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Clerk pistol whips robber

A local store clerk pistol whipped a possible would-be robber Monday night in downtown Wilmington. Just before 11:00 pm, a man pulled a knife on the clerk at the Chestnut Food Market. The clerk took a pistol from his side holster, and fired at the assailant with the knife. The clerk missed, and then hit the suspect across the face with the gun. The suspect with the knife was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and is being held in the New Hanover County Jail.

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good for the clerk ! we need more citizens that will fight back. the scum is lucky the clerk didn't kill him and I bet he's back on the street robbing someone for dope money. maybe somebody else will get him.

practice, practice, practice

If you carry a weapon you need to be proficient in the use of it. This is a missed opportunity to take a useless member of society out of the picture.

heyyy thats me on there!

heyyy thats me on there!


Nice neighborhood you live in.........


You should be proud.


We are so proud of you! You are a celeb!

Deadly Force: A Tragedy in Three Acts

Act I: Shoot the robber in the foot (Two weeks ago) Act II: Shoot at the robber, miss him completely, then close with and pistol whip him. (What a great way to lose your piece and have it turned on you!) Act III: What's next? A merchant losing his weapon and being killed with it? A merchant missing the bad guy and killing an innocent bystander? Using a weapon demands total competence relative to its use, and the application of deadly force is no place for an amateur. Whether you carry a weapon as a sidearm every day or simply have one in your home or place of business, you had better know HOW to use it, WHEN to use it, and be 100% proficient in its use. When was the last time you went to the range and fired off a box of ammo? When was the last time you even fired the weapon? How many times has it been dropped and had the sights whacked? How dirty is it? How do you know it's even going to work? Even if you're an expert, how about your clerks? Do they have access to the firearm? Have they been trained in its use? Both of these stories should have read "Store owner shoots and kills robber," and mark my words: If store owners don't get a whole lot better, pretty soon we'll be reading, "Robber kills store owner with his own gun."

Calm Down

Dr. "Three Act Trajedy", has anyone ever told you that you may over-analyze things? The clerk did a good job and that is the only rational response.

The clerk got lucky

I stand 6'1", weigh in about 190, and have been involved with martial arts and firearms my entire life. That said, I still know that there are people who could disarm me and kill me with my own piece if I let them get that close to me. When you miss the suspect and wind up wrestling around or having to pistol whip him, you have lost every advantage that firearm gave you. My analysis is spot on, as anyone who has carried and used a firearm in the performance of their professional duties will tell you.

So you are fat

Your Kung Fu is no good here

This clerk should be applauded for fighting back

Between all the firearm, martial arts training and blogging on every single story on this site you must not have much free time. This clerk should be applauded for fighting back and taking a stand against this robber. We all look forward to your self-aggrandizing words of wisdom.

Scally, I have no idea what's eating you

...but NOWHERE did I criticize the clerk for fighting back, did I? I criticized the ineptitude in fighting back. In a life and death situation, you make sure you don't miss. You miss, you may die. Please tell me one item in either of my posts that isn't true and intuitively obvious. If you can't do that, then why are you rearing up like an angry Pomeranian?

True That

I have to agree with the Commonsensenotcommontoday person.

i'm sure everybody looks

i'm sure everybody looks forward to his "never been wrong" post every single topic...WOW, how COMMON.

He definitely has an opinion

He definitely has an opinion on everything, and anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. In his mind, his opinions are fact. Afterall, he is an expert on all topics reported on by WWAY. I wonder what its like to be an expert on everything? (Note sarcasm)

Awwww c'mon

Leave him alone, reading these stories and posting comments makes him happy. Let him just enjoy it, there are worse things people can be doing in this world.

Same offer goes for you two

Point out something factually wrong, or admit that you're just grousing because you can't present a counter-argument. Please! I'm waiting for someone to say that marksmanship skills, weapon maintenance, and steel hearted survival skills aren't important.

I was referring to your

I was referring to your general know-it-all attitude around here, not this particular story. You regularly insult people who have differing viewpoints. Surely you realize that your point of view is not always fact, and that two different people can look at the same set of circumstances and reach two different conclusions based on their belief system (E.g politics and religion). Just because someone has a different opinion doesn't mean they are necessarily wrong. And even if they are factually wrong, you don't have to be insulting. It is possible to express yourself without being rude to those who disagree with you.

