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City Council considers changes to travel policy

A new travel policy for City Council members may save taxpayers money. Meals of spouses and guests who accompany City Council members on business trips will no longer be paid for by the city. The proposal is still in draft form and was discussed yesterday among some city council members. It's expected to be considered by the full council at the next City Council meeting This policy change stems from public outcry after a recent Washington D.C. trip, when taxpayers paid for spouses to dine out with City Council members.

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Everything needs to be analyzed

Well let's see, spouses can go on trips and be paid for by the tax payers dollars and now I hear that sports in schools are being considered for cutbacks..... This is absurd!!! I hope that the travel policies are changed. Some of these higher paid individuals should receive pay cuts too!!! The City governments should be done away with and let the counties step in and over see the whole areas that include all the little cities! That would eliminate a lot of unnecessary expenses. Changes need to be made!


The county is part of the reason for the city's financial mess when they completely messed up the revaluation and left the city $4 million in debt halfway through the last fiscal year. And the county had to lay off employees and eliminate departments entirely and they want to raise taxes. So far the city has not had any layoffs and no tax increase has been proposed. The county has also had to stop any parks projects after already passing a parks bond three years ago. And the city is already preparing for the other shoe to drop when the state passes their debt down to the local level. Yup, the county would do a MUCH better job managing our taxpayer dollars... (NOT)

Yeah, the City will just go

Yeah, the City will just go out an annex part of the County to make up their short comings....those that were annexed that last time are still waiting for the benefits they've been paying on all this time

I am outraged that the city

I am outraged that the city ever paid for spouses and guests! What a gross waste of taxpayer funding! I'm sorry, but the City Council members who took advantage should have to pay it back. It is fraudulent to do otherwise. I'd like to know how much of our tax money has been wasted this way and by whom, so I can make sure not to vote for those people for any public office!

Why are the spouses going

Why are the spouses going anyway? Are they helping them make decisions on city affairs, or looking for a mini vacation on the city. I propose at this time,in our state of economy, that no guest or spouses be allowed on city business trips until further notice!It would seem that this would have been the way to go after the last trip without further discussion.

I agree...there is NO EXCUSE

I agree...there is NO EXCUSE for the spouces and friends to even be going. This was a business trip, not a vacation. The fact that our taxes went to pay for the spouses is completely....I just don't know what to say. I go on business trips all time, a few have been up to 2 weeks long, I would have been laughed at and thrown out of the office if I asked if my wife could go. Just another reason to get rid of the waste that sits in office. And the sad part is, there is still a chance that this proposal can get shot down