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Clinton, Obama open campaign offices in Wilmington

The countdown continues to the May 6 election and the North Carolina primary is drawing increasing attention from the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns. Election Day is less than a month away and both major democratic presidential candidates have now opened campaign offices in Wilmington. The Obama office is at 511 North 3rd Street. It opened last week in Wilmington. The Clinton Wilmington campaign office opened Tuesday at 925 S. College Rd. Campaign volunteers and staff were busy with last-minute preparations for the grand opening ceremony which is being held from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. this evening. Clinton volunteer Ellie Klein said, "We welcome everyone to come visit us and hear all about Hillary Clinton and everything associated with her." As the election approaches, it's hard not to notice the energy in the air as North Carolina will play a part in deciding the democratic presidential nominee. It's safe to say that most people who are going to vote have already registered, but if you haven't registered yet, your deadline is this Friday, but if you fail to meet that deadline you can still vote via the one stop ( April 17 to may 3 ). And even if you already have registered to vote you can still one-stop vote. There's a third as well. You can also request an absentee ballot. You don't even need to provide an excuse. That request needs to be in to your county Board of Election office by April 29.

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John McCain?


Does not need to campaign anymore, no one is running against him for republican nominee. Guess he thinks thats a shoe in for presidency.

Exactly how dopey do you have to be.... vote for people who have already TOLD you that they are going to raise your taxes?

yeah, endless war in Irak

yeah, endless war in Irak and invading Iran is a better option... bomb, bomb, bomb Iran...

The endless push for Socialism.... far more damaging and dangerous than anything Bush can screw-up in Iraq. Russia tried it and dumped it. China tried it and dumped it. Most of Europe has tried it and most are dumping it. The only four nations that are holding on are Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and North Korea....and cracks are starting to appear in Cuba! Socialism in any form CAN'T work. It's inherently flawed, because everyone, rich or poor, loses all reason to work harder and better themselves. So trust me, we're not going to be the first ones to make it work.

what they hear

These people only hear what the democrats are going to give them.... free health care, free college tuition and on and on. They don't worry about how it is being paid for. The democrats are feeding a society that will get to the point that they can't fend for themselves and will expect the government to cater to their every need. Just look at the majority of the welfare recipients, free housing, free medical, free food and they breed generation after generation that expects the same.

Guesty, it's not those people who amaze me

I understand the incompetent, lazy, and unlucky voting for Liberals. After all, if you can't manage your life, I guess you really want the government to do it. Plus, they're not having their taxes raised. I'm baffled by the middle income, even more by the "guilty affluent," who KNOW that Obama and Clinton have their sights on their wallets, but will vote for one of them anyway. For some reason, they truly believe that they SHOULD have their money taken away, because they are somehow obligated to support those incompetent, lazy, and unlucky people. Both Obama and Clinton recently voted for senate Continuing Resolution 90, which sets the blueprint for what they intend to do when the tax cuts expire in 2010. Everyone should research that resolution to see exactly who the Democrats consider "rich," and ready for the plucking. It's truly frightening. We're on the verge of recession, and they're talking about RAISING taxes.

..."ALL about HC."????

....'Come and hear all about HC and everything associated with her'..???????????? You've got to be kidding!!!! It would take longer for 'everything' to come out about HC, than that office will ever have, to be open!!!!!!!! I would not waste my time going. Period.