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Gas and Refining

Dear Mr Joe and Jane Public, Before everyone gets started on Gas Pricing and the Possible coming shortages, please look up the FACTS and inform or educate yourself. Prior to IKE, refining capacity, AND Crude Imports to Refineries were "blown" offline due to Gustav, ie: the LOOP Terminal which receives up to 25%, (ROUGH FIGURE)of our countries Imported crude. Ike has undone repairs that were just completed on the Refining/Oil infrastructure. Figures ranging from 16% to as high as 30% of our countries Distillate Products are refined in Texas/La areas, which in turn runs up various Pipelines, with Colonial pipeline being the Largest, that is now shutdown.. This Pipeline operates on a MOL (minimum operating level), that has been reached.. The Nation can expect Shortages much like the Arab Oil Embargo that occurred in the Early 70's within the following weeks months. MAIN Power Grid Backbone's Suppling Refineries have been destroyed, meaning, 2 linemen and a cherrypicker are not going to fix this overnight. In addition to Refineries Shutting down, Repairs being made, Power restored, Where are the workers going to stay? The Majority have been stranded in various places throughout the south and West of of Ikes Landfall in shelters, Motels/Hotels etc.. You would think that the Nation as a Whole would of Learned the lessons from Katrina/Rita on our energy infrastructure, having all our energy eggs in one basket.. What can WE expect? Gas Shortages Diesel Shortages Jet fuel Shortages Possible Food Shortages as Diesel becomes "scarce", and our food cannot no longer be trucked in. We should start to see Fuel Shortage effects with-in a few days, and food Shortages around 10 days.. ****************************** Implications of a 10 Day Refinery Outage Cont.....


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