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Cigarette tax may increase

READ MORE: Cigarette tax may increase
Tuesday, the state legislature will convene in Raleigh for a short session. Most of the focus will be on Governor Easley's proposed $22 billion budget proposal. Easley hopes to raise revenue by implementing a 20 cent tax increase on cigarettes, bringing the total tax on cigarettes up to 55 cents a pack. Easley projects that will bring in an extra $100 million to go towards raising teacher salaries. While it would be great news for teachers, small businesses that sell cigarettes could suffer.

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Smokers tax

Dear Mr. Easley I must refuse to pay the additional tax that you have imposed on me, it is regrettable that I must contribute to the lacking education system that we have in our state by taking this stance, but you have left me no option but to abandon your Communist thinking for the more traditional American way of freedom. Now you may be asking yourself how I intend to cripple your genius on this matter here it is... for all the damage this will do to the school system I must regrettably inform you that I QUITE SMOKING... Hope that the rest of the smokers do not follow me down this path or we may have to tax some other vice such as golfers who wear those particular style of offensive attire.. Feel free to tax what ever you like, and I will feel free to quite. Yours Truly Southern Born


Why don't we just tax people that use the free park system that all tax taxpayers are forced to pay for?


"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen." [Samuel Adams]

TAXATION is not the answer

I am not a smoker but it seems to me in an economy that is going crazy due to high gas prices- our government needs to do something to put money in our pockets- not continue to say- lets tax cigs- alcohol -GAS-- Food-- I say its time to stop taxation and fire some of the people sittin on there butts not doing anything in government- at the rate we are going- why do to work- just hand over your check to the government for taxation... Tired of being broke due to taxation....what about you- you have to figure that over 1/3rd of your pay is goin to some sort of tax- might as well smoke- it might kill you but if taxes keep going up on everything- robberies- thefts and the crime rate is gonna go sky high- SURVIVAL---


"In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, 'Make us your slaves, but feed us.'" [Dosteovsky's 'Grand Inquisitor']

I smoked for 15 years. I

I smoked for 15 years. I quit cold turkey and haven't touched one since. I don't buy the hype that it's harder to quit than crack or heroin. It really IS NOT. YOU have to decide that you don't WANT to smoke anymore. It's not good for you, but it is a personal choice and smokers and the tobacco farmers are hit pretty hard.

state empoyee salaries

I think its time to raise salaries for others who work for the state. If I am not mistaken teachers just got a raise no to long ago...and I know for a fact others who work for the state got nothing. I am not saying that teachers dont deserve the money they get...they are teaching the future of our country. However, my mother works for the Department of Juvenile Justice and has not seen a decent raise if one at all in years. And the reason is because the state keeps pushing the money towards the teachers. In my eyes her job is just as important and I think she, along with her collegues, should be recognized for the hard work they put in...YEAR ROUND with children.

Raises for Teachers

Ok, first of all I know that there will be a plethora of teachers who retort to my statements. I work between 50 and 60 hours a week. I work holidays. I sweat all summer long, and come home each evening totally drained with heat exhaustion. I make less than teachers, and the majority of my wage goes to pay for health insurance. I love my job and don't complain about the pay. I knew how much I would be making when I decided to take the job, just like teachers. Teachers work shorter hours, get lots of meaningless holidays off, get great benefits, get good pay for what they do, and for God sakes get time off in the blazing hot summer. Teachers seem to complain about pay more than any other profession. Be greatful for your job. You knew what the salary and benefits were when you took the job. And enjoy your raise, because effective Jan. 1, 2007, my health benefits were revoked due to budget cuts within my company. Now I make much less than I used to because I have to pay a ridiculous premium for health insurance, and just in case you are wondering, no I DON'T SMOKE.

Wow, now.

