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Coastal experts discuss sea levels

READ MORE: Coastal experts discuss sea levels
CAROLINA BEACH -- Despite the lack of rain here, sea levels are rising and beaches are disappearing. Hundreds of coastal experts are in Carolina Beach this week discussing what can be done to stop it. Carolina Beach resident Dennis Barbour said, "As a resident of Carolina Beach we're concerned about the long-term and short-term effects of on sea level rise and what we can do that will affect our children and children's children. " In hopes of easing his concerns Barbour is attending the North Carolina Beach, Inlet and Waterway Association Conference. The main topic of the event is the rising sea levels. "should we continue to see the sea levels rise are beaches will eventually diminish or go away and have an effect on our businesses and our residents because most people are support by businesses that are supported by tourists." Presenters at the conference say there is a problem, and it's linked to global warming. Principal Coastal scientist Adam Hosking said, "That's increasing the rate in which the sea level rises the warmer atmosphere warms the oceans and they expand and also it melts glaciers and that puts more water in the sea and sea level rises." Coastal interest groups say sea levels are rising and they have been rising for hundreds of years, but recently they have been increasing at a rapid rate due to climate change and emissions of green house gases." "The water levels are moving up which pushes the water closer to peoples homes and leads to increased erosions and flooding events." Hosking says people need to prepare for the change in sea level, by building homes farther away from the ocean and high up on stilts. He also says you can help slow the rate at which the sea's rise. "We can reduce emissions. Turn off lights, turn off computers at night simple things we can do to reduce our energy consumption." To learn more about the rising sea levels you can attend the conference Tuesday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the Marriott in Carolina Beach. Tickets cost $100.

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As I recall......North and

As I recall......North and South America once were connected to Europe and Africa ......Stuff Happens !!!! *********************************************** Lawmakers Should Remember That Sport Fishermen Get Up Early For Two Reasons: 1.) Opening Day To Fish 2.) Election Day To Vote !!!


Turn off my lights, computer and give $100 to who?? What a crock. We re-nourish occasionally because barrier islands are always shifting and we choose to build on them. Kure Beach, Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach were incorporated when? I fished today and the beach was still there.

ha ha

you yankees come down here buy a house and it ends up in the ocean ,then tell us the beach is disapearing it isnt the beach its your property, the beach is still there

Time for "special education, Comrade".....

You MUST drink the Kool-Aid and accept what we tell you as truth. Global warming will ONLY be stopped when idustrialized nations are forced to return to pre-Industrial Revolution levels of emissions and developing nations can pollute at will. Have you not been chanting your Kyoto mantra every day? After all, true science is worthless without Socialism to modify it as needed.