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City of Wilmington receives funds for traffic projects

Some much-needed improvements could be coming to a road near you. The state has given the City of Wilmington nearly half a million dollars for two projects. More than half of the money will go toward a study that will look at improving the traffic flow on Market Street from Colonial Drive to the Pender County line. The rest of the money will be used to make the area around bradley creek elementary school safer.

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To many car, too few roads

If you really want to improve the traffic flow in New Hanover County, you can start by adding and lengthen the turning lanes. We really need more of them. How many times have you had to stop because the driver in front of you had to make a right turn or turn to enter a business parking lot? Install curb cuts for city busses (stopped busses bottle neck the traffic). Have the trash trucks schedule their pick-ups at times other than peak/rush hours. Also, have them to pull to one side when making a pick-up and not in the middle of the road. Stop allowing delivery trucks etc to stop/park on the streets. Do away with some of the access road (entrances) to corner stores, banks gas stations etc. Get the stop lights in sink, properly timed etc. Add more bike lanes. Please send my part of this study money to my home address. -New Hanover County Born-

More $$$ on Studies

Wilmington spends a lot of $$$ on studies, surveys, assessments, evaluations, reports. I think a volunteer think tank of qualified and experienced citizens and area businessmen and educators could do this, and then we could use the money to solve the know do the real work involved. I also believe that anyone who has been driving the length of Market Street for years can pretty much tell you what's wrong, and what could be done to improve that ugly stretch of suicide.

The Spreadsheet

Ok....this is how the City will use the $500,000. $250,000 to pay a contractor to do a study. Of course this will take 2 years and by the time it is finished, the City will have different ideas and trash the study. $50,000 to pay the contractor for extra time to do the study because the amount of time to finish the study was miscalculated. $200,000 was suppose to go to Bradley Creek Elementary, but at the last minute, the City need money to provide security for a Lil' Wayne Return Tour. Of course, he didn't show up and the City lost all the money. Treebeard I will rule all of Middle Earth...and the squirrels!!

How much cash is going to

How much cash is going to correcting this confused stop light system we have city wide? (i.e.) You (a group of cars) approach an intersection where traffic has been waiting for a while to go while waiting on a clear passage, just for you to have to stop then wait on them. Bass Ackwards!