I am understanding where you are coming from with your job. I am from a family of teachers, as it is. I am not one myself, but I do know they all had to attend and finish college to get to be a teacher. Perhaps that is why they always want more money, to pay off student loans. Who knows? The physical labor in southern states is, indeed, unspeakable torture on the body. I witness it daily in my husband. God, bless those that sweat and toil! And, also bless those that are forced to have to pay for their own health care and being faced with twenty cents more a gallon every other day. Where is the extra money going to come from within a hard working man's home? I fear it will come from the food budget. Which will make the kids have to eat cheaper and less healthy foods. That will make for a MESS in the classrooms. Hungry kids trying to learn how to run our country when we are too old. Please, God, find the time to bless this mess!


It's crazy how much cigarettes are. This is tobacco country and the farmers are the one's suffering. I don't smoke but I have family members that do. In my opinion, it's each persons decision to smoke or not to. Everyone focuses on cigarettes but you never hear about alcohol. I've never heard of anyone getting on the highway and killing someone from smoking a cigarette. I sure have about alcohol though. People need to wake-up and realize what is going on in the world. This is really going to affect our farmers. Why not use the money that is wasted on our county commissioners to pay teachers more? All the money wasted in this state could be used to give teachers a raise. I'm all for teachers getting a raise but not by increasing tax on cigarettes.

Cigarette tax

First I thought the Lottery was supposed to take care of the schools & teachers. I don't participate in the lottery, if I wanted to donate to the school I would give them my money directly. Gambling bores me. You can cure the cigarette tax-DON'T SMOKE! I quit cold turkey 26 years ago, best decision I ever made plus I divorced my ex. For the ones who say it's becoming increasingly difficult to pay more for cigs then QUIT. I've seen parents buy cigs then wonder why they can't afford gas or food for their kids. If everyone decided to not smoke just think what that would do to the cig tax.


Red-Light Cameras....

Taxes the Democrat way

This is just another in the Democrat play book on how to dupe the people of NC. Any vice tax should go to the health care coverage for those derived illnesses. Classic way to generate income for the state that nobody can argue against, smoking is bad, why not tax it? The question should be, "Just where is the Lottery money going? Why are they not spending that money the right way?" I don't smoke, so I won't pay that tax. My kids won't either, they are home schooled. What incentive does the teachers in our schools have to teach students to be outstanding and better members of the next generation when the money that fuels their pay is derived from those that are taught at the lowest standards? This is a joke! Well taught and bright students do not smoke because they have been educated about the risks that are involved. The average teacher would be shooting themselves in the foot if they DIDN'T put out substandard students. Kind of like the Democrats and the Teacher's Union. Smart, successful students are less likely to be a blue collar Democrat and there for there is the biggest reason that our schools are in the shape that they are in.

Let's raise the teachers salaries Govenor

Let's raise the teachers salaries so we can continue to teach our children at home. Go ahead Govenor praise them for failing our children. The public school system is failing our children and you want to reward them??? Get rid of no child left behind!!! It certainly failed my child. I hope more parents take the steps to ensure your children are up to speed. I discovered my child had a 4th grade math level and she is in the 7th grade. Needless to say she, has been removed from from the system that has failed her. We took the time to work with her, made sure her homework was done and so on. It took the EOG to determine that she was given the test to study from and she was able to memorize the answers verbatum. They have a way to make sure "NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND", mine should have been but was advanced, no question...To all parents with children in the public school system, proceed with caution as these overpaid teachers are failing our children. In closing I will say,,,not all teachers are failing our children. Increases should not be given free will, they should have to be earned on an individual basis, based on their performance not by their individual school "MAKING THE GRADE"

Wake up

It took you how long to realize your child was behind in math? Don't blame the schools for bad parenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give parents motivation

Used to be that if a child was failing at school parents would make the needed time to ensure that their child took the time to study until the grades came up. Well, it's not a matter of public ridicule anymore. Maybe we should protect the students and their underage identities and start ridiculing the parents of such students in the paper like delinquent tax roles. Parents in the following listing have children that are not/do not perform up to par in the severely handicapped school system. Point them out in public then laugh at them for not caring to spend the time needed to ensure that their own offspring performs well in school. I think that would work. The rest should be penned away in special schools. Sacrifice the few for the welfare of the many.


