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College student stuck in financial limbo

WILMINGTON--Two years ago Monique Cuff left Canada to attend school at Wake Technical Community College. She was granted in-state status because her parents are permanent residents and she is their dependent, so when she transferred to UNCW she denied the same status. "It's very offensive I came down here to be with my family, to get an education, I don't feel I'm getting the same opportunity as other students". Monique's father, William Johnston is demanding the university give their daughter in-state status since a previous institution has. "Our argument is that we have already established that Monique holds in-state and tuition residency justified by another post secondary institution in the state of North Carolina, the decision has been made. Precedent has been set". Johnston says UNCW won't recognize it. The admissions department classified her as a "foreign student." the family plans to meet with admissions staff Friday to appeal their decision.

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If she isn't a US citizen

If she isn't a US citizen what makes her think she should get in-state tuition rebates? Become a US citizen and actually aquire residency here in NC before complaining about it not being fair


I went through the same thing. If she lived on campus at Wake, UNCW won't classify her as an in-state student. She had to have been off campus for at least a year. What Wake did, has no bearing as to what UNCW has to do since Wake isn't a State system school.

Not surprised

I'm not at all surprised that UNCW didn't give her in-state tuition. A few years ago I was in undergrad @ UNCW and was living with my parents in Virginia. I decided to move down here and become independent because my now husband lived down here and I wanted to stay in the area after graduation and possibly go to grad school. I bought a condo, transfered all my residency information to NC, got a job and started paying NC taxes. After about a year and a half I applied for residency and was denied by UNCW. Apparently they didn't care that I now was an official resident of NC, because to them I was still a VA resident. They told me I would pretty much have to drop out of school for a year, get a job and then reapply to get in-state tuition. I was one year away from graduating so that was out of the question. In order to finally get in-state tuition for grad school I took a year off, got married, and worked, and even then I still had to jump through hoops for them to give it to me. If Monique wants in-state tuition from UNCW and isn't a US citizen, then she will pretty much have to become one. Then she will have to drop out of school, live on her own for a year or more, pay NC taxes/get a NC drivers license/etc. and have a full-time job before they'll even consider giving it to her!

Wake Tech isnt a UNC school

Whatever decision Wake Tech made shouldn't have any bearing on UNCW's decision. Wake Tech isn't a part of the UNC system and their choices have no bearing on UNCW's admissions policies, which are highly dictated by UNC system policies. Its a clear case of comparing apples to oranges.

How old is she? If she came

How old is she? If she came down from Canada she does not deserve in-state tution. My Dad lives in Florida, but that doesn't meant that I, a North Carolinian should be granted in-state tuition at Florida State.

What the heck is going on at

What the heck is going on at UNCW the last four years? One issue after another, basketball coach, athletic director, safety of students. If this young lady was an illegal alien she'd get in w/ no problem, heck she'd probably get a full ride scholarship. Now here's some things for Mike Adams to check into.

This story leaves out some really critical details

Is she truly their dependent, or is she actually the dependent of a custodial parent in Canada. Who claims her on taxes? What's her age? Is she truly, legally ANYONE'S dependent? Where is her legal residence? Is she an American citizen, or a Canadian citizen. The difference in names (her name Cuff, dad's name Johnson) clearly shows that there's more here than the story explains. She may very well rate in-state resident rates, or she could have come here out of convenience after a deal was worked out between her natural parents. Wake Tech could have been 100% wrong in their decision. Why are none of the deciding details provided by the story? Is the reader supposed to make a decsiioon based upon sympathy....or relevant facts? Why nothing from UNCW's point of view? (Of course, my money says that UNCW caves, just to avoid any HINT of being mean....even if they're 100% correct.)

If her name is Cuff and her

If her name is Cuff and her father's name is Johnson then that could be he married her mother who at that time was a Cuff. Just because he has a defferant last name, means only one thing, he is her sep-father, so quit the belly acking about last names being different. A friend of mine had moved here from Alabama back in Oct. of 2005 and he was denied in state resident the following Sept. when the new year started at UNCW.


I pointed out that it was a clear indicator that we weren't getting all the information or the whole story. I'd hardly call that "bellyaching." Had she lived here her entire life and he had been the custodial sep-father (sic) all along, the two names being different would have meant nothing. Having just moved here recently, however, a person of reasonable intelligence would immediately question who is and who was the LEGAL custodial parent, and if this was simply a move of convenience to obtain in-state resident rates. All OBE, however. Read the follow-up story. She doesn't meet the requirements for state residency.