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City discusses Monkey Junction annexation

READ MORE: City discusses Monkey Junction annexation
WILMINGTON -- Wilmington City Council members met Monday night to discuss annexing parts of Monkey Junction. The expansion would mean more money for the city, forcing businesses and hundreds of residents to pay city taxes. The proposed annexation will affect about 1,500 people who live in the area -- many of whom aren't happy about the proposal. Annexation has become an expletive to some New Hanover County residents. "It's always a dirty word no matter where you are because people don't want it," one resident said. Wilmington City Council members are discussing the option to bring areas of Monkey Junction into the city limits. If approved, an additional fifteen hundred residents would then pay city taxes. Wilmington City Councilman Ronald Sparks says it's not just about money, but county residents benefiting from city services. "We have police and fire that we can offer, stormwater -- there are many things," Sparks said. "Just the fact that you are living near Wilmington, we have road systems we have parks we have the arts and the river so there are a lot of things that people benefit from being next to the river." The Johnson Farms community is one of the neighborhoods that could be annexed, but some of the residents don't see this annexation as a benefit, but a way for the city to get money. Chris Barbour said, "We don't want to have to come into the city, we already have fire protection and the sheriff department to protect us. We don't need the city." Barbour has lived in the disputed area for ten years. Not surprisingly, she does not want to pay city taxes. "It's not fair to go to the people out here and tax them to pay for your problems that you should have handled for the last 20 years," Barbour said. The city is aware of the residents concerns. They are also discussing other ideas to increase revenue.

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Email Email Email ...

Only your comments (MAY) have the power to change things; email the council. Thats what I did. You can reach all the members with one click... This does work because I received 3 responses that same day! We dont have a vote now but if they annex us they'll sure be a lot of us voting next election! Here's a copy of what I sent: I would like to voice my opinion on this matter. We are one of the 1,500 families that are AGAINST this annexation. We are quite comfortable with the fire protection and the sheriff department we currently utilize and we do pay our part to the City for water use. While we do not have a vote on this now, we will have a vote next election if we are annexed and 1,500 unhappy voters is never a good thing. Thank you for your time. :)

city annexation

I too live in Johnson Farms. I do not nor ever will see an advantage for us to be annexed. During a time when I see people already losing their homes because of the economy is hardly a time to cost them more. I have lived in the county (Myrtle Grove area) all of my life. It is really sad to see people that have lived here from their beginning..mostly on fixed incomes having to suffer because the city has to have fancy things like the convention center, more parks, etc which alot of the county (most of the seniors) cannot and do not use ..nor ever will. My husband is disabled and we do not use any of the city's so called conviences. I have been well supported by our Sheriff's dept and fire department. I have not been down town to the river or city parks in years. I have to work to pay for the taxes and cost of living increases due to gas hikes and do not have time for luxuries. Please take things like this into without for awhile like we are!

Monkey Junction Annexation

It wouldn't matter how many "voters" stood against the annexation, if that's what the council wants to do to raise more money then that's what they will do. The city council has proven time and again that they vote the way they want to vote - the citizens be damned, this is for their own good.

i agree no one wants a

i agree no one wants a convichon center but guess what its happen some people care more about theirselves saffo and annexation is a joke

The city shouldn't annex until...

...they can take care of their last annexation. What services and benefits have the residenats of the last annexation received?

My neighborhood was part of

My neighborhood was part of the annexation that included Landfall. The City of Wilmington has given us running water and indoor plumbing......thanks Wilmington we finally got rid of the outhouse and pitcher pump. All kidding aside.....we received only one thing from the City.....another tax bill!!!

Monkey Junction annexation

"We have police and fire... Just the fact that you are living near Wilmington, we have road systems we have parks we have the arts and the river so there are a lot of things that people benefit from being next to the river." - City Councilman Ronald Sparks And as a resident of New Hanover County I'm already 'near Wilmington' and 'benefit' from the parks, arts, river, and even the roads that the city has to offer. Collecting additional tax revenue from me that can then be mishandled isn't going to provide me any further 'benefit'. The Johnson Farms area (for example) is already well protected by county law enforcement and a very able fire department. The only possible advantage from being within the city limits that I can fathom would be a uniform speed limit of no more than 35MPH throughout all the developments that make up Johnson Farms. But that alone isn't worth the higher taxes Wilmington would collect - and would likely be poorly enforced due to a lack of available patrol officers. An issue that was supposed to have been remedied by revenue from prior annexations. I'm not against progress and I understand that with growth comes change. But until the City can offer something of real value in return for our tax dollars, they're barely more than strongarmed thugs engaged in highway robbery.


I think they want you to help pay for the benefits that you say you already get from the city.

what a joke

Close but not quite Mr. Sparks. In the county, we have the Sheriff's office at our disposal, county and volunteer fire departments and our choice of who picks up our trash. We already pay into the "storm water" coffer when we pay our sewer bill. How is that money used? New Center Dr, College @ Wrightsville and a few other roads flood with every good rain. All these areas are located within city limits and you can't take care of them. How in the hell are you going to take care of a bigger area? Take your offerings and shove them.


It obvious that councilman Sparks has not been driving on the roads much if he thinks anyone benfits from roads in the city.




you mentioned Get out and vote...the county cannot vote...what a democracy we say so whatsoever about the way our money is spent!!! Like comments have been said...the roads is the city are not being taken care of..College Road going North between Oleander and Wrightsville almost have to slow to a stop the road is so rough...I see repairs being attempted...but only gets worse..this is our tax dollars at work..There is something wrong with a government that will not allow people to vote on how "their money is to be spent. After the rediculus evaluations done last year...taxes went up double taxation...and absolutely nothing to gain...


You can vote for or against the people in the legislature, who have the power to make the annexation law go away.

I agree

Yes, we are not allowed to vote on city elections because we live outside the city. I don't remember them putting other annexations up for a vote by the people. Just like the convention center... They want it, they get it no matter what the people say.