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Guest cp1234

Do us all a favor and keep your job at the Go Gas, but don't bother attempting to tell the rest of us that we don't know what we're talking about. You're the one that has no idea what you're speaking of (as your comment and grammar clearly suggest). First of all...yes, your owner is ripping people off. They are raising prices on gasoline that they have already paid for. The gas that they were selling today is the same that they were selling from their tanks yesterday. Station owners are simply seizing the opportunity to make some extra cash. Second, if your station did receive a fresh shipment of gasoline today, the prices were not increased from the wholesalers. Oil closed the day up 9 cents (.09%) today and wholesale gasoline futures finished the day up 2 cents at $2.77 (less that 1%) in energy market trading. So your boss raising prices 10-20% in one day is nothing more that price gouging. Last, your boss does make his money off of gasoline sales. Go Gas is not your typical convenient store that sales numerous items and has customers coming inside the store. It sales GAS and some drinks and snacks out in front of your little payment booth. So if you think he didn't improve his profit margin today, you're insane! I think that you might be the one that should keep their opinion to theirself as you clearly have no idea how consumer prices are set! Don't forget...there's a reason that the NC Attorney General is accepting complaints of price gouging all over the state. It's because of people like your boss!!


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