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City Council meeting looks to clean up storm water and pet waste

If you own a dog in the city of Wilmington, be prepared to pay if you do not pick up after the pooch. In its regular meeting, City Council will tackle the problem of storm water run off Tuesday night, particularly pet waste. If left on the ground, the waste runs off in to our water. Council is considering passing an ordinance that would fine pet owners $250 if they do not clean up after their pet. Margaret Haynes of City Council said, “Pet waste is one of the biggest polluters that we have that's encumbering our clean water, so it is an opportunity for everyone to participate.” As part of the ordinance, pet owners would also be required to carry a bag. Council will also consider tightening other storm water regulations, like permits and disposal of yard waste. The City Council meeting starts Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m.

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Downtown clock

I realized, almost as soon as I posted it- the clock is on a county building. Thanks to the reader who caught it. Never-the-less the point is valid. How can we trust any government that spends thousands on consultants, yet can not make the clock run on time? Somebody spent about $26,000 to get that clock rewired- and yet, it chimes the hour at 5 minutes past. Or maybe, it chimes on time and the clock is screwed up. Either way, it is not a good advertisement for city/county government. By the way: this is one of the smallest counties in the state. Some young people could throw a rock across the entire county. Why have we not consolidated? Thus solving the anexation problem!


I completely agree with you about consolidation. This would make so much better sense. The somebody who got the clock rewired were the NHC taxpayers, I believe, since the property is county. The clock is running on time as far as I can tell, but maybe my watch is just 5 minutes off! I know each of the four sides used to all show a different time, but last I saw they all seemed to be the same.

you must

all be guilty of not picking up after your pet. Going to the beach or park and seeing and smelling dog scat is just plain nasty. I would support a $1000.00 fine and a day of picking up other peoples animals excrement. How old are you all? Take some personal responsibility rather then pointing fingers at the sewer spills, hogs, etc. Glad not everyone has the mentality of the six previous posters.


This isn't so much about the fine to me as it is getting folks to do the right thing and clean up after their pet. For some folks if the penalty isn't harsh enough they just don't care. I think most responsible pet owners clean up after their pets and will never have a worry about it but the ones that don't.... here's your wake-up call. Just do the right thing.... no worries.


is just another one of those LETS BE GREEN things that make we want to THROW UP...what do I do...I revolt and throw it in the gutter...where, pray tell, does all animal POOP go that isn't tied to a city or county pet license....HMMM....

Dog poop

I have two large dogs. They poop a lot. Way more than they eat. Never-the-less, I pick up after my dogs. There is no excuse not to. The city furnishes the bags. They cain't get the city hall clock to chime on time. But they furnish poop bags. Maybe they should send some up to congress.

City hall clock?

There isn't a clock on city hall. You might be thinking of the old courthouse next door which is a county building.

fish poo....

Yes picking up after your own personal animal is wonderful gesture....after all noone wants to step in it. These fines are NOTHING more than a way to try and make more money for not living within the budget. Why not go ahead and fine the fish and alligators too! =)

In the same sentence? Too funny!

How appropriate to have the words, "waste" and "city council" in the same sentence. You hit the nail on the head with this one!!!

Fine Poop Indeed!

Our city has improved regarding owners picking up after their dogs but not the CATS! I keep my dog on a leash and keep my plastic bag (isn't this thing bad for the environment?)with me at all times. I faithfully pick up the offending leavings and as I walk to the nearest trash container I step in the largest smelliest pile of CAT poop that I never saw and will never get out of my shoe or from up my nose. Where is that cat owner? Why isn't our city council including them in the fining and requirements? I've owned cats and cleaned litter boxes, so don't give me the tried and true pat answer "You can't contain a cat". If trained, they will walk on a leash, or keep them in and use a litter box. Make it fair and balanced City Council!

Margaret Haynes of City

Margaret Haynes of City Council said, “Pet waste is one of the biggest polluters that we have that's encumbering our clean water..." hahaha What a joke. I guess Margaret doesn't remember the 3 million gallons of raw sewage released into Hewletts Creek in 2005, over 4.7 million gallons total over 2 years and then how The City challenged the fine imposed by the Division of Water Quality.

Another source

I'm thinking all the hot air that flows out of the city council is a huge energy source that should be tapped. Imagine the reduction of coal and oil consumption if we could only harness this?? You know politicians’ love to hear their own voices and will ramble on forever.

What about cat waste? what

What about cat waste? what about wild animal waste..pidgeons, possums, raccoons, others?

Animal waste

You have a point. I don't have a problem with cleaning up after my dogs. I do have a problem with a $250.00 fine. It goes hand in hand with Peta's commercial about eating meat. The one with Bones star Emily Deschand stating that we need to go green and quite eating meat. That animal waste contributes to more pollution than all of the cars, airplanes, manufacturing plants, etc. in the world. I wonder, if we all quite eating meat will that automatically cause all of the animals to quite pooping? Would that not just add to the so called problem since their population would increase since there is no one killing them for food? Funny how animals have been around for thousands of years and the world has survived. Can you imagine the amount of poop from the dinosaurs? If there was going to be a problem with animal poop contributing to global warming, how come the ice age was the main cause of killing off the dinosaurs? But, wait that kind of thinking, goes against the media, Al Gore, Hollywood elites, and others. Surely they know more than me?

Those animals will be forced

Those animals will be forced to do community service if caught pooping down a drain ;-)

6 million hogs

With 6 million hogs within 50 miles, they are worried about my dog. My dog is so cute it comes out in celephane anyway.

Hog farms

You are correct about the hog farms. Even though I pick up after my two big dogs, I am not convinced that is the major problem. What about urine from the alleys downtown when the bars close? We can not have life both ways. We can all work together to save the planet or we can all sink together. Forget what causes global warming! I do not care what causes it. What i do care is, "What we are going to do about it!" It is not my problem. I will be dead in a few years. Some of you will not be. How well do you swim? pick up after


There is more pollution generated making and disposing of the plastic bags used to cleanup dog poop than there is in Dog Poop. Go figure?