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Troubleshooters: Vacuum scam

READ MORE: Troubleshooters: Vacuum scam

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Like a lot of folks in this economy, Dan Martin was looking for a way to make ends meet. He answered an ad in the paper advertising for a position selling air purification systems. He was hired by Purecare, and says he was promised a minimum salary of $500 a week.

Early in the training process Martin says he realized what they really wanted him to do was sell $2,000 vacuum cleaners to his own friends and family. He says he doesn't want anyone else to be duped by the company's owner Rebecca Jackson.

"She's a hustler," Martin said. "That girl was smooth. I mean, she came in dressed in silk, walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk, and that's all it was was talk."

After almost a month with the company, Martin says he quit because he still hadn't gotten a dime in salary.

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Filter Queen/ Health Mor Inc

I have been reading many bad reviews on the company Health Mor and I would just like to say a few things. I have been working for them for the past 2.5 weeks and I have already made double my salary from my last job. It is true that they do not pay you for training, but they tell you this upfront. The training is only 3 days and it's about 7 hrs a day. Yes, we do sell a surface cleaning machine, but if you paid attention to the training it is nothing like a vacuum, it is well worth the price they offer when you compare the benefits, cleaning power and the way it is designed to clean better than anything else on the planet and it is ISO certified which means it has been tried, tested and proven. The machine sells itself. During the "friends and family" weekend that you are to do 10 demos, we were guaranteed pay IF WE DID 10! I did 7, so I did not get pd, however I sold 3 and that made me $800. The deal was $200 for your first and $400 for your 2nd sale and every sale the amt doubled. If I had sold 4 I would have made $1600 in a weekend! I am now in my 2nd middle week and I sold one yesterday and made $470. You have to sell to make money or you have to do 15 demos a week to make the part time money, part time is $15 hr anything over 15 demos is full time and we are paid $17.00 hr. If you sell you do not get an hourly rate at all, you get pd a bonus instead. The bonuses vary depending on how much you sell it for. If I sell at retail I make $970 in that one sell. I'd rather have the bonus than the hourly rate and I'm sure everyone would, so they sell, sell, sell. The company does supply us with appointments but you are also your own sub-contracted sales rep, so you can make your own appts. I offer gift cards to anyone willing to set aside time to see my products. This company has many workers making well over $200,000 a year. I think a lot of the complaints from people are those who didn't give it enough time or effort. The company is legit and I have the checks to prove it. They have been in business for over 86 years. I love my job.

Ha ha training...what a joke!

First off any company that does not pay you for training, yea scam. This goes for cab company's as well. It was presented as one thing then turned into another. Bait and switch. This woman still owes me $80. I was promised pay for my time even if I did not sale. Never got it. Yes they wanted me to exploit my friends. Yes they expected me to show up for a 2 hour meeting 5 days a week unpaid. If you believe in this woman you are a moron. She should be brought up on charges. In fact I hear her family has a bizz on hwy 87 towards southport, that place with the horse out front. I think we should boycott that. If that is true. There is nothing here but work no pay and what they promise is pay with few hours but you never get it. She even promised some free weekend vacations to my friends for just sitting throughout the presentation. They never got them. What a hussel. I wish I had been wise enough to leave the first day. If you work you get paid, period!

i used to work for pure care..... enough said

I worked for Pure care over a year ago. after u go through this interview with 15 people and Rebecca stated it wasnt a JOB just over broke it was a career. she gave us so many days to complete demos for familys that COULD AFFORD ITT.... then there was another catch to why we didnt get paid.. so after i practically begged my family to buy some i did get a pay check of 850 dollars after 13 days and about 9 hours of shows. but everytime i didnt sell i was threatened to lose my job and every time we sold we got to pop a balloon and i popped one and i won a cruise.... super excited.. she even gave me the broochure with the different destinations and everything the catch was she didnt sign the back page so it was a pointless peice of paper. She pretty much flaunted that she owned alllllll these vehicles and land and made us feel inferior.... it was a good lesson learned that you reap wat u sew and her high and mighty self found her self with alot of people hatin her and a failed business...

Went to an "INTERVIEW" today.

Thank you everybody for the truth about this. Minneapolis has the same problem. I went today to Environmental Systems, Inc, on Shady Oak road in Eden Prairie, and there were 12 people for the "group" interview, then "exit" interviews individually. The company that made the product (filtration system) was supposed to be Health Mor.
We were asked to call back at noon to check if we had been "selected", but after seeing the huge number of comments, I decided that I had just wasted a 45 mile round trip.
By the way, in the "interview" room, I saw some awards for a company called "Summit Air, Inc. Web search showed this company had been at the same address untill about a year ago, selling the same product, and had got an "F" rating from the BBB.
Now I will let everybody decide for themselves if this is indeed a scam. If someone gives you a job offer in this economic climate that is just too good to be true, that's just what it is - too good to be true!!
For all you fellow job seekers - PLEASE do not waste your time here.

