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Church, WPD hold gang forum

WILMINGTON -- Are you concerned your son or daughter may be in a gang? Do you even know how to tell? A local church wants to make sure everyone in the community is up to speed. With all the attention on gang violence here lately, some members of the community feel we aren't as informed as we should be. The Union Missionary Baptist Church in Wilmington is trying to teach parents and teens more about gangs in a forum Wednesday night. The forum includes members of the Wilmington Police Department and the New Hanover County gang task force. They'll discuss tell-tale signs of gang affiliation and what parents can do if a child is reeled in. Union Missionary Baptist Church elder Linda Rawley said, "We needed to do our part as a ministry to actually speak out against gang violence. And not only speak out against it, but actually show parents and their young people and the teens in our community what it's all about. Tell parents really what's happening in our backyard." The forum will be held Wednesday from six p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Union Baptist Church in Wilmington. The church is located at 2711 Princess Place Dr. Forum organizers encourage both teens and their parents to attend.

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funny they show a picture of

funny they show a picture of kids in mexico flashing sets, when the REAL problem is with black kids around here. HOLYCRAP!!! we need to recognize the gang problem???!!! you friggin people have no clue. you encourage it by only "recognizing" it. you need to jerk a knot in your 50 kids. i have an idea... BIRTH CONTROL. STOP SMOKING CRACK. GO TO SCHOOL TO LEARN, NOT REP YO HOOD. too bad none of the illiterate scumbag gang bangers will read this. wasting my time much like the "hundreds" that attended the "anti-gang forum"


Get to know your law enforcement, guest with brains, and learn that gangs aren't a black problem. we have latin gangs, black gangs, and guess what? white gangs as well as gangs with mixed memberships. there is no single subset of people in this community who need to stay vigilant, it's everybody.

Tell parents to get married

Tell parents to get married before having children and have a career good enough where you don't have to raise your children in gang infested neighborhoods. If you can't provide these basic requirements for your children then get your life in line and then have them.