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City gets hybrid cars

WILMINGTON -- The city of Wilmington is going green on the road. The city purchased the first of seven new Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid cars for its fleet. Four will go to the police department. Three will be for other departments. Even though the cars cost about $5,000 more than other sedans, the city believes it will save money in the long run. The hybrids cost the city about $22,000 each.

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People gripe and moan about

People gripe and moan about rising fuel prices, then along comes an attempt to buffer that with hybrid automobiles, and then you still have people griping and moaning once again about this attempt to curtail fuel expenses. What's up with that?????? Until John/Jane Q. Doe "starts pushing" our government to do something about rising fuel prices,energy alternatives will never have an opportunity to come about. I think more then just a few cars offered for sale would be in order "anywhere USA". Recharging as it runs/breaks is a great contribution to ingenuity for the 21st century. Good for you Toyota for having the "nad's" to be the first to sell them.


People talk about these cars like electricity is free. Costs money to charge the batteris every night and the electricity use still causes emissions for the power company. Also the batteries are EXPENSIVE to replace. This is not going green but, Toyota loves gullible folks.

Das is a little confused

Das is a little confused about the Prius. Prius owners DON'T plug the car in or charge the batteries via a wall socket. The battery for the electric engine is charged as you drive the car via the gas engine as well as through braking. There is nothing to plug in - ever. Also, Toyota's warranty on the batteries is 10 year or 100,000 miles. Prius' have been on the road for 10 years (in Japan) and 7 or 8 here in the states and there are very few instances of customers needing to replace the batteries from what I've been able to learn.

Depends on how long and how many miles they drive, whether it'll be worth it or not. The savings take years to accumulate.

Wait until the batteries

Wait until the batteries have to be replaced. All the savings on gas will be lost.