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Petition against waiting period for club membership law

READ MORE: Petition against waiting period for club membership law
The Wilmington city council voted unanimously last night to send a recommendation letter to the state's ABC commission asking them to take an old law off the books. Apparently, these efforts will not be enough. The law the council wants to change is the 3 day private club membership wait period law. Some Marines said bar owners use this law to discriminate against them, and deny them access into the club. Former Marine and current city council member, Jason Thompson, felt strongly about getting rid of the 3 day wait period for a club membership. “It negatively affects tourism. “It allows a mechanism to kind of discriminate on a very wishywashy basis," said Thompson. He and the rest of the Wilmington city council voted to send a recommendation letter to the state ABC commission, which has the authority to overturn or change the law. "A lot of other cities have already sent letters asking for the law to be repealed with their reasons why." Thompson said. Thompson also said, “Wilmington has a better stand than other cities because Wilmington has a bonafide case where the 3 day rule was being used to selectively discriminate against protected federal classes." According to the chief counsel of the ABC commission, this may not be enough to change the long standing law. "They sent letters asking the commission to overturn the 3 day waiting period law. No one has sent a petition asking the commission to change the rule." said Fred Gregory of the ABC commission. When council member Thompson heard about the necessary petition, he called the commission's chief counsel for confirmation. "The state's ABC commission was playing a little shell game because for years they've been receiving letters asking for this to be repealed, and until now we find out that we can’t do it without a petition request. Obviously the other people who've been filing letters they found out there's a petition procedure so now that we've found that out we'll put the pressure on the ABC commission for them to make a change." Thompson said. The next city council meeting will properly fill out the petition and send it to the ABC commission.

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bar sign ins

I feel the rule should be repealed, however, I also feel a bar owner or manager has the right to evict any patron that is looking for trouble. Remember that the people running these places are liable for what happens in them. It isn't just the military they were applying this rule was anyone who wanted to get in.

Keep the Rule....Change the

Keep the Rule....Change the Rule... Just ENFORCE the rule consistently. Marines should not be subjected to questions or asking for memberships unless everyone in the line in front and behind them are as well. The problem is the consistency, not the rule. Bar owners have the right to keep anyone without a membership out, however, selective enforcement is when the discrimination factor comes in. I remember as a college student I saw Fibber's have a sign stating the minimum rank someone must be in the military to walk in. In 5 years I have never been asked for a membership at any of the downtown bars. There's no way I'm that "lucky". I also have NO membership for any of place that reportadly requires one and never seen a sign saying they even existed. (except when I heard them ask Marines)

Why The Rule?

Does anyone know why the "membership" rule was ever enacted? I always thought it was to get around liquor laws. The rule obviously has become just a discriminatory tool, with no real use.

Downtown Bar Issues

First I hear the bars are not good enough for Downtown Wilmington. Then I hear that the bars are too good for the U.S. Marines. The college students and the Downtown bars are yet another issue. And I have a question. Does the membership rule only apply to bars that do not sell food, as a way for them to obtain a liquor license? In other words, why do some bars have a membership rule? I am not against Downtown bars. I feel the younger set needs somewhere to go. I know Downtown needs the revenue. And I certainly know that our soldiers, especially as they give their very lives for our country, should not be treated as inferiors...when they are far from that. They deserve our utmost appreciation and respect. One solution would be a quick call to the military police and a quick response from same. And let's clear up this membership requirement.

This is so silly. What are

This is so silly. What are we asking the State to make changes for this rubbish. There are plenty of bars around the city that do not require memberships that Marines and anyone else visiting town would be welcomed in. (And no I don't own or work in any of them.) What's wrong the the 3 day rule. If it's a Marine from Jacksonville, I'm sure he'll be back. He can file for the membership on the first trip here and then happily bounce up and down US-17 every weekend and there will be no problem until he starts one.


CALLED PRIVATE CLUBS people...what part of that do we NOT understand? Let a Marine try to walk into the City Club or Men's Club downtown for service and see what happens...


And it will still be a Private Club. The only thing that would change is the length of time it takes to join it.

Marines, Downtown, and Bars

The Wilmington City Council wants bars to open their doors freely to the Marines. They are proposing that the bar owners, following the law, should be made to not to follow the 3 day law and let the Marines in. The city council is wanting to double the bars license fees, and use that money to hire more police. So punish the bars for following the law, put them out of business. I can solve this problem in one move: All bars become private clubs. They must check for membership cards and every person in club must have this card. No-one allowed in without card. If someone found in club without card, bar is charged a $1000 fine. The Wilmington City Council will be responsible for going to these bars and verifying the customers are club members. This will give the city council something to do, get them downtown, and finally see that the crime should be the major conccern. Not some Marine can't get a beer, because all major grocery chains sell beer.