Filterqueen practices

I am a former sales representative of the company. I did sell Filter Queen products back in 2003 for six months in Seattle Washington by another sales company set up called Sound Filtration. Within a year, not only did the sales people get burned on sales but so did every employee that worked witin the local organization. In fact has a complete complaint thread that goes back for almost ten years covering sales people that have been hired under the same deceptive tactics nationwide as well as Canada. It also covers complaints from former employees of the company that cover bad service repairs using inferior parts and questionabale accounting practices. I have been interviewed by other media organizations throughout the country about Healthmoor.

If Filter Queen and Majestic was as great as a product as they claim it is, it would be selling at Best Buy and Walmart, marked down a lot lower than the overly inflated numbers that they charge for door to door sales. They would sell quite a few more than they do now and wouldn't need a shady network of distributors and sales people to markup up a machine that costs roughly $700 to make based on ripoffreport threads. Clearly the Defender couldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars to make if it were like similar air cleaning systems. The reason is simple why the product is inflated from door to door sales and that is because Healthmoor doesn't control who they distribute their goods to. It's a fast buck they make and they don't care how they get it. Some of the distribution systems work similar to a multi level marketing setup (MLM) with a distributor buying the machines from another distributor at an inflated cost that has been past to the customer.

If you want one, the best place to buy one is on the internet where they are a lot less than the door to door sales and you don't need a credit check to buy one with a 21% interest charge.

Don't fall for it. Jayson

Don't fall for it. Jayson Freeman (or however he is spelling it these days) is nothing but a scam artist. He's been around Wilmington for a while (the Ibiza crowd could probably fill you in...) Airstream Filtration is a joke. Really, they are going into the homes of strangers, using aggressive sales tactics, and trying to force you into a 3500.00 vacuum. Meanwhile, they request 20-25 of your friends or relatives so that they can set up an "in-home demonstration" that goes from 15 mins or so (so they say when they walk in.....) to well over 2 hours.


Let me start by giving the definition of scam: obtaining money by means of deception including fake personalities, fake photos, fake template letters, non-existent addresses and phone numbers, forged documents. So when your talking about AirStream (the new version of the old Filterqueen) and their business what part of it is a scam? You meet everyone face to face therefore their personalities aren't fake, no fake photos or letters, those of you that have wrote it was a scam provided the address as well as the phone number therefore obviously they aren't fake and everything is laid out and signed in front of you therefore there are no forged documents. So again, how is AirStream a scam? For all of you who replied to this article and said it was a scam I have 2 words for you, ignorant and lazy. AirStream is an awesome legitimate company that allows you to be independent and make your own money. However you do have to work for your money therefore if your lazy and lack ambition this isn't the job for you. But you being lazy doesn't mean the company is a scam. My fiance who has been employed by AirStream for about 3 months now loves his job and we both couldn't be happier with the way he is progressing and every Friday he gets a paycheck and guess what...we've NEVER had ANY problem with depositing his check in the bank, you would think with AirStream being a scam and all we would have ran into some problems but nope, NO PROBLEMS. He's done demos for our friends and family as well, and those that could afford the Air Quality System bought it and LOVE it. His Dad suffers from sleep apnea and since he purchased his Air Quality System he has had no problem sleeping at night. My Aunt & Uncle have terrible allergies and ever since they purchased one they wake up in the morning with a fresh clear nose & head. As far as the gift you get for your time that is absolutely free for allowing a representative to perform a demo in your home goes; why don't you ask my parents who just got back from Vegas using their vacation package that AirStream provided. It just goes to show how ignorant the people are who responded to this article stating it was a scam. My name is Kaley Bitner and I really don't appreciate people dragging this company as well as the people who are employed there's name through the mud. Why don't you educate yourself a little before you post things when you really don't know what the hell you are talking about. That's all I have to say, I have to go finish cleaning my home with my Majestic that also purifies the air while I'm cleaning; I hope the rest of you enjoy living in filth. Thanks!!

health mor industries scam

Kaley - is your middle name "shill" ? LMAO!

You must be Eric's fiance.

You must be Eric's fiance. I actually kinda liked him but Jayson was a fruad and a pothead. Also, i had to fight for my paycheck. I quit that ridiculous place after 5 days.

