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City budget retreat looks at tax distribution

READ MORE: City budget retreat looks at tax distribution
The city of Wilmington accounts for nearly eighty percent of the county sales and property tax revenue. Wilmington officials say it's time some of that money started coming back to help the city. “Nationally, state wide, and at the local level we're having a very difficult time with the economy,” said Scott Townsend, the Wilmington budget director. Townsend had his hands full at Monday's budget retreat. The meeting outlined important projects for the upcoming year, took a look back at 2008 spending, and examined new ideas for increasing city revenue. “As we have diminished revenue during the year we have to reduce our expenditures to keep a balanced budget,” Townsend said. For the city, that means looking for new ways to raise money and cut spending. For city employees, that could mean a new work schedule. In regards to flexing of time, people can move around and work at different hours of the day, a four day work week, which is something we talked about at our last retreat,” said Mayor Bill Saffo. The city budget retreat comes on the heels of the county's decision to cut it's budget by $3 million by June. City Councilwoman Kristi Tomey said tax distribution needs to change. “I would like to see a fair distribution of sales tax. Annexation is not going to solve that problem. We need to start focusing our attentions on how do we go through the legislation to get that corrected.” The two sides have yet to discuss a new tax distribution plan. The vote on the final budget won't be taken until mid-June and it will go into effect July first. The city also identified projects for the upcoming year, some of which, like the expansion of Independence Boulevard, could benefit from the economic stimulus. But, of course, it's too early to know just yet how that money will be dispersed.

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"As we have diminished revenue during the year we have to reduce our expenditures to keep a balanced budget" You mean...LIKE THE POOR OPPRESSED CITIZENS THAT LIVE IN YOUR CITY AND COUNTY? This is a GEE WHIZ statement..the middle class is being STRANGLED with extra taxes on this, increased prices on that....and you guys want to COMPLAIN that you have to reduce your expenditures to keep a balanced budget? I just can't even talk about this..I'm SO LIVID that we just got this stupid "stimulus" bill passed, which ISN'T a stimulus bill at all...

Did I hear

Did I hear the council stayed around here for a RETREAT? You mean....No Vehas, San Diego, Barbados, Vail, Aspen? Are you serious??? GOOD FOR YOU CITY COUNCIL AND MAYOR SAFFO... GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

Council Retreat

Ummmm -- the City Council budget retreats area always in town, and always somewhere that costs no money to use the facility. They're open, public meetings... You might want to try to attend one sometime if you are that concerned about where our taxpayer dollars are going before you actually point fingers.