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City Council candidates getting message out in final hours before election

READ MORE: City Council candidates getting message out in final hours before election
NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- It's getting down to the wire. Candidates running for Wilmington City Council have less than 24 hours left to get their message out to the public. It's getting down to the wire and some city council candidates are using of every last second to get their message out. Incumbent City Councilwoman Pat Delair said, "We're hitting this now. And we may hit some neighborhoods this evening for that last minute push." Others aren't pushing it too hard. City Council candidate Todd Turner said, "I woke up this morning, I made my little girl breakfast. I did some yard work." Ronald sparks is somewhere in between. He decided to run errands -- so he'll be prepared for the big day. Of course this kills two birds with one stone. Candidate Susan Clarke took it to the streets. She's run for council before. But this time she has a special strategy to make sure she measures up. Clarke said, "It's a useful thing. You can use this and hopefully it gets the message across." How are they feeling about tomorrow's elections? When asked if he thinks he'll win, Turner said, "You know, here's hoping." Clarke said, "I'd hate to make a prediction but I hope I am" Delair said, "I feel good. I mean, we'll win at some level here hopefully tomorrow night so we'll find out." Other candidates told me they plan to campaign tonight but all said they'll be making their rounds at polls tomorrow to catch voters before they make their final decision. The rest of the candidates rounding out the field include: Michael Dehart, Kevin Delahunty, Chuck Denson Jr.,Andy Koeppel, Jeff Kohl, Ricky Meeks, Laura Padgett and Kristy Tomey.

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city council election

i cannot vote in todays election because i do not live in the city limits but in the county. for those who are voting today-please vote for some new blood on the council-our city needs it. and come to think of it, we definately could use some new county commissioners as well.