I only insult Socialists

They're either failures in life, wanting other people to compensate for their shortcomings, or WORSE, successful, intelligent people who feel guilty and want the government to take their money away from them. Either way, they deserve disdain. I'm likely rude to them because subconsciously, I WANT them to hate me. After all, I hate them. I rarely argue religion. Oh, it occasionally rears it's head when some loon tries to take a completely secular issue and turn it into Sunday School, such as that nutjob the other day who thought we should love and embrace criminals, but you can usually shoot them down in flames with their own Bible, if you know the quotes. They're inconsequential flyspecks on the road of life. On purely religious discussions (which I don't regularly frequent) I'm usually very "pro-religious people." Given a choice to live next door to a religious person, a rabid leopard, or a Socialist, I'd pick the religious person every time. Plus, I know he won't be breaking into my home while I'm away. Pal, I never claim to "know it all," but here's one thing that you should think about: After fifty-six years of the life I've led, I do know an awful lot.....and neither of my careers was conducive to being a "nice guy." I have very strong opinions on the issues I am most familiar with: The military, law enforcement, and Economics. If I have one handicap, it's that I don't mince words..I don't pretty things up...I am blunt and 100% to the point. They may not be endearing traits, but don't miss the message. I'd rather have people say "He raises a lot of good points" than, "Gee, he's such a nice guy." I'm not. Accept it - I have.

I'm with you Common

I'll take a Bible thumper over a socialist any day. I enjoy reading your posts because they make sense, weather I agree with them or not.


I say marksmanship skills, weapon maintenance, and steel hearted survival skills aren't important, because I do not own a gun and am not in a war torn country (or downtown ILM) trying to survive on tic-tacs, cactus juice or welfare. :)

Bad guys don't care

Bad guys.... 1. Don't care where you live. 2. Don't care what you look like. 3. They hope you don't own a firearm, know how to clean it, or know how to use it. 4. They damn sure don't want you having a concealed carry permit. It's your choice if you don't want to own a firearm. Today, punks and thugs are more dangerous than ever. They will kill you for kicks and giggles. All he's saying is if you pull it, know hot to use it and use it well. If you think that crime is limited to a "war torn country (or downtown ILM) trying to survive on tic-tacs, cactus juice or welfare", that's a mistake. See ya in the funny papers.

Dear Mister/Ms. Einstein

YOU may not own a gun, but do you think MY marksmanship skills might be a concern to you if I have to fire a weapon around you? You folks have GOT to get better at this verbal jousting! Please go buy a copy of "Trolling for Dummies," and come back as a middle aged, NPR listening, single White liberal middle-school teacher who thinks guns should be totally outlawed. Throw in a lot of quotes from Rosie O'Donnell. I won't fall for it, but it should drive Guesty off the deep end.


I would try not to take the bait either, but I can't help to point out the lower than normal IQ of liberals. I agree 100% that if you pull a weapon you should know how to hit center mass on your target.


Not in the least. I am thrilled that you can shoot a can off a log at 300 paces and you wouldn't miss a carjacker running at full speed. Do not have a problem with you owning a gun at all but, the availability of them legally has given rise to the thugs having easy access as well. Hope your draw is faster than theirs. NPR? Please.........Bahahaaaa

A can at three-hundred paces? With a handgun?

That's 250 yards. Who do you think I am - Elmer Keith? Regarding firearms falling into the wrong hands, remember that there is nothing in life that is not subject to abuse by people intent on abusing it, nor any tool that can be used without some inherent risk as a trade-off. Thankfully, I'm alive today because I had a firearm on those occasions when I needed one.

I don't always agree with

I don't always agree with common....actually I haven't agree with a lot he's said, BUT he is right about this. If you are going to own a gun, carry one, or use one you have to be prepared for it. It takes more than just heading out for your concealed class, shooting off a few rounds, and then hiding your gun. I shoot about 50 rounds every other month and I practice from pulling the weapon from my concealed spots, my hip and ankle holster. I also practice pulling my weapon and dry firing a couple times a month. When I'm at the range, I practice site shooting and CQC firing (not using your sites). EVERYONE that carries a weapon should practice in a way like I have. You have to be proficient in the weapon your life depends on

I will share one other good training tip...

...find a location to combine cross country running and shooting. It's a whole other world when your pulse is thumping at 150 and you have to place that first round on target.

quite true

on that point. Especially true when the other guys have weapons with 30 round clips. The Green Machine is always looking for a few good men, with no criminal record, a high school diploma, and an ability to be motivated and trained. You'll learn great weapons skills; you'll be off entitlement programs; and you'll be serving your country. Of course, you and I have been there. Perhaps some of these younger disenters would like to take on a tour?