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City Council to decide on Jason Thompson's replacement

READ MORE: City Council to decide on Jason Thompson's replacement
37 people applied for Thompson's position; three have risen to top of city council's list. Each Wilmington City Council member has a personalized parking space; just one of the perks of the position. The space between Laura Padgette's and Earl Sheridan's used to be for Jason Thompson. It is now reserved for one of the 37 people who have applied to replace Thompson after he left for the New Hanover County Commission. “We appreciate people applying. We appreciate people who want to serve the city,” said Wilmington City Council’s Earl Sheridan. Council members narrowed the list to three, realtor and New Hanover County Board of Elections Chair Margaret Haynes, realtor Deb Quaranta, and architect Mark Saulnier. “It makes me feel great. Honored,” said Saulnier. Deb Quaranta said, “Very honored. Very honored for their consideration.” “I'd very much like to serve. We'll see. It's a long time between now and Tuesday night,” added Margaret Haynes. Tuesday, city council will make its final choice. All 3 candidates said it is their experience that got them to the front of the pack. “I certainly think it's because I'm qualified. I have the desire and the energy. I have the background in not only public service but business and a participating member ready to go on day one,” Haynes said. Saulnier said, “I just feel like with my experience on the different boards and commissions that I've served on, I would have the ability to step right in on the discussions that they have going on right now.” “You have to be able to listen, you have to go out and listen to what the people have to say and be able to represent them, and that's your responsibility,” Quaranta said. Now the responsibility lies with the council to narrow down three candidates for one position. “To that one person, whoever it is, I look forward to working with that person. Its going to be a lot of hard work, but rewarding work,” said Sheridan. City council will decide Tuesday during its meeting start at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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New Council Member

Frankly, I am sick of hearing people complain about who is running this town. If you aren't going to submit YOUR name for a possible posting, then don't complain about it. Too many people in this country like to whine about issues while never offering up solutions!


2 realtors and an architect are the three finalists. Any question as to who runs the city of Wilmington, irrespective of who sits in the seats? Developers.

yes it figures

considering real estate & development are a part of one of the biggest industries in the area it is NOT surprising. Did you put your name forth? If not then quit complaining!

thank you! whinning children

I am so glad that someone spoke up! If you did not submit your name then don't complain. Those who rose to the top ALL were VERY involved in this city and have served well. Margaret Haynes has been BOE chairperson and believe me that was no easy job. I may not have agreed with that woman on a lot of her decisions, but she worked her tail off for all of us for a fair election. Mark Saunier spends countless hours a week reviewing materials for planning and for our city's development on the planning commission as well as a charities and other good works. Deb Quaranta has been the chair of HEO and the Vice Chair of WHA during one of the worst times in its history and has be a part of helping it turn a corner for families in need. EVERY one of these folks are human and can be criticized, but each of them have shown up and stood up for their community and have been about its betterment! Ask yourself, have you? The loudest complainers did not show up..where was Curtis Wright, the ridiculous members of that Americans for (no) Prosperity, that insipid little man, Mr. Wrage (pun and attitude in a name), and all the other nay sayres...Oh, they assumed they would not be heard...but rather hid in the ether of the raido and behind signs on the street corners rahter than to be a part of the solution and to work together to make difference. I say, thank god for all those that came forward to make a difference and thank god for the city council and their wisdom! I hope they pick Maraget Haynes, but whomever they pick, they will have chosen the person who was willing to be more than a whinner, but who will be about this community!