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City to start enforcing water conservation

READ MORE: City to start enforcing water conservation
WILMINGTON -- The drought conditions affecting our area continue to deepen. To maximize conservation efforts local officials are now actively looking for people who aren't following the water restrictions. A flyer was mailed to thousands of city water users to share tips on ways to conserve water -- and to warn them about a hefty fine that could come if they don't conserve. The city of Wilmington is still under mandatory water restrictions. After today violators could face a fine of $500. Code enforcement officials will be on the lookout for any type of water waste like people using lawn sprinklers or washing cars and restaurants serving water without patrons asking for it. The city was still issuing warnings Monday. Tuesday violators will have to pay the fine. Officials don't want people to focus on the threat of a fine, but rather change the way people think about saving water. City of Wilmington spokesperson Malissa Talbert said, "It's really not about fines and restrictions and that sort of thing, it's really to raise awareness about the seriousness of the problem and what we can do to alleviate that, so we don't have a real serious problem come the spring." Since the ban began more than 200 calls have come into the water plant headquarters, notifying the city of people or businesses ignoring the ban. Even more complaints have been emailed. Officials encourage people to call only if there is a 'real' violation. If you have any questions about water restrictions or would like to report a possible violation call the Water Conservation hotline at (910) 341-0114.

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Well I saw workers

Well I saw workers powerwashing the Hilton downtown this morning. If I can't wash my little house how come they can wash a huge building such as that.

water restrictions

I totally agree with the water restrictions, something needs to be done to conserve. The city has asked all citizens to conserve and even those on wells since it all comes from the same ground source- ok, this morning driving right by the City golf course, the lawn sprinklers were going full blast and water everywhere. The might be on a well but don't you think the "city" should be setting an example for all ! Our wonderful city government. Golf course more important than the citizens.

What about my water bill?

I have called several different people trying to find an answer to my quesiton. Maybe WWAYTV3 will be able to look into this and get an answer. I pay for a set usage of water. My water bill is the same every month unless I go over my set amount. Am I allowed to use water for whatever reason up to my set amount? I'm paying for it so shouldn't I be allowed to use it? If I'm not allowed to use it, am I getting a break on my water bill? How can the county legally tell me I can't use something I'm paying for. That is like me being allowed to buy gas but not allowed to drive my truck because it will use the gas.

ALright Wilmer

Yes, you are right WilmerJ. I can't imagine what the city is thinking here. You most certainly should be charged less if you reduce the amount of consumption. They tell us all to reduce our usage.... yet they want the money you send them for the amount of water you are alloted. So, which is it? Use it or lose it? or use it and get fined? See you on WSN::)

I get your point (I think)

Either the other responders to your post know something about you that I don't know, or I'm missing it..... I agree with you on the 'set' water bill. I can understand a utility charging X amount per month as a flat fee to support the infrastructure (and god knows we need to fix THAT!!), and I have no problem with that. My problem is that we ARE charged for X amount of water, even if we do use much less (regardless if it's on our lawns or we just like long showers.) If they really want people to ue less water, reduce the 'minimum' gallons per month' that is associated with the bill, and reward those who stay below this number.

Rollover water bill?

So you think you have the right to rollover water for all the months that you never used the minimum amount to start the increased billing?


Either you are super poor or cheap. You keep posting about your frikkin bill and your alloted amount...This is not forever only till the area gets enough rain to help us all out. No one knows how much water you use inside your home. If you want to water your lawn/car you will be fined which I imagine is way more than you can afford. Get over it man, this is for your own good, if we lose water pressure you will feel it as well. The REAL Zippy!!

If we are in such a crisis,

If we are in such a crisis, why aren't the counties surrounding NHC on restriction? And the type of reply I received reminds me of others from another newspaper? Hmmmm....

Water usage

It's getting serious folks, I just returned fromRaleigh and falls lake is almost dry, and lake arond this area are getting low also....time to conserve all we can and turn in the violators

Water usage

Hey dummy! The problems in Raleigh don't apply here. The water flowing past Wilmington goes to the ocean. Billys afraid you'll overload his worn out sewers.