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City Council to meet Friday about additional budget cuts

READ MORE: City Council to meet Friday about additional budget cuts
Budget cuts are likely on the way for the city of Wilmington. City Council expects the amount of money the city gets from property and sales tax to drop this fiscal year. 70 percent of the city's money comes from property and sales taxes. But those revenues are down thanks to our tight economy. City leaders will meet behind closed doors at Wilmington International Airport Friday to discuss a proposal from city workers for additional budget cuts. The city is already at a 5 percent reduction, with the elimination of overtime and business travel and vacant positions left unfilled. Wilmington City Council member, Earl Sheridan, said additional cuts will be painful but necessary. “Unfortunately these are things that we have to do. The two scenarios that we are looking at are 10 percent and 15 percent,” he said. At 10 percent, more than $1 million in street paving would get the axe. The $80,000 Safelight Program, which fines drivers for running a red light, would end. Also, $150,000 in Front Street crosswalk enhancements would be delayed. At 15 percent, cuts would include the 10 percent reductions, layoffs and a setback for the 2006 Parks Bond Project, which includes adding and preserving parks around the city. Property tax and sales tax would pay the bond off, but with the current economy, that is on hold. December is a big month for a lot of property and sales tax money to come in, but poor sales and home foreclosure's are among the reasons the city expects a drop in funds for the fiscal year that ends in June. Sheridan said, “Many cities and towns are going through very hard times, and we are not any exception to that.” City Council will meet with staff at 10:00 Friday morning. The goal is to adopt the 10 and 15 percent proposals in case they are needed later if revenues are down.

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The City will continue to

The City will continue to annex the county to help make more money....and they will leave those people they just annexed without all the extras they are paying for. More people are about to get screwed by the City

They are always wasting money

I live in the Sunset park area. The City came in and added areas to some of the streets to slow down traffic. It took them 2 months to do the work (city workers) and my eleven year old came up with a solution that could have been completed in one day.. The solution he came up with was 4 way stop signs. I guess this was to simple and cost saving for the City to come up with..

4 way stops do not work for

4 way stops do not work for slowing traffic.

Re: Sunset Park

I agree that this street project was a huge waste of money. Now people are familiar with the street structure they can begin speeding again. At now that they have shrunk the width of the road it could prohibt fire trucks from having the ability to get down those streets, especially when people park where they are not supposed to. I see it everyday on Nothern Blvd. I don't know if a four way stop would have worked either, look ar Burnett Blvd. people run that four way stop daily. What about speed bumbs?

Re: Sunset Park

The city wont do speed bumps, not even speed tables....probably because they work. I only wish that when they did this to our boulevards they would have at least taken the time to make sure all the lines were nicely painted and lined up. Now it looks like a 2 lane road painted with a machine that forgot to finish the lines in certain spots. As for the bump outs...not sure why they decided to extend them out from the center medians instead of the right side curb...maybe cause then they'd actually have to put in curbs where they still haven't after all these years. They should have made it like the one lane section of Wrightsville Ave. And they should have added speed bumps/humps/tables to the first block of Northern/Central headed toward Carolina Beach Road. If the light is out!!!

City Council Greedsters

I guess when you spend $40,000 on scarecrows, $75,000,000 or more on a convention center, $$$ millions on changing the direction of front street every few years, $150,000 on private are collections, and $$$ millions to create a boondoggle Utility Authority, plus welcome signs shaped like sailboats and vote-buying projects... Eventually, the binge spending of taxpayer money creates a hangover otherwise known as reality. But the same people keep getting elected so its working great for them and the good ole boys and Realtors. Fake tears of compassion for the low-level city employees is Oscar material.

Cut backs on budget

Believe me I know what it means to tighten the belt buckle. There are a few ways the City can cut back. First eliminate the convention center which is costing millions, the $7M for the marina north of downtown. Let the people comb through the budget I bet we could find some more millions to save the City. But we shouldn't cut back on services such as picking up trash, fire, rescue, police, education, health, etc. Cut back on the luxuries of life we can all live simply.

Convention Center

With the down turn of the economy, I am sure the city will find people lined up to have their convention at the Convention Center. We will be able to make a lot of money for the City. With all the unemployed people coming in for the Convention I am sure it will help use locally. The Convention center should have never been approved, but the few in command wanted it and so it was approve. It is time that the people of started to make the counsel listen to the people and not to the special interest groups. Things like the Convention center should be put to the people to vote on. Wait, I believe it did and the people said “NO”.

Convention center

Um, so you want to cut the convention center which is not being at all funded by property taxes and is the largest construction project in the entire region putting hundreds of people to work? That sounds smart. And any of the workers who don't already live in the area are spending money here while they are working here. Unfortunately, even if the project is stopped, it will have no effect on the city's budget since the funds to build it and run it are coming entirely from the 3% room occupancy tax. And that money was earmarked by the state to ONLY be used for the convention center, so it can't go to fund anything else.

cut back on the convention center

If the city has to cut back, the first thing is the "convention center". The city can do all the studies they want but lets face it this convention center is NEVER going to make money and the tax payers are going to have to pay it... Stop it NOW before you are too far into it..

city of wilmington

1. Stop the convention center project, and have a private company persue building it and operating it - the city will collect taxes on "sales and use" and "hotel occupancy" anyway. 2. Consolidate any redundant departments with New Hanover County. This means Fire, Police, trash, Parks and Recreation, housing, public transportation, etc. This is all being prevented by greedy bean hoarders, and by EGOS. 3. Stop annexation. Look what happened to the last Government that enforced taxation without representation... The county areas being annexed cannot currently vote for the leaders trying to currently annex them. 4. Concentrate residential and corporate growth around downtown. Reduce permits and greenspace destruction in outlying areas. Make Wilmington a GREEN city, focus our growth on GREEN ecotourism. Research Costa Rica and Scotland. The majority of their economies in in ecotourism. 5. Discourage Hugo Nue and Titan type operations from settling here, and encourage GREEN technical and financial businesses to come here. This can be accomplished by providing downtown areas to develop, public transportation options (contracted out to a private company - highest bidder, to ensure efficiency and profitability), bike paths (to reduce impact on roads, for workforce health, and recreation), and a skilled and educated workforce. 6. Contract out whenever possible. There are TOO MANY city and county employees. Benefits and retirements are too expensive for our tax base to support. Private companies will streamline operations to be profitable, and the city or county can still provide guidelines and laws for how the services are to be provided. Look at what works Wilmington. Look at the big cities in the US, AND in Europe. Not saying we need to grow into a London, Seattle or a San Francisco, I like our current size. But our infrastructure frankly sucks. And it is more expensive per capita than most larger cities. Wilmington has always had so much potential, yet has been held back by small minded, greedy, insider-good-ol-boy, shifty, corrupt leaders. The worst part is that some of the power brokers were born and raised here - with family dating back to pre-Revolutionary times. Shame on them. I wonder if they are proud of what they see when they drive around this town. The key to our market is to make it desirable to move here. Make what we have desireable to buy, and stop flooding the market - and destroying/building on all the greenspace and ecology that makes it desireable to be here. Less supply increases the demand. Totally in our control, with the issuances of permits. The County can simply reduce the amount of building permits, by use a lottery system, to allow reasonable, controlled growth. duh.