Why not tax Alcohol more instead, Ive never heard of a smoking driver killing someone. If the price of alcohol at a bar increased,the tax would bring in more money because there are more people who drink than smoke. And maybe it would keep the ignorant drunks who we all see downtown home because it would be harder to afford to go out.


Why do the Democrats keep raising taxes every year? I was of the understanding that the State had a one billion dollar surplus this year and even more in previous years. Maybe Thomas Wright isn't the only one taking money that doesn't belong to him.

It's not a billion, but we do have a surplus...

...and there's no reason to raise ANY taxes to pay for mental health and increase teacher salaries. But Easley is a Democrat, and whether we're talking about Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, or in this case Easley and the Democrat-run Legislature, they never met a tax they didn't love. Democrats sincerely believe that they know how to spend your money better than you do.


MAKE IT A DOLLAR a pack...keep me from having to walk thru a plume of smoke going into a public place...I CANNOT WAIT for this state to ban it in all public entrances and businesses!

cig. tax

Better be careful what you wish for. It's get on the ban wagon against cigarettes now, what is going to be next???? Perfume, fat people, kids in restaurants???? Think that is outrageous??? For every civil liberty that the Liberals take away from one group of people in this only gives them more power to go after another group. So, think twice before you vote for the Democrates, Obama especially, because he is the most lefist in the democratic party that has ever been on the ticket to run for the presidency. If you would like to live under a Marxist rule this is just an example of what change will be. Go ahead and laugh...they would have done the same thing 50 years ago if you told the people that cigarettes would be banned from public places. Go ahead and laugh.....don't say you haven't been forewarned.

Tax Increase

Why is he doing this tax increase just before he leaves office.. I think it is unfair to let smokers always pay for everything when they need money.. It is up to the whole state to pay for improvements . It is just too unfair.

Tax Increase

Mike Easley has raised the cigarette tax numerous times since he has been in office. Schools need more money? Wow, I thought that problem would have been taken care of after Easley signed the lottery. When taxes on cigarettes go up, the response from smokers is always the same. "My gosh thats outrageous, ok I'll pay it." You are exactly right, it is unfair. It is unfair to single out someone who can't control an addiction. I am so ready for Mike Easley's last day. He has been one lame governor. I hope the Senate and House of Representative members have better sense than to punish a small group of people, who infact help the states economy.

You're exactly right. I

You're exactly right. I agree that teachers should make more money; but, it is stupid to single out a group and force them to pay for what the state cannot afford. Furthermore, most people who have been smoking for a while are going to keep on smoking even if it does cost more. And to add to the point about the lottery...where is the lottery money going? As an education major at UNCW, I haven't seen any improvements in the funding of public schools since the lottery has been in place. Also, UNCW gets less affordable every year, while financial aid gets more impossible for me to get every year. So maybe if they would use the lottery for what it was intended, the cigarette tax increase would not have been proposed.


I would HAPPILY pay the extra taxes to see smoking BANNED everywhere!




Then you must be a Democrat. They are the only people that want to see taxes raised, but usually only someone else's taxes.

Prohibition doesn't work

It has NEVER worked. Alcohol banned by Prohibition, The War on Drugs, gun control....all miserable failures that generally do nothing but help create an underground market that thrives. Inanimate objects cannot be inherently evil or good. They are, after all, inanimate!


Would you happily welcome the crime that prohibition would bring? It already happened once with alcohol, and has been happening for years with narcotics. What makes you think that prohibition of tobacco would be any different, or better? Especially since tobacco addiction is harder to break that crack cocaine? The addicts will KILL to be satisfied.

don't start

That is exactly why we need to teacj our kids NOT TO START.