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ONLY ON 3: Who is Brian Berger?

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Who is Brian Berger?

It's down to Berger versus Caster. After the primary, fewer than 200 votes separated Brian Berger from incumbent Bill Caster. So, Berger filed for a run-off. At stake is the republican nomination for New Hanover County Commissioner. Even though Bill Caster and Brian Berger faced each other last week in a debate, it seemed as though many of our viewers still wanted to know more about Brian Berger. WWAY’S Courtney Brooks met with Berger to get some answers.

Brian Berger was born and raised in Rochester, New York. After graduating with a degree in government from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York he moved to Washington D.C, where he lived for nearly ten years. Berger worked on marketing for fortune 50 companies like Continental Air, and AOL Time Warner. He also worked for some lobbying firms in our nations capitol. He's been a Wilmington resident for about a decade, and now has his own small business called Strategic Communications Group.

Berger said, "I have a diverse wealth of experience in issues and policy matters that are not only relevant to New Hanover County today but have positioned me to address effectively the issues that matter to people."

Berger is an advocate of small government, and wants to stop runaway taxes and spending.
Some of Berger’s priorities in New Hanover County are lowering taxes, creating jobs and reducing crime.

He said, "Public safety for the county is a huge priority. And to make cuts in law enforcement and firefighting and other areas of public safety and fund art museums and other things that may be nice to have, but I think that addressing violent crime and the growth in gangs here is more of a pressing priority."

Berger also said he is running for Commissioner because he believes every American has a civic obligation to be a part of their community and government.

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Goodbye Berger, good

Goodbye Berger, good riddance!



we can reject the spe-cial interests and elect people who will represent our interests

Go Berger!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is encouraging to see the groundswell of support for Brian Berger. It is time we started looking to a new kind of leader (or a leader in the first place) in local government. These clowns that we have had forever do absolutely nothing except spend 4 years buying the affections of their campaign contributors with our tax money. Caster is no exception

At least we know where WWAY stands - compare the two articles written on Berger and Caster - why is there a HUGE picture of Caster's campaign sign in his article - and no image at all in the Berger article?

What is in it for you WWAY? Why do you so blatantly support more of the reckless self-absorbed politics that we already had for 18 years??!

Caster is tool of special interest monies-vote Berger

This election to some degree is about special interests corrupting our politics and trying to buy this run off. Corrupt special interest monies are being used as contributions to caster and to help pay campaign staff. Corruption at ABC and the Cape Fear Utility and the special deal for Titan and developers are all the reason we need to defeat an out of touch, arrogant self-serving politico like Caster. Brian Berger is a nice young man who has been consistent on issues for years. He has earned my vote and perhaps yours by standing up to Caster corruption and mismangement---others should stand up to-and reject Caster and the politics of sleaze.

Brian Berger- better republican-better choice-better leader

Bill Caster and Jimmy Carter--arrogant politicos and the wrong person in the wrong job. Caster has taxed and spent to the hilt-helping the special interests like developers and Titan.
We need a new direction and Brian Berger is one of those people who will help us build a better Republican party and a better County,
We can not afford the status quo and politics as usual with caster.
Jobs, employment, taxes and spending have all gone in the wrong direction with Caster. Voting for a Republican who will take a fresh look at things-and serve us all=Elect Brian Berger
Reject Caster and his special interest monies who have tried to buy influence and have stagnated our County- Vote Brian for a change for the better for all of us.

Brian Berger-far better choice

Brian is a good and decent person- concerned with OUR future- Caster is concerned with lining the pockets of special interests and his own- just look at Caster's contributors. Brian is concerned with bringing new employers and more jobs to NHC- Caster had the chance and has failed miserably for the past eight years. Brian is a chance for change for the better- Caster has the worst experience possible- we need a change-we can't afford Caster and 4 more years of his lies.
- we need a real Republican- Brian Berger not a phony politico named Caster.
Casters campaign of deceit and lies is like his record-Brian has the desire and experience to do better. This runoff gives us a chance to reject the failed status quo-and maybe do better. No question Berger is a better alternative going forward and the caster sleaze campaign won't confuse the facts of Caster's poor judgement, management failures at the Cape Fear Utility and ABC-and many others noted by comments below.

Can you say.... special interest groups!

Hummm... A big business lobbyist from New York! or same old, same old...

