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Columbus County man builds baseball field

READ MORE: Columbus County man builds baseball field
He built it and they're still coming. Disappointed by the lack of nearby baseball fields a Columbus County man built his own. After Williams Township Elementary in Columbus County burned down two years ago, it had to rebuild over two of its baseball fields. That's when local little league coach dean benton took matters into his own hands. Dean Benton said, "I built this field for my son and anyone else who wants to come out here and practice and play." "After the school burnt and they took the spaces we had for practicing baseball, for a parking lot, it was kind of limited for where we had to practice. And so i come out here and my mom let me use her land to make a ball field." Benton spent six months clearing the land. A team fundraiser bought the backstop and the local school donated the clay to put around the bases. Williams Township little leaguer Ethan Barnhill said, "Good cut grass, good clay around the bases, it's really nice." Madison Benton is Bentont's son. He said, "We just love it a lot. It's real fun." Without the field Madison and his teammates would have to travel twenty minutes to practice. Now they can play pretty much whenever they want. Other little leaguers said, "I'm glad Mr. Dean built this. We get to all play on this field. We all share it. It's really fun." It's fun for the kids and a chance for dean to share his love with the next generation. Benton said, "I love baseball. It's always been a passion of mine ever since I was about eight years old. I really enjoy it and I'm just thankful I can pass on what I've learned over the years to my son and other kids now." Benton says other teams are starting to practice on his field but he hasn't hosted any games yet. He hopes the community will build more fields so more kids can play ball.

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New tax rate coming

Great idea to build a field. But the next course of action is to hike up the tax rate on that piece of property because of the improvement upon it. The improvement being the sports complex. If you think the same Columbus County commissioners that tried to give themselves free healthcare for life won't try this then think again!

Think Possitive

You cannot worry about what you cannot control, but just do what you can for your community. You have to live your life to the fullest, not just doing for yourself but also by doing for others. I love children and anything I can do to help I will. We all need a place to go and I hope one day we will get a complex with ball fields and a community building. We are working on it, but need eeryones help. Even the senors in our community need a place to go as well. We need more people to step up to the plate and do the same. HELP

Thanks Dean

It's always fulfilling to see what good people of our community do to help others. Thanks Dean.

I think this is what America

I think this is what America is about. Not relying on the Government to build everything and taking matters into our own hands and building things we want. Great going for that Columbus County man.