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Clinton discusses job security

RALEIGH (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she's better prepared to handle the nation's economy than presumed Republican nominee John McCain. Clinton criticized the Arizona senator for opposing government intervention in the nation's credit and mortgage crisis during a stop at a community college in Raleigh. She says the government needs to help displaced workers. Clinton says the government seems to be more focused on how people lose their jobs than how people can find new jobs. She also says there's been too little effort to help people get new skills while they have their existing jobs. The New York senator says Pell Grants should be extended to workers enrolled in education programs designed to upgrade their skills. North Carolina's primary is May 6. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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What, hers

Be very careful what you believe when it comes out of the Clinton's (or any other politicians) mouth. They call it "misspeaking", I call it lying. "She says the government needs to help displaced workers." Isn't she part of "government"? She could start yesterday while in the senate, at getting government's foot off my neck and their hand out of my wallet. What has she done while in the senate to help people from being "displaced" in the first place. Giving her the title of President won't make it all better. Obama is no better, maybe worse. His "typical white people" remark gave me a glimpse into his half white heart. McCain - I admire his past military service and devotion but he's a typical politician, shell shocked and quick tempered. Not a man I want with his hand on "The Button". If you vote for the lesser of the evils, you still wind up with evil.

She was part of the NAFTA

She was part of the NAFTA deal whether she likes it or not. Since Nafta in 1993, automobile jobs have been suctioned from the U.S., textile jobs in N.C. are all disappearing. This government needs to look into keeping the jobs Americans have now and not look to give money to people just to get a job with low pay and no benefits.

Seeing how there is a "small

Seeing how there is a "small possibility" that there is anyone on Earth that can handle this Government of our USA, my suggestion is to concentrate on (S.E.T.I.) "Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence" and see if there is anyone out there in space that will take over this job! Could they do worse???? She said/He said just ain't workin' any more and there isn't one candidate that has a remote chance in Hay Teas of fixing the mess our Government has created over the past years. I would love to know how many Government officials are on Anti-Depressant meds on a daily basis or other meds that distract a clear way of thinking. We would be astonished I'm sure.

Hey, you need to remember

Hey, you need to remember that she only takes credits for makes her sound good. What out there are snipers out there run to the cars..