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City of Wilmington looking to cut budget for 2009-2010

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo called the outcome of Monday's City Work session sobering. The city will have to cut its budget for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. How much is not yet certain. Monday city officials reviewed suggestions for 5, 10, and 15 percent budget cuts. Fire and police staffs are most likely to be affected by the budget cuts. Mayor Bill Saffo said the cuts are a necessary evil to avoid raising taxes. “Obviously there's going to be some pretty dramatic cuts, possibly in services,” said Saffo. “We have to be able to relate to the community that if we're going to hold the line on taxes were going to have to look at cutting some kind of a service.” The City Council will review the suggestions from Monday's Work Session and consider them when forming the budget. The council must balance the budget by the end of June. It will go into effect July 1st.

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Where's ALL the monies that

Where's ALL the monies that Screen Gems has paid this city over the YEARS? That question needs to be asked by some reporter here to City Council and then print the answer!

Cut Firefighters and Police...And ANNEX?

That makes a ton of sense. Layoff Fire fighters and Police Officers (and other city workers) and still consider annexation. How can we protect what we have and maintain services when we don't have enough, but we still want to annex and provide services with less employees? That's logic.

Only in government

Can someone answer these questions? 1 - Didn't the city free up lots of cash when they gave away the water department? Where is all that money being spent now? 2 - Doesn't the city have millions in a "Rainy Day Fund" and isn't it raining? 3 - How can they increase spending and then scream they now have a "budget shortfall"?

group of monkeys

I wonder if the zoo has any monkeys we can borrow and see if they can do a better job than the current batch....

CIty Budget cuts

First cut should be the city manager.That could be a start.All he wants to do is to contract everything to out of town companies and spend big money doing it. Number two would be to stop spending money on that Convention Center that nobody wanted. I hate to see the city attorney retire he is the only one that knows anything about city management.


Wrong! I wanted the convention center. I want new business, new growth and new money in our local economy. I am SICK and tired of people saying no one wanted it because there are a great deal of us that DID want it

budget cuts?

City staff - including the City Manager - operate under the direction of the people elected to office. And I believe even the City Attorney would tell you that everytime a project goes out to bid that it has to go to the lowest bidder who meets all the qualifications. If no one local can do it, then it has to go to the company that can. Please also tell me how stopping the convention center will possibly help anything now? No property tax dollars are spent on it at all. Unless you live in a hotel you aren't paying for it, and it is the largest project in the region right now putting lots of people to work.

You pay the lowest bidder,

You pay the lowest bidder, you get what you pay for. What would take 3 months will turn into 6 months. What would cost a certain amount will increase also. As far as the City Manager operating under teh direction of the people....that's a LOAD. Once elected, the City Manager does what he wants. As far as the annexation is concerned, those of us that live in the County had no say in who was elected...since we don't live in the City we didn't get to vote

No Forced Annexation

I am very happy with the Sheriffs Dept and myrtle grove Fire. I have all the thngs I need. Now the city is looking at laying off fire/police and still going forward with annexation. What a sick cash grab.