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Coach Yow mural defaced at NC State

A mural painted in NC State University's Free Expression Tunnel to honor women's basketball coach Kay Yow was defaced over the weekend. On Saturday, a blue mustache was painted on the portrait along with profanity. Campus police said they monitored the tunnel Sunday. The tunnel became a lightning rod for controversy late last year after threatening graffiti directed toward then president-elect Barack Obama was found in the tunnel. Yow died January 24th after a long struggle with breast cancer.

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kay yow

I think she deserves a better memorial than a graffiti drawing in a nasty dark tunnel. Perhaps judgment was lacking a bit when it was painted to honor her there.

This is stupid. It is a free

This is stupid. It is a free expression tunnel! If they wanted a memorial that would last forever. They needed to requistion a wall that is not intended for people to express themselves however they see fit. Freedom of expression and speech. Thats the whole idea behind the Free Expression Tunnel. Sure, its tastless. Sure, its rude. But this is the least rude of things ive seen in that tunnel. Not everyones taste is the same, and maybe some of us express ourselves by drawing purple mustaches on every face we see. Works for me.

This is so trashy and it

This is so trashy and it shows the direction this world is heading! People that do this type of activity with their FREE time should be locked away! Instead they will probably get a slap on the wrist.

What would your world look like

I agree that "this was trashy". However, we are guaranteed the right to free speech. This area is specifically designated for that very purpose. The thought that this tunnel is monitored at all goes against the very idea with which it was created. "People that do this type of activity with their FREE time should be locked away!" What would the world be like without the right to self expression. While tasteless, they have a constitutional right say it. Take away that right, and the others are sure to follow. Then the country that established these rights would be no more than a thought prison. Disagree yes, but deny rights, never. If free speech was denied, your right to post a message freely in this forum would not be allowed unless it supported a government position. Tasteless yes, criminal no.


Sure, its tastless. Yeah, it was rude. But its a FREE EXPRESSION TUNNEL! Isnt it designed to allow anyone to express themselves in whatever way theyd like? Were now monitoring and controlling our free thought and expression too. Great. This is awesome.


But when it's Bush bashing or Dean Smith bashing...ITS ALL OK...