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Clergy concerned with disproportionate levels of minorities in prison

READ MORE: Clergy concerned with disproportionate levels of minorities in prison
Crime is a growing concern in our community but it seems one demographic is disproportionately affected by it. Statistics from the end of July indicate that 60 percent of the jail population in New Hanover County is African American, even though African Americans only make up about 16 percent of the county's total population. Community leaders say this is not a new problem, and it is not getting any better. Community activist Bishop James Utley said, "We would all like to put a positive face on a negative situation. But no, it is not getting better, it is getting worse." Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice indicate that African Americans are five times more likely to be in jail than whites. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says many victims of violence are also African American.

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three hots and a cot!

see the big picture. free room and board? sounds to me like their using their head pretty good. don't have to work. free meals. free sleep. free exercise equipment. free tv. all at taxpayers expense. when you have nothing to start with it sounds like a win-win situation!

Nothing new

Not racist, realist...even the rapper/actor said there are more blacks in prison than college......the question is what should be done about it?

Only black and white?

So odd, no other minorities such as Hispanic or Asian? Not even a Pacific Islander thrown into the count? Seriously how can you have say that only these two races equal 100% of the population.

The color, GREEN!

Green, as in greenbacks will go along way in getting one no prison to lesser prison time. It does not matter if they come from a black (OJ) or from a white. So color yes, not race has a great effect on who goes to jail and who does not, If, that color happens to be GREEN! Now on the other hand, if you are not breaking the law and not being arrested the "green" thing does not come into play at all. Race has nothing at all to do with that either. The clergy that are out there playing the "race card" need to take a better look and decide to find out who is getting of on the "green" card. This is more of an economic issue than race issue and those that want to make it a race issue are flat wrong! Poor whites go to jail more often than rich whites or blacks. But I bet these folks are not even looking at that. Instead of getting the guilty out of jail, this clergay should be working at getting the rich criminals in jail! A crime is a crime! And punishment should be equal.

Might it be...

that blacks are committing more crimes than whites AND getting caught. Come on folks...there's no race card being played.

the reality is that both are

the reality is that both are commiting crimes, and the truth of the matter is that black crimes are more publizide more than whites for ex. look at the three that commited crimes in the bar,or the one's that has killed kids or domestic violence, and white person can afford the good attorneys or lawyers, they can plead insanity, look at julie boseman these are good ex. Thomas Wright what's the difference, look at Ex Sheriff Ron H. it's alot of crimes being committed by whites that quickly get push under the rug if you may, the truth of the matter is people need to be honest with themselves and blacks are look act as crimnals if you have and white guy with tatoos on him that ok, but if an black guy has the same tatoos he's and gang banger or low life, but that same guy has and Bachlors degree, society has painted pictures on lifestyles and race, but as young men and women we need to break that mentality, because we all have drunks, druggies, or low lifes in all our families what's the difference if he/she is white or black, so the truth is, "He without sin cast the first stone"

Poverty is more of a determining factor...

...than race itself. Crime has a close tie to poverty. Poor people are more likely to commit crimes than wealthier people. They also lack the resources to hire the best attorneys. Since minorities make up a greater percentage of those living below the poverty level than they do for the "middle" and "upper" class, it seems to follow that they would have a greater incidence of committing crimes and being imprisoned. Is there a solution to this? I sure haven't heard of one. When you begin talking about dealing with ways to help those living below the poverty level, it gets real political.

Criminals Go To Jail

If you break a law, you may go to jail. If you are a law abiding citizen, then you are allowed to walk the streets. Pretty simply. This is a country, where more than any where else in the world, you are free to make your own decisions, and live with the consequences. Also pretty simple.