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DTV conversion and antennae

As someone before has mentioned, the antenna makes a big difference, most of the stations throughout the country will switch to UHF so you will need the loop on old antennae, rabbit ears won't help. Digital signals very sensitive to metal and even air ducts in wall can block signals. So go to the library and look up and/or and enter your address so you can find which way to aim your antenna, if it is an old outdoor antenna and you don't get good reception, first check which way it is aimed, watch for blocking structures, and second check the cable that connects to the house, you will get much better reception with RG-6, instead of old RG-59. Preamplifiers at the antenna work better than by the TV. Try an inexpensive indoor antenna in a window that points the right direction before you get too fancy/expensive. Smart Antenna should becoming out soon for the RCA DTA800B box, but there are other multidirectional antenna for others (eg., RCA ANT1500), newer outdoor antenna like Clearstream 2 work great for UHF and high VHF Channel 7-13, but for Channels 2-6 old rabbit ears work great (unfortunately in Wilmington there are none). The world is watching Wilmington, and many of us are jealous!


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