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Coast Guard and NHC Sheriff's arrest man accused of stealing from boater

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office and Coast Guard joined together to arrest a man accused of stealing from a boater. It happened off the coast of Masonboro Island. A man reported that items were stolen off his boat. The Coast Guard, along with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office responded. They arrested 41-year old John Jakomas. The sheriff's office used its helicopter to locate a makeshift camp site where they believe Jakomas was staying. Jakomas is charged with felony larceny. He is being held at the New Hanover County Jail under a $10,000 bond.

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sheriff helicopter

so i saw where this helicopter was also used to bust a bunch of kids 18-21 at a party drinking underage. wow, can you say over kill! these sheriffs guys take things way over the top, tasering some guy at a funeral, wrecking speeders and killing them, shooting kids for not answering the door on a serch warrent. is this russia?


No, this is America where you are expected to live by the law and be prepared to face the consequences of your choices if you decide not to.


Since when is the sheriff's department brownshirts in charge of handing out consequences? Isnt that the court's job? This is AMERICA and in America we don't hunt down underage drinkers with helicopters and we certainly don't shoot unarmed kids through a door!

Why do people get off by

Why do people get off by complaining about the LEO's! Geez, people complain about some mistake but then expect them to be there when they need help. Talk about hypocricy and double standards. I happen to be grateful for the services the sheriff dept and PD provide.

guess again

Since both of those have happened here, what would you call this land we live in? You are correct, the sheriff's department didn't hand out the consequences to the under age drinkers, they will have their day in court. As far as the thief peyton, he chose to rob, chose not to answer the door... the consequence, he was shot and killed. I won't shed a tear over a dead thief. I love it how he is a "kid". He was 18, therefore an adult, an adult that robbed another person, posed "gangster" style with weapons to be posted on the Internet. All choices he made.