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Christmas tree lighting takes place at Hilton Park

The lighting of the world's largest living Christmas tree took place at Hilton Park in Wilmington Thursday night. Hundreds of kids showed up to meet Santa and see the 5,200 twinkling lights that decorate the live oak. One Wilmington resident has been coming to this tree lighting since she was a kid. Now she is bringing her children. “It's a great memory - coming out to the tree, seeing it light up each year, coming to see Santa. It is great to bring my daughters to enjoy the same memories that I have enjoyed,” said Traci Johnson. The tree will stay lit until the end of the year.

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Not sure you have the largest lit living Christmas tree

The little town of McDonough, New York claims the “World’s Largest (at 115’), Living (it is still growing), Longest Lit (annually since electricity came to town in 1927) Christmas Tree”! This year it was re-strung with nearly 3000 new LED bulbs as a near record crowd of about 250 spectators attended the rededication ceremony. It has been maintained by the McDonough Volunteer Fire Department since 1979.

Christmas Tree

Most of you with the negative comments about our Christmas tree are probably not even from this area, but that tree holds alot of memories for most of us here. I know the day will come when it will have to come down and I dread it. It has been a tradition for my family and I hope it holds great memories for my children as it does for me. If you don't like it don't look at it and keep your nasty comments to yourself. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!


Well, say what you want about it but I'm willing to be that if the city ever stopped doing the tree lighting there would be a lot of mad people. Seems like they were going to stop doing it a few years back and people were up in arms about that tree. It is nearing the end of its life cycle but I'll bet people will still come out to watch the Mayor light up a big telephone pole with a dead tree under it. Only then we'll have to start calling it the world's largest formerly living Christmas tree...

So True, I have been

So True, I have been wondering the same thing for the last five years! It's time to start buying a tree, and chop down that monstrosity, or find a new one in the area.If it wasn't for the moss there'ed be nothing there. It looks like a grandfather Charlie Brown tree.Otherwise, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!AND GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is that?

How is this a living tree? The one time I went out there is was just a pole with lights hanging from it?


Not sure what you were looking at, but when I went by tonight I saw a tree. It did have a pole helping to support the lights. I guess you are up in age and do not see what the kids see, a big Christmas Tree..

I guess thats my beef with it

A pole is not a's a pole. Why not call it a "festivus pole." In any event I don't really care, just find it amusing. Common is right...can't call things what they are calling a certain woman a hero ;) Bet that'll get a response out of everyone haha

A Christmas Tree?

It's an oak tree. You can put a pig in a tuxedo, but that doesn't make him Liberace. If I throw lights on the big dogwood in front of my house, that doesn't make it a Christmas tree. If the city wants to have a tree, break down and truck in a big Douglas or White Fir. That's what the rest of planet Earth does. No one cares if it's "living," but it would be really nice if it at least LOOKED like a traditional Christmas tree.


Maybe not but you know what you got when you put lipstick on one.

Well of course.......

The thing has been dead for years. The City keeps proping it up for the PR value. Never mind! It is for the kids. If they like it, we should pretend that there is .a Santa and a live christmas tree.


WHAT? THERE IS A SANTA ! No pretending. geez. That tree on the other hand is not a Christmas tree. Eventually the moss will kill it from blocking the sun to its leaves, or the extra wind drag in a hurricane will bring it down.


I'm a little slow so are you saying you believe in Santa?


Yes, there IS a Santa.


I guess you need to believe in something or someone.


Everyone has a Santa. If you do not I feel sorry foy you


There is as much proof for the existence of Santa as any other myth people beleive in.

Bah Humbug!

Who wants to be the one that kills a 80 year tradition? They tried that a few times before.It may not be a "Traditional Christmas Tree" but its what native Wilmingtonians want,it means something to us.We know it gonna die soon and when it does we'll move on.Theres other trees here so we don't need to truck in one,we aint N.Y. Theres one downtown but i know Commons scared to go down there after dark.


Maybe you should ease up on the texting and you might see something.You want to text and drive and you can't even see a tree with lights on it.For some reason I don't see you going to a park to see a tree.