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Coming attractions, the future of Wilmington

READ MORE: Coming attractions, the future of Wilmington
Taking a trip through Wilmington is like watching the previews at a movie theater. With plenty of projects like the convention center and a marina already underway, and several more in planning, you get a sneak peak into the city's future. One of the big projects in planning is the North Third Street Streetscape. “This is a gateway into the community, and by enhancing this gateway it will improve the aesthetics of the area, it will help to spur redevelopment, and investment into northern downtown,” said Mike Kozlosky of the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Some of that investment is already underway. In just a few months, Marriott will beak ground on a new hotel planned to open in 2010. That should coincide with the opening of the new convention center. The downtown development should help lure more companies like PPD and Corning to the Port City. The future won't be all work and no play. As part of vision 2020 the city plans to expand the river walk from bridge to bridge. Even though it's yet to be completed, visitors are already praising the idea. With so many plans for new development, the city will face the challenge of holding onto it's past. “Our downtown is rich with supporters who preserve and take pride in historic properties,” said John Hinnant. Placing value on the past should continue to draw newcomers to the area. It seems like everyone supports the city's ongoing development, even residents of Old Wilmington, a community group that supports historic preservation said they are happy with the re-development that will support the south side historic district of Wilmington. And the city has taken measures to preserve the district. Plans for the Gateway Project recently made several concessions that included a designated area for parkland.

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Here's a "coming" attraction

"Coming attractions, the future of Wilmington" >Higher taxes, more Governmental waste of our tax dollars, and finally...same 'ol, same 'ol politicians and their backroom deals with developers.

Here's another

How about the "Everybody that got a bailout/stimulus check" convention or the "I was just laid-off" convention...the taxes and spend convention...Universal Health Care convention...we now own the banks but have no money IRA is gone convention...and finally.....we are now a socialist country convention.

Build and they will come

It's well overdue and will bring in revenue and more people. I would like to see an AAA baseball stadium and a casino. It takes money to make money. Ride down to Chaleston SC sometime and see what they have done with their city. Wilmington looks like a run down dump when you cross both bridges with the exception of downtown proper.

Build and they will come? We didn't want them or you here anyway

Why don't you take your carpetbagger behind and go to Charleston then? Leave us alone snowbird!

No, you are the "same ol"

You cry-babies want no jobs, no growth, low pay, no roads and no change. You must desire our area to remain backwards as it has been for many years.

How about something else??

All this sounds good......but has everyone forgotten about a HUGE attraction that Wilmington could use?? How about a music venue? Myrtle beach is not making any money off their "convention ceter" and unfortunately I'm not sure we will either. We just do not have the big business to support this type thing in Wilmington. However......look at the money Raleigh takes in from the ampitheater. For goodness sake....all it would take is some land....and I am positive we could build the ampitheater area and vendor area for a heck of alot less than what the convention center is gonna end up costing. With all the college age people here as well; man we would make a killing and give the people who reside in Wilmington something they could use!

Not to mention....

I agree with you that we could definitely benefit from a true musical venue. I do believe it would definitely bring SIGNIFICANT dollars if operated correctly. Here's another: Remember the German cruise ship that docked here for ONE DAY last year? That ONE DAY saw upwards of $400,000 sent into the Wilmington economy. I truly don't understand why we are NOT trying to get more action like that.

something else

I agree, we do need a music venue, someone in our local government will need to negotiate with House of Blues/myrtle beach though. House of Blues has a miles radius clause that they require bands to sign. Wilmington falls into that range of miles, therefore anyone that plays HOB, cannot play Wilmington on that current tour. This is a lot of the reason why you see so much music in raleigh, chapel hill, etc.. they are out of that range. Yes, we do need a venue but Cats Cradle, etc. is no bigger than Soapbox, Rox or the old Marzz(not the current waste of space) and they have big national bands play there. There have been many high-profile entertainers that were willing to play a small venue in Wilmington but could not because they had played The House of Blues. It is pretty bad that there is someone in another state diverting so much money away from/around Wilmington.

I'd say you are on the money

I'd say you are on the money with this. Prior to 911, the New River Air Station here in Onslow set up a concert stage and started having concerts on Saturday nights. It was just a stage, some bleachers, and acres of land. They had a few bigger name country stars in like Reba, Neal McCoy, Aaron Tippen, and some others and people were coming from miles away to pay the money. This was with no real seating areas like an ampitheatre. After 911, they locked the bases down and that was the end of it, but the Reba McIntyre concert had over 15,000 people to show up and set in a field and pay money to do it. If you want to see a concert, you have to drive over a hundred miles from Jacksonville to see one. An ampitheatre on this side of the state would be a cash cow.