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Columbus County responds to ballot counting delays

Columbus County residents and candidates waiting for results last night got a bit fidgety as the night went on. It was because Columbus was the last county to report its early voting numbers, leaving a few tight races in limbo. Campaign signs still line the streets of Whiteville, a day after the elections. Wednesday, members of the Board of Elections took their time getting to work after an unexpectedly long night counting ballots. "They started at two o'clock yesterday afternoon and trudged along until it got done," said Carla Strickland of the Columbus County Board of Elections. Part of the problem was the voting machine. Some of the paper absentee ballots they received were folded and crumbled, so every time board members fed them into the machine, it spit them back out. For candidates and residents who were up late Tuesday night waiting on Columbus County results, the Board of Elections wants them to know they were counting them openly, and honestly. Another thing that contributed to the late voting count was the large number of absentee votes this election year. The board said it was four times what it has been in the past.

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I was gonna write a bunch of stuff that are all pertinent points, BUT because everyone in NC (living and dead) seems to have voted a STRAIGHT PARTY Democrat ticket, all you 'tards deserve what you're about to get. No one in Raleigh, INCLUDING RC, has done a damned thing to help Columbus County - unless you count the NC Foresty Museum. Big whoop. I got trees that have been cut by a chainsaw behind my house. Hey wait, maybe I can use that as a loophole for Borat's everchanging tax plan. Those ballots should be tallied by machine when they are entered. There is no reason to ever "run them back through" the voting machines to be counted. Just because they were counted "out in the open" doesn't mean squat. Based on the rocket scientists I saw working at the CC BOE, the same stacks were probably entered 3 times before being put aside. ColCor was the acronym for the COLUMBUS CORRUPTION investigation from way back in the day. Maybe it's time for a sequel.


I know what u mean. As a 22y/o who finally got out of Columbus County, I have very little faith for the place. And for that Forestry Museum, it's sadly the biggest thing that the county has accomplished in a while, but still a joke. Two of my high school friends found an ancient canoe while swimming at Lake Waccamaw and it was given to the museum. However, the museum did not have the money to preserve it, so they re-sank it in the lake to keep it preserved. Oh, I am so proud to be from a place where young people have nothing better to do than to hang out in the Walmart parking lot! Columbus County does not need the same ones elected over and over, it need CHANGE!

voter fraud in columbus county?

Star News reports that 13,000 absentee ballots were counted in Columbus County at 11pm on the 4th. There were a total of 24,000 people that voted. So that means more then half of the votes came from absentee voters? Is that possible? New Hanover County had out of 3% of the votes absentee. 100,000 voters, 3,000 absentee. Columbus had over 50%, 13,000 out of 24,000. Is that right?

Ghost votes

RC likely paid big money for those phantom votes.

Yeah, and paying is nothing

Yeah, and paying is nothing new to him. He has quite a reputation for paying high school aged boys to do sexual favors for him.

something smells fishy in columbus county

sounds like someone needs to recount that. could be an investigative story wway. could it be that someone would stop at nothing to win?