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Do you owe county taxes?

READ MORE: Coming up at 6 p.m.: Do you owe county taxes?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- By law, counties in North Carolina must advertise a list of delinquent taxes. In New Hanover County that has usually meant buying space in the StarNews, the area's largest newspaper. This year, though, the county instead bought space in the Lumina News and the Wilmington Journal.

Tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3, we find out why the county went with newspapers with much smaller circulations. We'll also find out what leaders think about a seemingly antiquated law that requires them to spend money, when they could likely have a greater reach by posting the information on the county's own website.

By the way, they don't give any of that advertising money to broadcasters. But we'll do you a public service and let you check out the list of delinquent taxes right here on our site to see if you owe the county money.

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What about those that

What about those that haven't received their State return yet...why don't we do a huge publication on how pathetic this state is....I can't get MY money because they state is too poor.

Are they going to print as

Are they going to print as well all the reasons why the state of NC is holding back tax refunds?
Just thought what was good for the goose was good for the gander.
What a one sided political society we live in!


Why in the world would you people do such an atrocious act ? Just as the person that commented before me said," why embarrass them further ?"


Because it's the law would be the obvious answer.


ok let me get this straight the tax payers have to fork out more money to advertise people that owe back taxes well seems to me the state of n.c owes lots of people taxes but we never here about this....hmmmm great governing,we pay more than our share of taxes,to much goverment.....

Publication of persons with passed due taxes

I feel it's demeaning and degrading. Many people are struggling at this point with the economy through no fault of their own. Why embarress them further?

Deadbeat list

Here's a good reason - because it's a matter of public record that anyone can obtain.

Towns that routinely publish the pictures of men arrested in prostitution stings see a substantial decrease in the number of men seeking out services.

Public exposure still works, because there are still a FEW people out here who can be shamed or embarrassed, and change their behavior. If only ten percent of that list scrapes together enough money to pay their past taxes, it will have been a wise investment.

Meanwhile the rest of us who do pay our taxes can use it as a local credit list before we check with a credit agency. If your name is on the list, I don't have to waste time calling Equifax to decide if I'll do business with you: I won't.

Publication of persons with passed due taxes

Probably a decision of some uncaring idiot feeling in charge

if people can't pay their

if people can't pay their taxes maybe they should reconsider voting for the same political party... election after election. If you can't afford your lifestyle, live within your means. that goes for government as well.

So that the politicians keep

So that the politicians keep their power over US. It is truly sad to see a delinquent property tax list published far and wide.

I pay mine on time

I pay mine on time, why cant they. A little public humiliation would teach me not to do it again. Just like plastering the common criminal across the front page of a new website or a news paper or a new program. It says we know what you did!!!

Also, they don't pick and choose who it is done to, it is done to all. That is fair.

That May Be

but it is required by law in every county in this state; it's a matter of public record.

When the property taxes don't get paid; the county runs out of money; where do they draw the line? Do they not pay the teachers, firemen, or sheriff deputies?

Don't like the law; get it changed.