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City gets another $2 million in federal stimulus funding for Cross-City Trail


WILMINGTON - Mayor Bill Saffo announced today that the city has received another $2 million in federal stimulus funding for Phase III the Cross-City Trail.

The city also received $2 million last year for Phases I and II of the trail, bringing the city’s total to $4 million in federal funding for the trail.

The mayor made the announcement at a groundbreaking ceremony at UNCW hosted by Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo. Phase III will run through the campus and UNCW has provided access to the city for the trail.


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cooperation and leadership:

cooperation and leadership: Saffo

Saffo himself must have written this one......

Some day you'll be grateful for that bike trail

After people like Saffo, Purdue, and Obama plunge us into unrecoverable debt and raise taxes to pre-Reagan rates, that bike trail may be all you have.

No going out to new furniture.....but by God, we'll all have quads and calfs like Lou Ferigno!

City Trail is a good idea

While I'm no big fan of mayor Saffo or his Convention Center, the Cross-City Trail is one thing that he has gotten right. Judging from the comments, I assume most responding here, rarely get off their couches. You should really try and get some exercise, as it will slim down those fat fingers of yours that keep hitting the 'd' and 'f' keys at the same time.
One way you can do it is by getting on a bike and riding around town on a paved path that will keep you from getting flattened by an inbred redneck in a jacked up Dodge Truck. When completed, the trail will let you come from anywhere in town to Wrightsville Beach, where you won't have to give those greedy SOBs any parking money. Just bring a bike lock, a cooler that fits in your basket and a plastic cup for your 6-pack. Park in front of the Town Hall and laugh at them.
Naturally, the spandex warriors who are too good for bike paths will continue to ride in the center of traffic. We can only hope that the above-mentioned inbred rednecks will reduce their numbers.
Finally, The Cross City trail will pass plenty of supermarkets (via neigborhoods and side streets.) Thus the yuppie hippie-wannabes will have no more excuses for not leaving the BMW in the garage when they need to go to the store for low fat soy milk. Notice that knowing smirk as they pedal past the BP station..
You can find a progess map of the Cross City Trail in pdf format here:

Sorry, there is no 'DOS' format, just as there are no more analog broadcasting signals. So maybe you stone-agers should catch up with the times? There's a lot more to the world outside of your trailer park!

You need sensitivity training there, Buckwheat!

Your post could have made much more sense if you could drop some of your name calling and pidgeon-holing of the locals here.

"...fat fingers", "...inbred redeneck in a jacked up Dodge..", "...greedy SOB's...", "...spandex warriors", "...inbred rednecks" (again), "...yuppie, hippie wannabes", and "...stone-agers that live in trailer parks".

Well, my, my "Rodney", you have such a nice way of categorizing the people of this area, it must be excruciatingly riminiscent of your home town in West Virginia...NOT!

Your comments are insulting to the people of this locale and do not add the humor you seek with your attempt at "colorful" writing. Go back to school, immerse yourself in some serious therapy and whatever you do, never divulge your true identity or you may not make it to the end of your little trail!

Why so sensitive...??

unless you're one of the 'locals' I'm talking about?
Speaking of local, I'm one too! I guess never divulging my true identity means coming up with a fake name, huh? How about Guest 461!
Oh, it's already been used....

cooperation and leadership: Saffo

Because we have great leadership, like Mayor Saffo, a project that could have taken 20 years will be done in 24 will be an economic boon to the area and a great help to health and wellness. Be ugly all you want...leadership prevails for this city..and we are blessed by it.

An economic boon?

Please explain how this trail will be an economic boon to anyone except the contractor being paid to build it.

Unless the City is planning on installing toll booths or vending machines along the route, I don't see bike riders spending much money while riding.

Economic Boon?

So how is it going to benefit the economy long term? Health and wellness? For what? We have a couple of parks for wellness and health. I think you have been drinking the kool-aid a little too much. How about using that money for our education system? Law Enforcement? Fire Services? I could make a big list and you would still, in a small group of kool-aid drinkers, defend Saffo.


try doing a little research before you post - The schools are under the county not the city. also i don't think the money was just a big pile of cash that the city could use however it wanted.

i hate kool-aid

Birds of a feather flock together

Saffo must have not been an Economics or Finance major while attending the Lil Liberal Institute of Higher Learning (UNCW ).This tax grabber and land thief ( forced annexation ) uses his position as Mayor to benefit himself personally. Why would anyone want a fifteen thousand dollar per year job and all the grief ? The answer is so he can influence policies and decisionmaking for his own personal gain. The Obama porkulus money could be spent more wisely given the needs of our community.
A cross city trail is a very low priority just as the convention center has been.

