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Click It or Ticket event held at Battleship

If you're hitting the roads this holiday weekend, make sure you buckle up. Law enforcement officers from across the state came together at the battleship Wednesday to launch the fifteenth year of the state's Click It or Ticket campaign. In North Carolina, 39 percent of those killed in car accidents were not wearing their seat belts. Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said early education is the best way to save lives. "When I go into schools and talk to kids, I ask, 'How many of your parents don't wear seatbelts?' And always three or four kids raise their hands. So I give them homework. I want them to tell them to wear their seatbelts." The Click It or Ticket program began here in North Carolina back in 1993. Now all states participate in the program, which has helped raise the seat belt use rate from 68 percent to 82 percent since 1996.

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well.....we have thousands

well.....we have thousands of illegal immigrants running around here but I don't see the cops doing anything about them......seatbelt enforcement must be easier.....never tackle a problem that could be tough, just do the easy ones!

you people complain when the

you people complain when the policfe don't do their job? then you complain when they do?like it or not, right or wrong, seatbelt use is the law and according to the law anyone caught not wearing will be given a ticket. no warnings, no questions. if someone you guys know was to be killed and a seatbelt could have saved their lives, your reaction would be "well, why didn't they enforce seatbelt safety. My loved one might be alive today" someone also mentioned a double standard. is it not also a double standard to enforce some laws and not others? the law is the law. period. good job officers. keep enforcing it.

Better use of our law enforcement

Once again, couldn't they be out fighting real crime? While they are making sure all of our rights are violated in a car (seat-belt law) the little boy was getting shot by a gang member! Are we just idiots? We put up with this insanity and abide by it. Fine, I'll wear my seat belt and get shot in the next drive-by.

Have you gotten a seatbelt ticket???

I'm willing to bet you received a seat belt ticket. Is that why you are so sore about this?

Click it or ticket it

I would like for our police officers to be spending more time with our children to decrease the gang activity in our area. To bring together the community so more parents, neighbors, etc. will work to raise responsible, law abiding adults. The law is we wear our seatbelts but I believe that shouldn't be a priority over more serious crimes. With the increase of growth & development, plus the extraordinary increase of the cost of living children are going to be left alone alot more because their parents are working more to cover the cost of living. Those children are going to be looking for something to do & the gangs are going to be there to take them in.


Yea they are good about giving only the percentages out that were not wearing their seatbelts. I have seen both cases. Killed with and without a seatbelt. If it's your time to go no strap is going to save ya. More money for big brother goverment to waste.

click it

This is not about seat belts. They are really dwi checkpoints in disguise.

Ver are der Papers

The click it and ticket are tactics of cold war. Ver are der papers. Papers please. No papers? No soup for you!

Click it or ticket

Amazing to me that the Police are charged with this responsibility and wastes the tax payers money. Just another reason for the police to have the ability to stop you and look for other violations. It is intrusive and unecessary for the police to be able to stop a motorist to see if they are wearing a seat belt. Do we really need a law for this? I mean come on, we have laws about drunk driving, yet alcohol related traffic deaths continue to climb. One may ride a motorcycle and nothing hold them on the seat. At 50-60 dollars per violation, it is another source of revenue.

It's the law and It's LEO's job

Charged with what responsibility??? Enforcing the law? That is their job, that is what they are suppose to do. Whether they decide to conduct a driver's license check point or a seatbelt check point doesn't matter, the fact is they are doing their job by enforcing the law. And from what I heard they handed out SEVERAL seatbelt citations which is beyond me since there were signs up saying to put on your seatbelt and there was a checkpoint ahead. You would really have to be a moron to get a ticket at one of those checkpoints

Doing thier job

To quote Cool Hand Luke "calling it your job doesn't make it right boss"

Unless you have taken an oath!

In the case where you have taken an oath to uphold the law, as all law enforcement has, then it is your job and it is right, Boss! “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else” Benjamin Franklin

Unless you have taken an oath!

Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey for the national symbol too. Wait until they decide they don't need probable cause to search your house. Wait until they decide they don't need probable cause to search your bank accounts. Seems to me, many have hidden behind oaths. Many have been prosecuted for things they did in the name of the law. As for me, any search, any time, in these United States, without probable cause or a search warrant is a violation of my personal freedoms. You may be happy with it. I'm not.

Wearing of Seat Belts

I would just like to comment about people riding in the back of a pick up truck also without a seat belt, but the driver and occupants in the cab have to wear one. Whats wrong with that picture?


It is $100 or more now. I agree that the police should not be able to do random checks, but they should be able to stop you for speeding or reckless driving, DUI. they should impound your vehicle and keep it for a month for a dui. Second offense they should keep it and not give it back as well as your drivers license.


39% well what about the other 61%. I guess the others were wearing their seatbelt.

People can complain about

People can complain about police checking seat belts and writing tickets but when we're (yes I'm a Police Officer) the ones that have to come scrape your sorry rear end off the road when you aren't wearing your seatbelt, you can see why we want people to wear them.

Its choice.

People that choose to smoke know the risks involved but choose to do it anyway. Children should be required to wear them but an adult should be free to make that choice. I am in the public service field as well and have seen both instances. Dead with or without a seatbelt. You can quote stats that wearing a sealtbelt may increase your chance of survival but once again if the good Lord calls you ain't no seatbelt going to help you. Lets worry about the cell phone users that drive and talk. Give them tickets all day long. They cost more lives and harm than those not wearing a seatbelt.

I've worked in several ER's

I've worked in several ER's in NC and ALL of the fatalities in car wrecks were the passengers NOT wearing seatbelts. And who do you think pays the bill for the fools that get injured and have no medical insurance who "chose" to not wear their seatbelts?? You and me buddy!! And I agree about the smoking thing because guess who else is paying for the medical treatment for the non-insured smokers??

People can complain

I do agree with you 100%, but what I want to know is, why is there a double standard. As mentioned above, people riding in the back of a pick up truck, they are not wearing seat belts (which in the way I think, there should be a law against, and in the event an accident happened how many of these would be mangled or killed? I agree every should wear a seat belt, I do and I would not be caught without one. But when I see and hear about kids in school buses, riding in the back of pick up trucks, riding motor scooters / cycles / ATV's being injuried and or killed, I always think about the double standards that some of our laws have.