5 days??

You work for 5 days and expect a check? Did you do any demos? Did you sell any FQ?

RE: 5 Days

I don't know about you Carlos, but if I work for even 5 hours, I expect to be paid for my time.

No, I'm not...

No, I'm not...

I can tell you are one of

I can tell you are one of the scammers that work for some off branch distributer for filter queen. ITis an employment scam and you all are as dirty as the air you claim is.

Nothing about it is a scam

Nothing about it is a scam which is why it's FDA & IRS approved & why the company is a member of the BBB!! Educate yourself before you start insulting innocent people!! Thanks!!

A scan that has been posted on the internet for ten years

The problem is Kbl is that you were fed a whole lot of lies yet if you went to you would have found that this organization has been posted as a scam for almost ten year after some trouble we had in the Seattle area with a few distributorships. Not only have distributors complained but so have former empolyees up to the corporate level have helped with the thread. This company has mislead many people at all levels.

I'm curious about the FDA approval that you were quoted. Do you have a weblink about that. Air cleaning machines aren't regulated by the FDA. There's your education for the day.

Vaccum Selling-WHAT!

Hey, Maybe someone from trouble shooters shousl sign up for this job.It is ashame that people are looking for a respectful and honest job.The ad states Manufacturing and Customer service to management postion.The number to call is 1-877-490-3046- tell them you saw it on Criag's list and you ar ecalling from Wilmington.

Air Stream Filtrations

They are back but here in Florence,SC posing as a medical equipment supplier. My fiance interviwed yesterday with a group of applicants. He was told to call back at 1:00 to find out if he made the cut and he did. He is now in "Orientation" learning how to work the equipment to set up and deliver to his clients. They told him he would be making $450.00/week and a $200.00 gas allowance check. Which sounded suspicious to me. But medical equipment sales might make that much I thought to my self but warned him to be careful. He called me on his lunch break and said that he had to research ABS. If he get it right he would go on a trip to Vegas for a 3 day vacation. While researching it I came across this article. Thanks for looking out. Sad to say he skipped on an interview with a ligitimate company today.

Set the record straight

I couldn't help but comment on this posting. Through the years with Airstream(11 years total) It never fails we always have someone in each training to find some reason not to work. I myself have no problem with you eliminating yourself from training. If you are looking for a reason not to work when you first start, then you certainly won't work once you start running office appt. However, I do want to clear up this matter. The News article above happens to be with another company altogether. Purecare of Wilmington is no longer in business. Not sure what the reasons and I am not going to start pointing fingers about how bad she ran her company, because I don't have all the facts about her company. However I can speak from experience every person working for our company is told exactly how they get paid. You must do at least 5 appointments weekly, If you do less, You only make money if they buy, of course that is only 10 hours a week. If you can't work more than that then you should be looking elsewhere any way. I have never had a problem getting my check from the company or cashing it for that matter. I am certain if you look hard enough on the internet you can find someone who feels they were cheated by any company. Simply stated if you do what you are hired to do you want have any problems. I am going to end this with letting everyone know who I am by posting my name at the end. Unlike the other people I am not hiding who I am. It would be alot easier to respond to these problems if we knew who these people were. So in the future, Don't hide your name so we can resolve these so called issues. Tell you name, don't be a coward. My name is Shane Smith.

yes, I like to know if your

yes, I like to know if your going to be able to work 8hrs. a day, and 40 hrs a week. at 15 an hour.. to make at least a 500 a week paycheck or is this all about what u sale to make your money....

Sale= noun, sell = verb. A

Sale= noun, sell = verb. A sale is a thing so you don't do it. It would be, is your pay based on what you sell. See the difference? To sell is an action, hence verb. English class is one of the most important classes in school. You will use this language the rest of your life. If you use it effectively, you wouldn't have to worry about whether or not vacuum cleaner sales is a legitimate business or not, because this article would just be fodder for your laughter. Furthermore, yes, individual dealerships are only as honest as the person running them. There are good and bad people every where. To label a product as a scam is again, grammatically incorrect. A product is a noun and to scam is a verb. Filter Queen and HealthMor (the company that makes Filter Queen) are not scams. The individual dealerships that are misrepresenting the company are possibly running scams, but again I say, if you can read and you exercise that right, you will know exactly what to expect.
As for pushy sales, when was the last time you bought a car on credit? Went to an electronics big box store and didn't get mobbed? Yeah that exactly.

They're bacccckkkk......

