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Sick of the Dependence

I was so angry yesterday as I watched an employee of a neighboring convenience store go out for the 3rd time that I observed to raise the price of gas already paid for sitting in their tanks. This is just criminal how these oil companies and their imps are taking money from people that cannot afford to pay anything else! This is a goverment condoned rape of its people and I sick to death of working to pay these bullies so they can have another record breaking profit quarter. These "employees" can say what they want but they can sale that load to someone else, common sense says the gas in their tanks was already paid for and they were taking advantage of the situation. Years ago when hurricanes hit we did not see this type of price increase so why do we now? These people will use any excuse to up the prices and stick it the poor American people some more. By all that is holy please vote and support those opposed to oil companies and are actively searching for other types of fuel. Until then do your part and start the process of cutting back on your consumption. If we bond together we can hit them where it hurts most, their pockets.


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