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UPDATE: Clinton visit upsets sorority

WILMINGTON -- While many of those greeting Senator Clinton last evening were cheerful supporters, not every one was happy about the candidate's visit. One group in particular: UNCW's Sigma Sigma Sigma chapter had obtained a permit for a fundraiser downtown yesterday, but was displaced by Sen. Clinton's visit. The group had been told it couldn't remain on the river walk for security purposes. The charity fundraiser has been an annual event for the past eight years. After hearing about the incident on NewsChannel 3, the campaign called the chapter's president today and apologized. Sigma Sigma Sigma President Anna Todaro said, "I'm definitely grateful that they took the time out to personally seek us out because that really means a lot. That such a big campaign and such a big thing like that is able to come and talk to the little people about a situation such as what happened with us." Todaro said she's still an Obama supporter. She also said the sorority came in about $500 short of its goal. The Clinton camp said it wasn't weren't sure yet if it was going to donate and make up the difference.

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Those sigmas sure are

Those sigmas sure are go-getters.

It's the City's fault

Some of you are missing the point. Could the girls have moved to another location and continued their fundraiser? Of course they could have. But they shouldn't of had to. I don't blame Clinton (although I can't stand her), I blame the City that issued the permit and then kicked them out. What exactly is the point of having to get a permit if it really doesn't mean anything? As far as one poster that said the girls could have gone back to UNCW....well you know what, the City could have told Clinton NO and she could have gone to UNCW for her campaign. The Soroity girls were wronged by our local government, plain and simple. It doesn't matter with candidate was coming to town

*WHO* held the permit is inconsequential

It could have been The Society for Guys Named Otto, raising money for orphaned squirrels. The fact is that THEY had already received a permit for that location at that time, but were denied access because of a poltical rally that was planned after the permit was issued. That kind of Orwellian abuse is not supposed to happen in America. We don't have royalty here, and both the city and Clinton Campaign should know that.

You are exactly correct

You are exactly correct

I totally agree. the real

I totally agree. the real issue is that whoever they were they had a permit issued by the city of Wilmington, and wilmington does what is always does....cleared the way for someone with more money so the members of the council could get in good with the people with the money. They were issued a permit, the city of Wilmington went back on their end of the deal. Period. I hope they don't treat all of their business ventures this way.

those knuckle heads are the

those knuckle heads are the reason america is in the shape its in now with gas rising to 4 dollars a gallon ,im sorry but if you think your college greek yahoo drinking crew is more important than this nation and voting your apology yeah with some penicillin and antibuse and a voter registration form.oh mrs clinton were in the way of sigma sigma fraternity there 50 cent fundraiser for keg stands were scheduled for the side walk darn and i was gonna give a speech on health care , the iraq war, chinas economic importing ,energy alternatives,education ,plezzzz

Knuckle heads?

Are you from the 1950's? Who calls people knuckle heads anymore? And im sure that girls wanting to hold a fund raiser to benefit dying children is the reason gas is 4 dollars a gallon and what does them holding a fund raiser have anything to do with not voting? hillary could have picked a different spot, obama did and he got alot more supporters

non keg drinker is an ill

non keg drinker is an ill informed moron.

This is why I don't usually

This is why I don't usually read comments on here...people bickering over some stupid crap and taking it to a one on one personal level that has very little to do with the actual news story.


I agree that whoever said that the Sigmas are just bimbos raising funds for social functions is significantly misinformed. I don't think in all my interaction with the Greek community have I ever once seen a Fraternity or Sorority raising money for social events. Most chapters are self-respecting enough to know that something like raising funds for a party or a cocktail would never fly with anyone who would potentially be willing to donate. If you look at a good number on the fund raisers that are held on major campuses across the nation, I would be willing to bet that most of them are spearheaded by Greeks. The Eve Carson Foundation at UNC is almost entirely composed of Greek contributions. Now I understand that stereotypes will be stereotypes, but come on, people who are posting, lets get our stereotypes straight. If you are going to call any Sorority full of "bimbos" you don't need to be thinking that Tri-Sig is that Sorority. Look more in the direction of Zeta Tao Alpha, there is where you will find your bimbos. Oh yeah, Wilmington screwed up, as she often does, God bless her I would never want to live anywhere else but no city is perfect, not the Hilary campaign. Still I don't see what all the fuss is about, McCain has pretty much already got it in my opinion.

Did you really just call

Did you really just call Zetas bimbos? I am not a Zeta but a few of my best friends are Zetas from another campus. They are actually quite classy ladies. Chapter quality varies from campus to campus... but regardless... it is ridiculous to associate one or two girls' trampy lifestyles with an entire group of women. You people amaze me.

Why couldn't they hold it in

Why couldn't they hold it in front of the Walmarts? That would have gotten them twice the money. Walmart lets anybody set up in front of their stores without a permit. Put those girls in their shorty shorts and blue eyes blonde hair, size two. You would have been able to work the whole store full of guys. I am glad you raised money for kids who need it, but letting the media place your story on here sure didn't help you with the people of Wilmington. They don't feel sorry for anybody who goes to UNCW. There are a lot of people who live here that doesn't even like the school and the kids it attracts. This town was a quite one and now it is just like any other place. To big to loud and out of control. Good luck getting any money out of anybody regardless of the cause.


As a fellow Greek woman at UNCW---I Love the ladies of Sigma Sigma Sgima. They do amazing work, I'm close with many of them, and I know they are not complaining, it's not the kind of women they are. WE LOVE OUR GREEK COMMUNITY!