They have several job opening adds on Craigslist listing Associates Needed. That a growing company in the area needs 18-20 sharp individuals that are ready to start immediately. They give you an appointment which when you arrive is for a "group interview" and then are told about how they are hiring for managers, sales, etc. Then they talk about the company trips to places like Orlando, Puerto Rico, and then the BIG Vegas trip this coming fall. I smelled something fishy in the air with his charismatic presentation, maybe he should of been running one of his air purifiers in the room to clean up the stench of BS. Anyways came home did some research and sure enough, it's a scam, and it's located at the same place as aforementioned by previous bloggers on Wrightsville Ave.

Airstream/Majestic 360/Healt-Mor

They have two ads in the paper stating $15/hr. Ok, when you get there, they stand behind that. However, deception by elimination is their game. Yes, you deliver and setup...because you are demonstrating and selling .....why not just say that...but no...they assume you are sooooo stupid that when you come in for a group "interview" (who interviews by the dozen???) they claim you will be setting up a class 2 medical device for those who need air purification...called Majestic 360.....hmmmmm....if only they could have told the's a VACUUM CLEANER...PLEEEEEZE.....these people are assuming we are stupid, well we are not and I am sick of con artists coming into town and setting up shop trying to brain wash us to sell their snake the way the internet shows case after case of those who do not get paid....expose their lies!!! Go back and help Wilmington get free from these conmen!
3145 Wrightsville Ave in Wilmington is their address...this is an insiders story of how they deceive.

They are Back!

Under a different name.... Air Stream. After sitting through a group interview yesterday I came home and researched a little more. (google "Health Mor Scam"). It is hard enough to make ends meet without being taken for a ride! The new office is located in the Highland Office Park on Wrightsville Ave.

That's funny ,,,I answered a

That's funny ,,,I answered a ad today and called and was told to come at 3:00 tomorrow to 3145 Wrightsville ave Highland park plaza and ask for Mr Freeman-

Job Opening not for customer service dept.

I answered that ad also but it read Local factory outlet now has 24 positions available to work in our customer service dept. I'm not looking for a sales job. Why delibertly deceive people and waste their time if not for fraudulent reasons.If you can stand by this behavior then you aren't someone I would want to know or definitely not work for. You call 910-762-4160,they said they were Jacob and Assoc. and they give you an interview time. And they said the address is 3145 Wrightsville Ave. Highland Park Plaza. This is such ashame that people have no morales or values anymore.

You are right about Airstream filtration

I also had answered an ad for the training and went for the 3 days of it, never to be paid. I also ran a few appointments with friends and family and I even asked Mr. Freeman will they be asked to purchase any of these we were demonstrating he assured me they wouldn't that these demos would be a practice run. Well everyone I did a demo for I had to call in and let them know I had finished. Then came the sales pitch from them and the special offers if they by now.

Thank Goodness!!

The best thing that could ever happen in Wilmington was for that woman to go out of business. She had an office here in Shallotte and I work right down from there and people were constantly going in and out and the traffic/parking was horrible. But I don't think she is "out".... lately we've seen truck loads of shipments coming into the office again, so BEWARE of any new ads. We're waiting for a "new" sign to go up.

Not All Bad

I sold Filter Queens for 13 years and made a good living. The products are excellent and have helped many families as well as my own with their allergies. So much in fact that some of them even wrote testimonials to the newspaper. So what if it's a vacuum or an airfilter, Ever seen a Kirby? I would NEVER use anything else in my home but that. And the reason I'm not doing that anymore is because I retired. Just because one person is bad doesn't mean the product is. Has everyone stopped buying gas at BP because of the oil leak? PS: I worked for her for 7 years


They called me for a demo and told me it would only be about 20 minutes and I would geet a gift of either a 2 night stay in a four or five star hotel, knife set or a digital camera. The man came and was there over a hour and a half and emptied my vacuum cleaner dirt all over my rug. That pissed me off. I told him that this was only supposed to me for a short time and asked how much longer. He told me another hour and I said no way that I have things to do. So he got mad and packed up and left the dirt on my rug and told me I could not get the prize cause I didn't do the whole session. I asked him for his manager phone number and he wouldn't give it to me. I then called the phone number on my caller ID and a girl answered and told me she would have the manager call me and she never called. SO I had to clean my rug again and never got a gift. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOME....

Gone Gone

This happened to me I went to South Port area also in Wilmington.
I started to fill the forum out. And I was looking around and I told myself this is not right. So I got up and look at the woman. Is this selling vacuum's? She said yes I told her you got to be joking right. Then I went on to also tell her that it was not for me. And I did not appreciate you wasting my time. And I was going to call trouble shooters but I did not take the job.

This needs to stop in this town they come here because there is no jobs.