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Childrens Safety....not their motive.

I was informed at the beginning of the school year that my 9 year old child would not be dropped off in front of our house due to there being too many stops along the road and they need to conserve gas. The stop was to be in an area where a curve is just ending, people fly down our very busy highway (not a street or side street) but a major road. He would have to walk along that stretch for at least one tenth of a mile (which for a small child is a good distance on a busy highway.) In todays world there are more dangers to our children than it was when we were growing up. I am concerned for the safety of my child as we have speeders talking on cell phones, high school students goofing off with friends in their cars, and not to mention the possible predator lurking around. And with all of this out there the BC Schools System says...he will have to walk! Even though I have made other arrangements for my child I am sure there are other parents out there that cannot do this and they are faced with their children walking down the streets to get home. If the system is lacking in money for gas, why spend the money they have on such unnecessary products? If they are worried about our precious cargo, then why make these little kids walk? Parents of BC Students, we need a change in our system. We need Dr. Katie Magee to wake up and smell the coffee. We need to have someone in that office who actually gives a crap about our children and work for the children and their safety!


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