I'm not Greek on your campus

I'm not Greek on your campus but am an active alumna of Ole Miss. I don't think the girls were complaining but they definitely didn't use their best judgment in telling their stories. Part of what Greek life taught me was to stay focused on the task and that the goal of the group is greater than an individual goal. From most of the responses, it seems they are being attacked b/c their Chapter Pres spoke up about her political preference and people are running with that fact. I maintain that they should have let their chapter advisor contact the media if not their National Office. The injustice is that the event was interrupted. Knowing that Ms. T or whomever wants to vote for Obama is about as useful as knowing her bra size. Class, tact, grace, intelligence... opinions are never listed in any oath that I've heard over the years...

And you think you got pushed aside now

Just wait until she is president. That free health care will cost more than ever. Somebody has to pay for it.

And you think you got pushed aside now

Just wait until she is president. That free health care will cost more than ever. Somebody has to pay for it.


I am also extremely disappointed in the ignorant and uninformed comments that citizens seem to be making about Tri Sigma and their delima with the Hillary Clinton campaign. I am assuming that the people who are calling these girls names such as "snits" and "bimbos" are grown men or women. If that is the case, perhaps you all should use whatever education you may have had to find a better way to debate this issue. Name calling is extremely childish, and it completely undermines whatever argument you are trying to make. As for the Hillary Clinton Campaign being of greater importance than raising money to help children with disabilities/ailments, I think it is completely ludicrous for you to even compare the two. Why don't you go ask the parents of a child that is being helped by these wonderful sorority women, and see which event they thought was more important. Also, did anyone stop to think the reason they were holding this event was to get the support of the Wilmington community, and actually get Wilmington involved in a worthwhile project? Instead of bashing these amazing community members, why don't you congratulate them for doing something positive in this world.


The fundraiser was for terminally-ill children. 100% of the profits went to the cause and not the sorority. They were trying to do something nice for the Wilmington community and it seems that everyone on here is bashing them for that based solely on the fact that they're a sorority. That's unfortunate that so many people base their derogatory opinions on common stereotypes. "Little bimbos?" Please, grow up.

I am highly irritated at the

I am highly irritated at the way that Tri Sigma is being represented on this site. Without knowing all of the facts you are accusing these girls of being "selfish little bimbos" when in fact they were downtown to raise money for their philanthropy, NOT their social lives. There philanthropy is the Robbie Page Memorial which raises money to benefit play therapy for terminally ill children. The money is used to build and maintain play atriums so that children who cannot leave hospitals still have a chance to play and be a kid. They actually have one atrium they fully funded at the UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill. So please before you go on saying disrespectful things about this group of amazing women who raise tons of money for philanthropy and put in countless hours of community service each year, please do your research it would be greatly appreciated. The sorority was not just upset with Hillary's campaign but also with the city of Wilmington for not contacting them as soon as they knew that Hillary was coming to town and would need to be setting up down on Water Street.

So instead of looking for

So instead of looking for money to make up the difference from the Hillary campaign, they need to be looking to the City of Wilmington to help make the difference up.


First of all, as a sister of another sorority, I can say that this situation should have been handled through your main office. Bringing the issue to light without the supervision and guidance of officials is why you are receiving criticism right now. Secondly, are you likely receiving the criticism specifically because one of your members spoke up about her preference for Sen Obama over Sen Clinton. That makes you look like you are reacting out of spite rather than out of respect for your philanthropic interests. Please learn a lesson from this experience. There are people in place to offer you guidance and hopefully you will have the maturity and grace to know when you need help instead of making all of us look foolish. I have pure faith that your intentions were only to publicize your concerns over the double booking of the area during your event. However, as young women of intelligence and spirit, you must absolutely choose your words carefully or they will bite you in the end. Keep politics and philanthropic efforts SEPARATE b/c those children and their parents will be of all political affiliations, nationalities, and religious backgrounds. No one needs to know who you support... even if the nosy news people ask... keep your goals clear or the important messages will get lost. Lesson learned ladies.


My sincerest apologies. Although I still think criticizing the Clinton campaign for this is misplaced.

You folks miss the key point

The Clinton Campaign had no right to displace the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority if the latter had already obtained a permit. The campaign should have been told, "We're sorry, but that location is already allocated for another event. Please pick another time or location." It's not a matter of what's "more important," it's a matter of what's ethical and RIGHT.



who cares.

who cares.


You all should have been glad that Hillary drew some people down there. GTF over it. I am sorry but I think in the grand scheme of things her little campaign rally was a little more urgent than your pie sale. Maybe she will send you some money cause you whined.

um it was not a pie sale you

um it was not a pie sale you ignorant hillary supporter. it was a fundraiser for terminally ill children through the robbie page memorial fund. so you "gtf over it"


"pie sale" as in any fund raiser.... sarcasm. Not supporting Hillary at all, just commenting on the stupidity of the complaint.


**chuckle** Nuff said.....

Selfish little bimbos!

Did it ever occur to you little brats that perhaps this was the fault of the City, and not Clinton and her campaign? Seriously... do you think presidential candidates just roll into town and set up whereever they please without coordinating with the local officials? And besides all that, don't you selfish little snits think that having a presidential candidate in town is a bit more important that yourselves? You can go raise funds ANY day, ANY weekend, in ANY NUMBER of other places! Presidential candidates don't have such luxury... they have limited funds too and have to keep on the road to get their message across as they can, when they can. I think the future of our country is a bit more important than your social lives.