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City breaks ground on 1898 Memorial Park

READ MORE: City breaks ground on 1898 Memorial Park
WILMINGTON -- A big weekend is ahead for civil rights activists here in Wilmington. The city is playing host to the 64th annual NAACP state convention. The NAACP members met at Union Missionary Baptist Church Thursday. One event the group supports here in Wilmington is Thursday morning's groundbreaking of the 1898 Memorial Park. After years of planning and anticipation, construction is underway and expected to be fully completed by the spring. Members from all sects of the city attended, including City Council members, 1898 Foundation members, a DOT representative and many more. The memorial is at the corner of Third and Davis Streets. And once completed will be what greets people as they enter the city from that direction. Lethia Hankins with the 1898 Foundation said, "Today is a tremendous milestone in the history of Wilmington, and I want the people to be able to enjoy this to come to sit, to reminisce, to reconcile, to unify." Hankins says money for the memorial was hard to come by but people were very generous with their donations. New Hanover County's NAACP president Harold Beatty spoke at the groundbreaking.

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1898 Memorial

I think that if the black community, led by the NAACP, would focus on taking advantage of the many opportunities they are provided to better themselves and spend less time whining about reparations and asking for free handouts, then maybe they would get a leg up. None of these people, or their parents, or even their grandparents, were personally affected by slavery. Many caucasion and Asian people have ancestors that were affected by great prejudices and tragedies - Irish, Chinese, and especially the Jewish community. Yet we don't see modern Jews using the Holocaust, a more recent event, as an excuse for their own laziness. The black community needs to stop teaching their children to be "fighters" and teach them to get off their butts, get off welfare and drugs, and make something of themselves.


Too much work involved.

Oh good

Good, where is the box so I can put more of my paycheck to keep up repairs when the mutts start to destroy it?


Hurry up and get this place built so these idiots will leave Wilmington so we don't have to hear about this crap anymore already. I am tired of seeing the overweight man on the news and in the paper.