarter mill in the first place. The only people sweating the snow are his insurance company, and other clients who will pay a higher premium in the future to cover the cost.

I wish he would fix his micro-mullett and quit starting every sentence with "Haaayy!" I'd buy to eradicate that.


BUT, he's not NEAR as ANNOYING as Pat Cabala or Peanut...I just change the channel and listen to something else when one of those two come on...they're like listening to fingernails on a chalk board!

I have always said he would

I have always said he would be better off to pay somebody else to do his commercials.