Our choices aren't good. Are you sure he we can't cast votes for either Justin, Jason or Napier this time?


Are you referring to Berger as "a big business lobbyist from New York"? I would have to think so - what in h**l do you mean by that? Where has he lobbied for anything except sound government that operates of, for, and by the people?

On the other hand - Caster is bought and paid for by lobbyists. Thousands of them. They call themselves, WID, WDI, Cape Fear Future, Wilmington Homebuilders, Realtors Association, BASE, Southeastern Economic Development, and on and on. That's who runs this town people - and they'll keep running it until we do something about that 15% voter turnout.



Dear Vote_em_out,

If you can't read, leave your number, I'll call and read it to you... it said Washington Lobbyist!

Caster's ties to special interests monies

Can't Bill Caster be more original-of all the people to have a crony raise an issue about special interest - it would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. I sincerely believe this time around voters will see the deceptions of the Caster campaign- and reject the sleaze and the inept and failed Caster record. Notice how caster refuses to answer significant questions from the public? Is he really the kind of incumbent worthy of another term? If you look at his failed record-his arrogance between elections, and his campaign's deceptive tactics-I would hope our community will say No

Berger is Right

Brian Berger is the right choice for any Republican, conservative or independent voter with common sense and everyone should get out and vote for this guy on Tuesday next, send a statement to the good ole' boys who gave us Titan, high taxes, corruption, spending on art museums and 300k salaries for stock boys, etc...

And by good ole boys, I really mean Bill Caster, just one boy who needs to go.

Berger has more integrity in a fingernail than Slick Willie Caster does and Berger is right on nearly every issue. Caster is wrong and shortsighted, he cares about one thing only...saving "his" job.

On June 22, Fire Caster and Vote for Brian Berger. Or better yet, go vote for Brian Berger at the government center by Racine durin your lunch break or before work.

Just be sure you get out and vote for Berger, even if you didn't vote May 4th, and bring your friends co-workers, neighbors, anyone who's legal to vote and make a positive difference. Vote for Berger!!!!!!!

Good Interview- Berger can answer questions-Caster won't

I enjoyed the good interview you did with Brian Berger-he gave a good account of himself and reconfirmed my view he is a better choice for Republicans than his opponent.
Ronald Reagan had a great line in his debate with Jimmy Carter- "there you go again".
I think of Jimmy Carter every time I see or hear Bill Caster--both men lack competence and displayed poor judgement.
(1) Are we better off now than we were four years ago when we were last lied to by Caster.He lied then and he is misleading us again.
(2) How much money has Caster taken in his many many campaigns from special interests that do business with our County? He is trying to buy this run off and election with special interest money.
(3) Why has Bill Caster lied to us about raising taxes and out of control spending? Brian Berger is far better on this issue. Bill Caster questioning anyone's Republican credentials is like John Edwards lecturing us on ethics.
(4) Why did Bill Caster vote for a public opinion survey using taxpayer money in March 2010 that would be helpful to him if he chose to run again?
(5) Why did Bill Caster make secretive and sweetheart deals with Titan--just look at the Gulf of Mexico and BP- is that what we want here?
(6) Why did Bill Caster fail so miserably in preventing a 10 million dollar accounting error on his watch -that hurt the County and all of us- Republican, Democrats and others.

Republicans know Brian Berger is RIGHT on the issues and a better candidate. With Bill Caster -all we get is arrogance-no answer or misleading answers to these questions and a burden that should and will drag Republcians down in November.
Bill is now running false ads with his special interest money-trying the Caster way of trying to buy an election.
We can do better than Caster- with your help on the 22nd we will by supporting a better candidate-Brian Berger

Caster's so called experience

It's fine and dandy to ask about Berger's experience-and you gave us answers, What I want to know is why would we ever want to retain Caster's kind of experience?
Arrogance by Caster is no substitute for a record of poor judgement and mismanagment.
The money he is taking from special interests to pile into his campaign should outraqe us all.Caster's handling of corruption and waste at ABC was a disgrace across our state-not just here.He wont answer question because he cant give is a decent answer.
We can do something on June 22 to send a message that Casters arrogance with people and his handling of issues vital to our County is the wrong kind of experience.
As for his sleazy campaign tactics-they are beginning to backfire on Caster-and well they should.Money from special interests and misleading ads can't cover up his record of failure and deceit.