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Civil War coming to Brunswick Community College

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- The Civil War is coming to Brunswick Community College. This weekend Civil War re-enactors -- like those at the Cameron Art Museum back in February -- will be part of Back in Time, sponsored by BCC's Institute of Lifelong Learning. Organizers say the goal is to show people what life during the war was like through a historical camp-life demonstration, including cannons and artifacts. Historian and Civil War re-enactor Jim McKee said, "We always have a good time when we do these. And what we try to do is try to educate the public, try to dispel a few myths about the Civil War, or the late unpleasantness, but generally just show to the people what it was like to be a soldier back in the day as best as we can." Back in Time is Saturday from 3:00-6:00 p.m. outside Odell Williamson Auditorium at Brunswick Community College in Supply. It is free and open to the public.

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Dwelling on the past

Why do we have to have a college institution propagating the redneck way of reliving the past? And with all the talk of guns on campus this is setting a bad example. We need to start a petition that opposes this ASAP. Southerners, newsflash! YOU LOST THE WAR! Now get over it and try to have a life that doesn't dwell on something that happened more than 100 years ago. Slavery isn't an option anymore, go get a life.

Dwelling on the past?

Well Margerie S. Of course you did not attend this event yet somehow feel quailified to spew your ignorance. I was one of the presenters and can attest that it was no where near the redneckfest you imply it was. It was as advertised an example of the lives of those people. You also appear to be not so well read or you would know that there are similar groups in every state and every continent. Some of the largest groups being in the northeast US. Reenacting preceeds history going back to the cavemen. Perhaps you should study up a little bit on history rather than casting bigoted aspersions.


You really sound like an ignorant and really stupid person.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? No, seriously; what are you talking about? Like the article plainly states, the goal of the reenactment is to show people what life was like during the Civil-War, not to reminisce the loss of the Confederate Army. So, as nescient and benighted you are, you should indeed get a life.