As for the Chancellor , she is a government worker who has been feeding at the public trough far too long. She is an active participant in the NEW Socialist movement that is sweeping America.Liberals such as Saffo and Depaolo have a warped perception in how to be responsible stewards of taxpayer money but they know how government presently works . Therefore they are there to take advantage of our dysfunctional government and are there to pick the fruit due to our hard earned labor.

Idiotic Comment

That is really an idiotic comment. Name one person who doesn't run for office to change things to they way they want them? I might add that Saffo has plenty of family money...he owns a VERY small real estate company that could hardly be said to benefit from much of anything.

Better question.....

A better question: does the trail run through or near any properties the Saffo family owns? Per the recent Star-News article, there's already the question of properties of theirs near the proposed Skyway one can only wonder about this.....


Where can we see a map of this trail? Can we see a map of the full projected trail? Can we see a map of what's completed, where it starts, where it ends, where it goes, what it's for, who is it for?


and we dont have money for education but we do for this lets have fit people who are dum as saffo has the iq of the scum in greenfeild lake, that really makes since ha

Saffo and government stimulus money

Saffo loves to spend, and as long as he can get his hands on taxpayer money, regardless of the source, he will waste it.

Come on folks

Who is this really stimulating? This is taxpayer money. Give it back to the taxpayers of the county? Those trails do not benefit all. Spend on something that would benefit everyone!

It would have been nice to hear Saffo say...

"Thanks need to go to the taxpayers. As we know, the Federal Government doesn't provide anything that isn't first taken from someone else...and that someone else is YOU...the taxpayers."

But instead...he...
"Mayor Bill Saffo announced today that the city has received another $2 million in federal stimulus funding for Phase III the Cross-City Trail."

That $2 million is not taxpayer money

It is CHINESE money that we borrowed.

The taxpayer money will be what pays back the Chinese over the next thirty years...assuming we don't default and financially collapse.

It would have been NICER to hear Saffo say....

I resign.

your my new freind i

your my new freind i coulndnt agree more it would be the best thing since sliced bread

Very true

And promise to never run again as well as move far away.

It would have been EVEN NICER...

if he added..."and the sitting council members as well".

But, no...he proudly announces the fact that we've been "awarded" another 2 Million Dollars we didn't have to begin with...added to the first 2 Million Dollars we didn't have.

Hello "taxpayer"... I stand

Hello "taxpayer"... I stand corrected. I should have been more thorough in my proposition. I am personally inclined to keep Kristi Tomey who voted alone against the Monkey Junction Land Theft that some refer to as annexation.

As to the rest: OUTTA HERE!!!

Haven't any of the administration considered the wider effects of their actions? If the major businesses (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and others) are forced to pay higher property taxes what will happen to prices at these locations and WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO JOBS?


The sitting City Administration does not consider the effect of annexing property at all...other than to feed their ever-growing need for additional tax dollars to spend in willy-nilly fashion.

It's not as if Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart don't have locations inside city limits in other towns. I seriously doubt a single job will be lost due to them having to pay real estate tax to the City.

Just don't bring up the idea of a City Income Tax...d**n, I just did. Maybe Saffo and Crew won't read this post.


You think those ass clowns know how to read? They only know how to spend and tax.

4 Million Could Have Been Better Spent!

I thought the stimulus money was to be used to help put citizens back to work long term? Would have been better spent to provide loans to small business or lure more industry back. We'll guess the unemployed can use the trail when their cars get repossesed!

Better spent?

How? Stimulus money is not just a blank check to be spent however you want. That's fine if you think the trail is a waste -- I'm sure some other city in another part of the country could have used the $2 million. I for one am glad some of my federal tax dollars came back to be used in my community.

I am 100% for this trail and look forward to the day I can take my family out for some exercise (which apparently is a foreign concept to some of you) and not worry about getting killed while walking/biking on the side of the road.

Long term work

Perhaps we can employ just one or two people to build the trail, then those citizens will have long term work!

the trail route seems to primarily benefit

college students who have a pressing need to visit the Cameron Art Museum!???