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Are you really surprised?

Guess what? The good ole' boys have done it again. An 88 percent raise? And their justification - she went from part-time to full-time and took on more responsibilities! So what? There are people out in every walk of life doing more than their actual job entails. Where are the raises? There aren't any or they are so small they are laughable. She got the raise because of who she is, not what she does. If you don't believe it, ask any person in a comparable position what their raise was this year!!!!! Who is paying for the raise? The taxpayers of NC that's who!!!! College tuition rates keep going up - it is getting where it is too expensive for the average family to send their child to college, and now this raise will probably cause it to go up more. They have to pay for it somehow. Perhaps they will open their fat cat wallets and pay it!!!!!!! Dream on!!


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