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Coast Guard learns more on day two of hearing

READ MORE: Coast Guard learns more on day two of hearing
In day two of their hearing, the Coast Guard continued to look at the circumstances surrounding a deadly parasailing accident in Ocean Isle Beach on August 28th. Much of the testimony on Thursday, focused on the weather conditions that day. "I think the weather's an issue here, a lot of it, and more or less a judgment call,” said Tom Collins, a cousin of one of the victims. A representative from the National Weather Service testified, describing rough conditions the day a rope snapped on the boat while Lorrie Shoup and Cynthia Woodcock were in the air. "It immediately occurred to me that this is not good,” said Robert Whitman, one of the boat’s passengers. Whitman testified by phone and added, "The boat was rocking dramatically, my kids wanted off the boat. They were scared and asked me for help.” Tom Collins added, “I know what I would have done, I wouldn't have gone out." But the crew did choose to go out on the water. The boat’s captain Tom Povazan was questioned about the incidents that day. "Did you know there was a small craft advisory issued on August 28th?” “No, I did not.” “Did the owner of the company make you aware that there was a small craft issued on that day? Did you know there was a weather advisory issued for that day?” “No.” “Did the company inform you of an advisory?” “No." Lt. Chester Warren is the lead investigator. He said, "In any case when you have an accident, people have a tendency to hear different things, you take the testimonies into account, you try to look at the factors that were in play and you try to make the best decision possible." The boat's mate also spoke on the record, saying he thinks it was a freak weather incident, and winds that picked up quickly, put too much force on the rope, causing it to break. Friday is the final day of the hearing.

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There was a tropical storm

There was a tropical storm out off the coast. I have never been on a boat but I do watch the weather forecast. He didn't know?

parasailing accident

This is CLEARLY a case of negligence on the part of the company who took the people out in that boat that day. If they are not found negligent, then I think it is VERY CLEAR that they have some sort of political connection saving their skins. I hope the families of the victims sue the owner of the company and take every last dime that he has. There is simply NO EXCUSE ... this is a matter of a company's greed - they took these people out in conditions which even non professionals knew were safe. These poor women died because this pathetic company wanted to make some money that day, no matter what the risk.

Yikes. I am not a licensed

Yikes. I am not a licensed captain; however have my own off-shore boat. I recall that I was bummed that weekend due to the advisories and storm that I could not go fishing - and I am a nobody. This is a licensed captain and a business man who makes a living in the water... no excuse.

I don't believe that the

I don't believe that the Captain did not know the weather conditions.

Ignorance is no excuse!

The Captain of that boat is licensed by the USCG. The pre-requisite amount of sea time and training in itself prior to taking the exam is to insure the candidate has enough common sense to safely operate a vessel for hire to the public. Safety of your passengers and crew is a number one priority at all times. There is absolutely no way a person could operate a vessel in weather conditions as they existed on that day and maintain that safety level. Dangerous water, clouds and approaching weather is easy to read for anyone that has the least amount of experience. This was not a sudden squall condition that took that Captain and Mate off guard, this was a predicted weather system with blatantly obvious, rough water conditions AND with a pre-posted small craft advisory. The Captain is soley responsible for the safety of his passengers, crew and prudent operation of his vessel, a great responsibility. My guess is that the Captain and his Mate will have their tickets permanently revoked by the USCG. Then...the legal games begin.


There was a tropical storm off of our coast. Who runs a parasail in those winds? Sounds like negligence to me.

Weather or Money?

Every one is aware of the weather,when they work out doors.That' called Professionalisnm.It is known so that the job can be done with a due amount of safety.In this day of information,how could you not know the conditions to do your job safely.Was it slow business that made a poor choice?Was equipment a factor? Should'nt be.Safety is supposed to be desighed to be 10X stronger than standard conditions prevail.Look at all the things that go into the safey of flying or a building.


What captain leaves port w/o checking the boat advisory? NONE, he is a liar.

Captian Liar

I don't believe that the Captain did not know the weather conditions. He should have his license pulled and be charged for lying under oath. What a Jerk. His greed killed two people and he should be banned from ever Captianing a vessel again.