City Council puts foot down on storm water issue
The city of Wilmington is cracking down in the name of cleaner storm water. City Council voted Tuesday night to fine pet owners $250 if they do not pick up after their pet. If left on the ground, the waste runs off in to our water. Pet owners say not only is it bad for the environment, but also the bottom of a shoe. “I don't like it, especially if I step in it,” said Charles Steel. “Once in a great while that happens, but I do think 18 or 19 out of 20 do clean up.” City Council member and dog owner, Margaret Haynes said, "It's an important issue because everybody has a responsibility to maintain our environmental resources and clean water is certainly one of them." Dog walkers will be required to carry good neighbor bags when the ordinance takes effect November 1st. A $250 fine will also be levied on folks who dump yard debris in storm drains.

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The City can't enofrce the laws they have now, so how are they going to handle this? Poopie Police? I can see it now. If you are a Police Office and your supervisor don't like you, you will end up on poopie patrol :)
I have no problems with this issue. I pick up after my dogs. What should we do with the poop that comes out of city hall?
wrap it in cellophane and throw it in the GARBAGE!