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The Coastal Company misses deadline, property owners can't build

We have an update on a Brunswick County developer who hasn't delivered as promised for property owners. The Coastal Companies, headed by Mark Saunders, missed the deadline to install water, sewer, and roads in several developments, including Seawatch and Ocean Ridge Plantation. As a result of this, many property owners are in a bind because they can't build homes until that infrastructure is complete. Monday night, county commissioners decided to extend Coastal's deadline to finish the infrastructure. New completion deadlines range from 2010 to 2012. If the work isn't finished by then, the county plans to call in the bonds so they can do the work themselves. There were also a couple of development phases in the Seawatch Community that weren't bonded at all. The county is conducting an internal investigation to determine how that slipped through the cracks.

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Ocean Ridge Rip Off

Spring of 2012 will be 6 years since we purchased a lot in Ocean Ridge. At the time of purchase, we were told infrastructure would be done and the lot would be buildable in one year or less. We have been in touch with the sales office many times since purchase, and have been lied to time after time. And now, the section our lot is in has been permanently cabeled off, no lock so it can be opened, but permanently affixed. When I inquired about the cable, I was told it was to keep people out for their own protection because of all the heavy construction going on and they didn't want anyone getting hurt. When I asked how the equipment got in since there was no lock that could be opened, they had no answer. Just another of the many lies I have been told. There has been no construction going on for a long time. I would like to know what Saunders has done with the tens of millions of dollars he got when he sold the lots. As far as I'm concerned, Saunders is a crook, and should be in jail

Surprise, surprise. Some of

Surprise, surprise. Some of these people have already been waiting 4 years to be able to build. Now they will have to wait 2 more years? It should be obvious to the county that he has no intention of finishing what he started. The county should take it over now and not give him any more time. They are just dragging out the inevitable.


I don't feel sorry for anyone who has 1mil just to pay for the dirt. Mark Saunders is def not the deacon he claims to be. Just another money hungry....(you can finish this thought)

yea, it dont stop on the

yea, it dont stop on the developing end, he's been known to short change the crews who built for him, that gave him his name to start with as a professional elaborate builder, when he never drove a nail. hats off to you mr saunders, its redemption time, crook.